6 Foolproof Tips for Getting More Instagram Story Views

October 18, 2022
instagram story views

Today we are going to talk about 24 hour content: Instagram Stories.

One of Instagram’s most popular and engaging features. 

The first thing to consider: 83% of users use Instagram to search for new products or services, and 81% use it to look into things that they’re already looking for. 

This article is a complete lesson in Instagram Stories, so you can be sure to make the most of this powerful social media platform and increase your views.

Reasons Your Instagram Story Views Are Low

If this is your first time using Instagram stories our article on how to use Instagram stories will help you. Then come back to this article and learn how to increase your views and get better reach. 

Now, let’s go back to the topic. If your Instagram story views are on the decline, don’t panic. We got your back.

Before you think about shadowban, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why your views might be dropping and how you can start to solve this problem.

The Timing Was Off

Let’s start with the most common mistake and also the easiest to fix. Stop posting your stories without a precise timing strategy.

In many cases, people post a huge number of stories once a week and nothing for the next few days. This is the perfect way for your viewers not to see your stories.

First, your stories will be too long, so your followers will probably skip your content. Second, you will probably run out of content for the upcoming days.

With the Publer platform, you can easily schedule your Instagram stories throughout the week. Check out our article on the best time to post on Instagram.

schedule your Instagram stories with Publer

Your Hashtag Game Is Weak

Hashtags on Instagram are one of the platform’s most essential tools simply because they make it easier to discover your content. 

And yes, hashtags are not just for your posts but also your stories, with a maximum of 10 hashtags that includes:

  • Sticker hashtags
  • Text hashtags
  • Geo-hashtag

One last point. Find out what your niche is. Choosing the most popular hashtags is not always the most effective strategy. If many people follow hashtags, there is already a lot of content.

Stale Content 

Trends move fast, sometimes too fast. You haven’t noticed it yet, but your content is probably outdated, which explains your story’s low number of views.

You can fix that by refreshing your content and giving it a new creative shape. For example, you can look for similar content that works by using location tags or hashtags on your Instagram. Also, have you tried to use AR elements?

You Don’t Engage

This is one of the most obvious reasons for the low number of views. No one is interested in your content. The engagement is too low, and you don’t have a clear strategy to deal with. 

Tips for Getting More Instagram Story Views

Remember, Stories aren’t just about photos and videos. There are tons of tools like quizzes and reveals to interact with your followers and improve their engagement.

Beware Of Bots

Your Instagram account is taking time and your community is growing little by little, but you don’t think it’s fast enough, so you decided to use a bot.

You just made a mistake, as Instagram will limit your account.

No matter what applications you use, Instagram will easily recognize which accounts are real and which are fake. Results appear quickly, your posts and stories aren’t visible to all viewers, and views will drop quickly.

How To Get More Instagram Story Views

Now that you know why your story views are so low, let’s see how you can fix these issues to increase your audience’s engagement and grow your Instagram views with a real strategy.

Post At The Right Time

To solve this problem, you need to be consistent and plan your story ahead of time. For this, it is essential to define a clear and precise planning strategy. We suggest you:

  • Space your content evenly throughout the week
  • No more than five stories in a row
  • Watch your analytics to see when your followers are most active
  • Use Publer to schedule your content.

With Publer, you can easily schedule all your stories through a simple and intuitive interface available on desktop and mobile. 

Simply log in to Publer and select the Instagram account where you want to schedule your stories. 

Once you’ve uploaded your content, select the date, and there you have it. 

If this is your first time with the Publer platform, you can check out how to schedule Instagram stories with Publer.

Remove Inactive Followers

As it seems crazy and unthinkable at first, removing followers and reducing your follower count number is a powerful way to increase your Instagram story views. Let me explain.

When you share a story, it is first seen by a batch of viewers. If the first group responds with interest to your content, Instagram will show it to a new, larger group.

This helps define engagement rates. It’s basically the percentage of your followers who are actually engaging with your content and this metric is way more important than your follower count.

Because it defines the relevance of your content. In other words, the higher your engagement rate, the more views you get. 

And you can achieve this by removing the followers who don’t follow or interact with you.

The easiest way to do this is to remove the bot accounts, most of the time without a profile picture, or a weird name.

Diversify Your Content 

When it comes to Instagram stories, always prioritize quality over quantity. Putting dozens of stories without taste that tell nothing to your viewers is the best way to make them run away.

Instagram stories are more about creativity rather than design. All you have to do is use a bit of imagination. You have countless possibilities to create fun and engaging stories with photos, videos, stickers, reveals, etc.

Once this is done, you can analyze the insights from each of the formats to see which one works best and adapt your strategy.

Try Polls and Questions 

Polls are one of the best for a few different reasons:

Firstly, your followers don’t have to think of something to say in order to respond to your story. They want to express their opinion and it feels like this natural urge to contribute to your story. 

The other thing is that the poll’s results don’t reveal until you engage with it and some people might just be curious about what the results were so they’re going to tap on them.

Instagram Questions, on the other hand, is about finding a genuine topic and having a conversation with the people in your audience.

Use Location Tags 

Location tags are a great way to better plan your marketing campaigns and make sure you’re targeting the right people for your business.

You can target a specific demographic. However, these location tags only work for local businesses, not international businesses.

The second benefit is that people in this target group can find you more easily. Users in a particular location can search to see what other people and businesses are posting.

Go Live 

Live sessions are becoming more and more popular on all social networks. Present on Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, Live has become a very effective way to interact with your followers.

increase community engagement on Instagram

First, you can communicate directly with the community and answer their questions. And ultimately, you can increase community engagement.

Second, if your live video has a large audience and many views, Instagram can recommend your live video to other people who can attend.

As you can see, increasing your story views isn’t too complicated if you use the right strategies.

Now it’s your time to grow your Story views and increase your engagement rate.

Tell us how you like this article. Which tips are you going to use first?

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