3 Free Stock Photo Sites to Use For Your Social Media Posts

June 15, 2020
Free Stock Photo Sites

It’s awesome how you can create, get, and use different options for maintaining the marketing of your online presence. Although it is risky to use media from other accounts as they’re all paired with copyright policy restrictions and so, we have chosen our favorite free stock photo sites where we can freely download photos and create an amazing feed for all our social networks.

People love unique photography and we’re so into making the best out of them, be combining a nice caption to the details of the photos.


unsplash free stock photo site

Every month, thousands of professional photographers upload their work and make them visible to everyone. Unsplash always gives you information tabs as soon as you download a photo, in order for you to publicly thank the author. We usually copy the URL and paste it as a photo description. We love supporting artists and also, love their work which so incredibly has changed our blog and all social networks.

We’ve been using Unsplash for a long time because each photo has also a detailed description regarding its location and tags, which help us find them fast in a single search. Also, the location is a smart detail, because we all know the benefits of tagging the place on an Instagram or Facebook post.

It also provides the Unsplash Instant, which we highly recommend to all digital marketers and social media managers. By owning the Unsplash plugin, you can quickly save or share HD photos that Unsplash itself shows any time you open a new tab. Quite interesting, right?


Pixabay is another site that is used by millions to download free photos and is always up to date with what’s happening around the world. We use it every day because we can view every single detail of the photos starting from the author, camera type, category, the number of people who downloaded/viewed the photo, date of creation, etc.

There’s no need to create an account to view and download the photos. Also, you can easily search for anything by deciding all the details: 

  • Image, Video, Vector, Illustration, etc.
  • Orientation, Category, Size, Color, etc.

It provides a simple and transparent search and surf option, which always comes in handy when you’re looking for the perfect picture to your caption.

pixabay royalty free stock images


Pexels is another site that helps you specify what you’re looking for and gives lots of information. Just like the other free photo sites we currently use, Pexels provide detailed descriptions regarding each photo, by giving you the possibility to follow the artists on Instagram, donate to their PayPal accounts, share the images to all your social accounts and also, a backlink to the photo, so everyone can use it a photo description on their blog. 

Everything works smoothly on Pexels and you’ll always receive tag and photo recommendation, so you can save yourself some time. 

We’re using these sites every day to find to perfect photos to all our new updates or general posts we’re creating and scheduling.

pexels free images and videos
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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