What Are the Best Times to Send an Email Newsletter?

June 24, 2020
best times to send an email newsletter

On a quick search on Google, you can all see that the Top-ranked answer is ‘Tuesday’. Fair enough, because people usually hate Mondays and their full-email list of To-Dos.

We all love promotions, whether we are receiving them or giving others a possibility. But, when are the best times to send an email marketing campaign?

Let’s list all the available days and mention their respective advantages and disadvantages:

Shall we start with weekends?

It’s impossible to reach people during weekends, being that most of them are on holiday and definitely not using any kind of technological device. Everyone needs some time off, right?

Weekends have shown to have low open rates, regardless the time or location.

Are you organising an event?

The safest way to reach a large number of people and make them remember about an event is the email marketing sent around 3-5 days before the date of event launch.


Imagine going to the office, sign in on your Desktop, go to your emails and see that the Promotional category has reached an unbelievably large number. Do you usually open and read them carefully one by one, and then decide to take action regarding their specific requirements? Well, we don’t think so.

You either delete them, or skip surfing into them. Don’t be one of those lost and never found emails on somebody’s list!


It’s finally Friday and you’re off to making some amazing plans for the weekend. Do you usually decide to rather check on your emails and get into reading and acting on them? Generally, no. So, don’t be one of those who ruins somebody’s first day of the weekend.

We’ve come to a final statement and options: It’s either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

According to MailChimp, the best time to send promotional emails hobby-related is before or after the working hours. Usually, people don’t check their favorite kinds of emails related to leisure during the time they’re working.

Another thing that is very important is the location! How does it make a difference?

Let’s get to the length of the day in different countries:

In Norway, the day is longer during Summer days compared to Egypt. This is why in Norway, people check their emails more often after the working hours.

Occupation is also important when it comes to sending promotional emails. You already know that students sleep until noon, right? (Ever made fun of someone older than students for their wake up time? A colleague maybe? Yeah… They don’t have kids yet, for sure.)

Also, another thing that affects people’s availability and email open rates is the type of device they are using. During the late hours, most people use their mobiles more often than Desktops, so there’s another thing to keep in mind (and we strongly believe that mobile usage is not age-sensitive!).

When to Send Email Newsletters

Image by Muhammad Ribkhan from Pixabay

First of all, there’s never a perfect time and date and this is very important to consider. While everyone is suggesting the mid-week, respectively Tuesday (mainly), Wednesday and Thursday, all you think about is how you can act differently and not follow the same route. There are a lot of competitors who are sending look-alike promotions, so all what you don’t want to do is get lost in the hustle and bustle.

And now, we’re getting lost again as we said that Mondays and Fridays don’t work either.

To sum up and finally give an answer to this whole mind-blowing and confusing information, there are many things to take a very smart look at. How did your last email marketing campaign go? If there’s a positive reaction on your face right now, then maybe you should stick to that exact time and day of the week, because you already know your customers and that’s the luckiest thing on Earth.

Another thing to keep in mind is the subject title and its powerful impact. Is it common or does it really stand out? If it’s the usual subject we’re used to reading, like: ‘You’re a winner!‘, the first thought is: ‘Sure, that’s how you’re tricking me. But if I open and read the email, I’m not even close to winning to whatever you’re promoting. No, I’m not falling for that!’.

Don’t be the person who sends emails every two days. Please, do not even consider that. People will unsubscribe, even if they’re having a shower at the time!

Publer usually sends emails to all their subscribers on a Wednesday at 2:30 PM. That works best and that’s why we’re sticking to it. We know our audience and email them according to their preferences or whenever we’re showcasing a special giveaway, new features, or tools.

This is an example of Publer sending an email about a new feature on the platform.

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