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6 Jaw-Dropping Elements from Analytic Reports

December 22, 2021
Download Analytic Reports and Find the Best Times to Post with Publer Analytics

Another strike-through on Publer’s growth. Now, you can download in-depth analytic reports, view demographic metrics, and optimize the best times to post.

Your small business means a lot to you and for us as well. That’s why you use all major social networks to showcase your work and display the latest offers, services, reviews, etc.

There are multiple ways to optimize each social media post, drive traffic to your website, and increase sales. But none of those would be possible if you were to depend on luck only. Marketers know that when it comes to calculating results, you need to constantly be on top of your work.

That’s why you can now measure the success of your work and get better each day. Ever dreamt of a simple-to-use tool that allows you to view all major social network insights on one page?

How can you benefit from Analytic Reports?

How can you benefit from Publer Analytic Reports?

1: View past insights based on a custom range

You can choose to see how your posts performed the past 7 days, this/last week, this/last month, or simply decide on a custom range (up to date).

By doing so, you will see how your accounts grew and which is the best season to invest more time into, which one of the team members is posting thumb-stopping content, and how you can learn from past campaigns.

NEW: You can now track more insights on Twitter and Pinterest (Followers, Post Reach, Engagement, Video Views, etc.).

2: Sync all insights in real-time

Publer is now officially the tool you need to view real-time insights for every post you’ve shared manually or scheduled ahead of time. We know that not all posts can be scheduled because there might be unexpected news you might want to share and there’s no time to schedule it.

So, forget about waiting 24 hours in order for all social media post insights to be refreshed. You can now easily sync them in real-time with only one click.

You will be able to look at precise and updated analytic reports for your accounts and plan your social media posts accordingly. Available for all social media networks: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, TikTok, and WordPress.

3: Demographic metrics that matter on analytic reports

Demographic metrics that matter on analytic reports
Demographic metrics that matter on analytic reports

It’s no secret that knowing who your audience is can help shape a better marketing plan for the future.

Publer now also supports demographic reports: Gender (Female, Male, & Unknown), Age, Top Cities, and Top Countries.

This is a great way to analyze who’s watching and following you, and also who’s worth targeting in the future.

4: Find and optimize the best times to post

Find the best times to post and optimize your content
Find and optimize the best times to post

Finding the optimal time to post on each social media can be hard, time-consuming, and costly.

A marketer knows that understanding which are the best factors that help a piece of content stand out can turn out absolutely advantageous.

This is why Publer has made it easier for every user to compare and understand the best time and day of the week to post. Not only does this save time, but it also elevates the chances of improving engagement and ROI.

Once you hover the mouse over the desired time, you’ll be able to create a new post from scratch. Also, the time/date will be automatically selected for you.

But, we want you to enjoy creating new posts. That’s why we made it easier: the best times to post will be displayed on your virtual calendar along with your desired posting schedule, but these ones contain a lightning bolt symbol.

5: Rank posts by engagement, reach, or date

At the bottom of the Analytics dashboard, you can see how each and every post behaved online, how much reach/engagement it got, and also there’s an easy way for you to view the post live on each social network.

Not only will you be able to do all that, but now you can also rank posts (whether you’ve filtered them by social account/member or not).

By viewing which post got the most reach/engagement you will learn what type of content people want and what visuals (photos, videos, or GIFs) perform better.

Analyze posts by engagement, reach, or date

6: Download Analytic Reports

The good news doesn’t end here. Because everything you can see on the dashboard can now be downloaded and shared with the marketing team, clients, etc.

By creating in-depth analytic reports you allow everyone, including yourself, to measure the success of a team’s work. These reports can be exported as PDFs and help understand the social media performance.

What’s better than Analytic Reports you ask?! Well, that’s easy – it’s automated analytic reports that get sent every week or month straight to your email, so you can forward them to clients, team members, or managers right away.

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