Creating Viral Infographics: 18 Tips for Success

December 30, 2020
Viral Infographics

Infographics are engaging pieces of content that help build a strong marketing strategy. Among all other terrific solutions to boost awareness and attract new potential customers, let’s raise a glass for infographics too.

An infographic contains a lot of information: images, texts, vectors, icons, colors, branding details, etc.

People already read a lot of news and are always updated with the latest trends. Yet, they tend to read, hear, and see more comfortable materials. And infographics are one of the greatest ways to tell a story and make people remember that!

Creating Viral Infographics: 18 Tips for Success

There are a lot of advantages when you decide to use an infographic:

  • They sustain the readers’ attention
  • They can go viral quickly!
  • Everyone loves facts and easily sharable content
  • They drive huge traffic to your site
  • People are visual – therefore, an infographic is the smartest business strategy!

Let’s get back to where you should focus when deciding to create and invest time in infographics.

Here’s a list of 19 Cool Tips to Creating Viral Infographics:

  1. Have a goal – Whether you want to boost traffic, attract potential customers, get more visibility, improve branding, etc., infographics ought to do that!

Having a goal is far more important than you think.

  1. Do your research – You don’t want to mess up the information you give to the audience, nor express your thoughts over something that doesn’t even stand for a fact.

People want to believe you. That’s why they’re clicking and reading your content in the first place.

  1. Be loyal to viral keywords/topics – Intuitive, yet many people avoid it to be different. Tons of topics are trending and people click the same titles and search for the same keywords – many times.
Strategic headline for infographics

  1. Use your fantasy – Whether it’s about the font style or the content itself, try to be different, imaginative, and maybe funny.
  1. Use numbers – Using numbers on the title and/or throughout the infographic is by far one of the best tricks. People feel as if they know they’re led somewhere and everything is organized. And that’s good.
  1. Strategic headline – Whether you’re adding a nice and catchy quote or simply the infographic title, the headline must be unique.

Our latest infographic was sent as a gift to all our ambassadors on Thanksgiving. Therefore, it contained the title and some holiday details that would bring so many amazing reviews!

  1. Be visual – Everyone adores images, videos, screenshots, graphs, etc. They’re simple to understand and they provide fast information. Being visual on infographics is crucial to getting viral.
    Long texts distract the readers and trigger them to leave the page/pdf file quicker than you think.
  2. Combine the right colors – Be aware of your brand colors and what goes most with the infographic. Too many boring colors will trigger a reader to stop reading.
Canva illustrations for designing an infographic

  1. Benefit from Canva – It contains thousands of useful and interesting illustrations that can come in handy when designing an infographic. Tons of styles, fonts, elements, etc. that will help you create something unique.
  1. Share them EVERYWHERE – If you’re active on all social media platforms, you already know the power of sharing posts and Stories. Make sure to share infographics on Pinterest (mostly).
Publer - Digital Marketing Tools
  1. Let users know they can add information – It’s important to let everyone know that they are an essential part of your brand in a way or another.

We at Publer always gather feedback and reviews on our dedicated site hosted in Nolt.

  1. Correct writing – We’d highly suggest you use one of the text correcting tools, like Grammarly. Quickly correct your text and save yourself some time from going back to your job because of typos.

People love correct writing. They try to avoid any kind of text that contains grammar mistakes as they’re quite tiring.

  1. Easy-to-read text format – People are already used to nice and clean text formatting. They’ll get distracted by tons of subtitles, inconsistent bold/italic text, different sizes, etc.
  1. UGC wins credibility – One of the most powerful marketing strategies is the usage of UGC. People believe in reviews and honest feedbacks – therefore, including UGC on your infographics will super-boost credibility.
  1. Include them in email marketing campaigns – Well, here’s an idea of your next email marketing campaign – share a thoughtful and useful infographic for your subscribers.

Everyone loves curated and informative content that comes in handy in a click.

Include brand’s colors and details in the infographic

  1. Give credit to the source of information – You don’t want to be the ones who get information from different sources and don’t declare the copyright. That would trigger everyone to report you as spam and we know that’s not what you’re looking for.
  1. Optimize images to allow fast loading – There are tons of online tools that help optimize your media. We’re currently using ezGIF and we’re loving the loading speed of almost all our articles.
  1. Do NOT forget about branding – Cover your infographic in your brand’s colors and details. Let everyone easily identify that this piece of information is coming from you.

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