Facebook Image Sizes & Dimensions 2020

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Facebook Image Sizes & Dimensions 2020

Facebook provides multiple options to showcase its visuals to all the users. Being that Facebook has Pages, Groups, Ads, personal profiles, multi-photo posts, videos, etc., users must keep in mind that it is is actually very important to be careful, so their media shows perfectly.

Let’s start with one-photo posts. Facebook will show the whole photo as long as its aspect ratio is within 1×1.5, otherwise, it will crop it.

For example, a photo that is 500 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall, Facebook will only show it as 500 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall (1×1.5 ratio). The user will have to click on it to see the whole photo.

Two Photo Posts on Facebook are as well something to talk about. The whole container will be square and if the first photo is a portrait, then they will be shown side by side, otherwise one at the top and one at the bottom.

Three photo posts on Facebook will show as a square too and will be cut in the middle.  In the top half will be displayed the first photo and in the bottom half will be displayed the remaining two photos as square.

Four or more photos posts on Facebook: the container will remain square, the top half will take 66.6% percent of it and the second bottom will take the remaining 33.3%. The first photo will be shown on the top half and the remaining photos will be listed at the bottom as squares. If there are more photos, the last photo will show + number of remaining photos.

Let’s talk about how GIFs and videos on Facebook: They will display the whole Gif or video as long as they’re within the 9×16 aspect ratio. If the video is not within this ratio, i.e. a tall video, Facebook will display the whole video within a black squared container.

If the thumbnail of a link has a width of at least 405 pixels, Facebook will display a large thumbnail at a crop within the aspect ratio of 1.91×1 (same as Twitter and LinkedIn).

Link Thumbnails
  • If the thumbnail has a width smaller than 405 pixels, Facebook will display a small thumbnail 158×158 pixels.
  • If there’s no thumbnail, Facebook will display it as the following:

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