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Facebook Image Sizes in 2022

Facebook is specifically the platform that you cannot choose if you want to use or not. With 2.936 billion monthly active users in April 2022, Facebook holds your potential clients undoubtedly.

It is the key to online success, whether you have to promote your talent, hobbies, or a new upcoming brand. So, posting on Facebook and paying attention to the FB post size 2022 is a must-do strategy.

Facebook and meta icons

Facebook provides multiple opportunities to show profiles to all users worldwide. Since Facebook has Pages, Groups, Ads, personal profiles, multi-photo posts, videos, etc., users get the chance to be innovative with their content.

Facebook Image Sizes – FB Posts

Facebook dimensions banner

If there’s a trick that our beloved platform worldwide loves to play with us, that’s continuously changing the Facebook post size.

Let’s start with one Facebook photo size as a particular post where the required minimum width is 600px. A Facebook square image size would be 600px by 600px. While the height of one Facebook image must be at least 315px tall. 

For example, for a photo that is 500 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall, Facebook will only show it as 500 pixels wide and 955 pixels tall (1×1.91 ratio). The user will have to click on it to see the full photo if it’s only one post image. 

Adding multiple photos on Facebook in different sizes might be tricky. It happens especially, if you have no idea of the latest updates for Facebook image sizes.

If your next post includes two or multiple images with different sizes and orientations, Facebook will pick up the layout on the first photo.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions infographic about uploading several photos

For instance, if you choose a square photo, the rest will be cropped. If there are quite a few photos, the last picture will be visible as +the number of remaining images.

Facebook will resize any image automatically if it’s more than the upper limit of a width of 2048px. A Facebook square image size will have a maximum of 2048px, on portrait 3070px, and landscape ones will be a maximum of 1150px.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions infographic about posting photos with different orientations

If you want to share one single post on Facebook with multiple photos, the layout will be the same. That’s regardless of the image’s orientation.

Whether you’re posting one image, two pictures, or more, we recommend uploading a JPG or PNG file of 1200 x 630 pixels.

The latest trend in 2022 is Facebook carousel posts. If you share up to five images in your Facebook post using the carousel display, images should be 1200px x 1200px or on a 1:1 ratio.

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile

Relying on Facebook’s significant influence on business success and creating a visually appealing Facebook profile with updated information is vital.

Let’s start with the most important images for a professional appearance of your Facebook profile. Whether it’s for personal use or a business one, we all need to upload these images.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions infographic about profile picture and cover

Profile Picture Size

A profile picture is a square image that gets cropped into a circle. Facebook suggests uploading your profile picture at a minimum of 320px by 320px. Experts recommend uploading the platform’s highest resolution to save up to 2048px.

An accurate Facebook profile picture will represent you with a reliable profile wherever you leave a comment, review, appear in search results, or people’s timelines.

It’s the critical image that represents your activities on Facebook. Its quality will decrease when you post a comment at least 40px by 40px. 

Dimensions for Facebook Cover Image

Another essential element to consider for its direct impact on your profile it’s the cover photo on your timeline. It is the perfect image to show your personality or brand character with a human touch. Its ideal size would be 1640px by 924px.

Facebook Image Sizes – FB Page

A forward-thinking business owner or an experienced digital marketer knows perfectly that a Facebook business page will grow the brand awareness on the platform, its click-through rate on the website, and will undoubtedly expand its client’s network.

Thus, you need to represent your page as professionally as possible. That’s achievable by uploading attractive photos on the best size images for social media. 

Facebook image sizes and dimensions infographic about business page

Facebook Image Sizes – Page Photos Upload

Just like a Facebook profile picture, a profile image for your business page is essential. The ideal picture profile size would correspond to 170×170 pixels on a desktop and 128px by 128px on smartphones.

Still, it gets cropped into a circle. Therefore, upload it as a PNG file to guarantee a top-quality image, if you decide to represent your business with your logo. 

Another essential element to consider for its direct impact on your profile it’s the cover photo on your timeline. It is the perfect image to show your personality or brand character with a human touch. Its minimum size would be 400 px by 150px.

You can expect that your Facebook Cover 2022 will get displayed at 820px by 312px on PC and 640px by 360px on smartphones.

Among many new features of social media image sizes 2022, the most fantastic update about Facebook Page Cover Photo is the possibility of using every edge of the cover photo space. 

Facebook Group Photos

Updates are not always a great thing. Sometimes they might get a little bit tricky for inexperienced users. In 2022, there’s a limit to the viewing area of the Facebook group cover photo.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions infographic about facebook group cover

You must crop and adjust the image vertically within the visible zone of a minimum size of 1640px by 856px. It’s best to upload a picture where the main information stands with a difference of 96px up and 96px down. That’s best for more manageable fixes.

If you aspire to the highest resolution, you should opt for an aspect ratio of 1.91:1. 

Facebook Event Photo

Events are the most popular method of letting your audience know what happens with your products or services and how they can effortlessly engage with you online via Facebook.

Facebook image sizes and dimensions infographic about facebook event photo

Hosting an event requires a visually appealing image of 1920px by 1080px. Feel free to upload an image of the best quality to ensure that the photo looks great on all screen resolutions.

Facebook Ads Images

We bet you’re planning the upcoming Fb Ads as the most popular way to reach new potential clients and expand your brand awareness. Still, your Facebook advertisement has particular characteristics based on its visibility. 

For instance, your Facebook Ads in the feed will be displayed as a standard Facebook Post on 1080px by 1080px. Another spot to advertise your business on Facebook is at the bottom of the right sidebar, visible only on the desktop. 

A mobile-only type of promotion is the Facebook marketplace, which works the same as the Feed category.

A wide variety of Facebook ads are sponsored messages. They show up like any Facebook message and the messenger ads on the app.

Facebook image about Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Image Dimensions is best to be 1200px by 628px, but that’s pretty flexible. If you decide to promote on Facebook your current posts, all of the previous image layouts are acceptable.

Link Post Images

Do you have that instant instinct to post on Facebook? Maybe about your latest blog article or the launch of a new product update?

Posting links with pictures on your Facebook feed is possible, in 2022. Still, you cannot customize the image of your linked post.

Facebook link post

The best you can do it’s to upload the image at 1200px by 630px for a better resolution image. The picture will get extracted and added automatically from the linked website.

The image above is a clear example of our post on Facebook about the latest article on the power of social media platforms.

Facebook Stories

The most frequent posts on social media are short stories where users share their daily activities for 24 hours. Facebook Stories obtain a better reach than posts. Therefore, experts in marketing highly suggest posting photos or videos captured on your latest activities for a better engagement. 

Facebook image dimensions about facebook story photos


Posting consistently or not, posting top-quality images on stories at the best resolution of 1920×1080 social backgrounds will surely boost your reach and brand awareness.


One of the most viral trends are short videos of less than 30 seconds on Facebook. You can upload Reels as posts or stories up to 1080px by 1350px or an aspect ratio of 4:5. 

Facebook Videos 

When we build our online presence, we must consider all of our user’s preferences. Some might be highly interested in your products or services, but they prefer videos to understand your problem-solving goods directly.

Not all online users read blogs from the first line to the last one. Thus, you should implement tutorials and promotional videos on your Facebook feed and ads. 

Facebook dimensions infographic about facebook video

Video Posts

If you’re developing your next video to post on Facebook, ensure to have it at least 1280 x 720 pixels. The required aspect ratio is about 16:9, and max frames at 30 fps if it has a landscape-oriented screen.

Experts recommend MP4 and MOV formats on a maximum file size of 4GB and 120 to 240 minutes long.

The Importance of Facebook Image Sizes

We all got our hearts broken when Facebook posted a cropped image of our Facebook business profile photo. It might appear pixelated or grainy. These problems come up every time the Facebook platform automatically adapts new post image sizes to the existing ones. 

Hence, getting along with updated Facebook image dimensions is vital. Uploading images based on latest dimensions prevents the pictures from being cropped erroneously or pixelated in the mobile version.

It’s noteworthy to test your Facebook image posts on different users. That’s because your timeline is not the definitive one upon which you must decide. A user’s newsfeed is highly important, so ensure your Facebook posts sizes are updated to recent dimensions.

It’s best to keep the social media image sizes 2022 on separate sheets. So, you know where to check and how to update your Facebook content latest sizes and best resolution.

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