How To View YouTube Channel Statistics in Youtube Studio

how to view youtube channel statistics

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, and its U.S. users spend an average of 24 hours per month watching videos. This means great possibilities for any creator or business.

Any creator or marketer worth their salt knows that data is key to success. By measuring your performance and using YouTube Analytics, you can get a wealth of information that will help you position your brand and improve your marketing strategy.

Are you curious about how many people are watching your YouTube videos? This article will show you how to check your channel statistics and explain what some of the most important numbers mean.

How To View YouTube Channel Statistics in Youtube Studio 

YouTube Studio is the perfect place to track all the data you need on your YouTube channel. From subscribers and video performance to earnings and other interests, YouTube Studio has it all in one convenient location.

how to view youtube channel statis

Here’s how to get started with YouTube Studio: 

  • Download the YouTube Studio app from the Apple Store or Playstore. 
  • Open the app and sign into your YouTube account. 
  • The page will open up to your dashboard, where you can view all the necessary data. 
  • You can view the number of subscribers, how long people spend watching your content, and how many times people have viewed your channel. 
  • Click on View More for more in-depth data.  

Reasons To Track Statistics In Youtube Studio 

YouTube statistics can help you understand patterns on the platform and grow your page faster. Here are some of the key reasons to track statistics. 

  • You can monitor real-time reports on your content. YouTube Studio statistics help you act in time to trends and patterns. 
  • YouTube Analytics gives you a graphed view of the traffic to your channel. 
  • It provides in-depth geographic, age, and gender information on your audience. 
  • You can monitor comments better. This will help you convert viewers to subscribers. 
  • It helps you monitor the fluctuations in your subscriber rate. 
  • YouTube Analytics helps you know how long people are spending on each video.
  • It provides in-depth likes and dislikes comparisons. This helps you see what your audience thinks of your content. 

Five Important YouTube Statistics To Track in Youtube Studio

The statistics below will increase the success of your YouTube campaigns and help your page grow faster.Β 

you tube channel statistics


The Overview or General tab lets you get a summary of basic stats. You can easily understand your channel and content’s performance. 

Some of the metrics are:

Views: The total number of views your channel has. 

Subscribers: The number of subscribers your channel has. 

Top Videos: It refers to your most viewed or highly-ranked video within the past 28 days. 

Watch Time: This tells you the total number of hours people have spent watching your videos. 

Channel Views: It gives you the exact views your channel has gained in 2 days and 1 hour. 

Audience Retention: This metric tells you which part of your video most of your audience found the most engaging.

Other metrics include your Stories’ performance, total revenue, and latest content.

Many people confuse YouTube Stories with YouTube Shorts. Shorts stay up for as long as you want. However, Stories only stay on your channel for seven days. 


Reach tells you how many people are seeing your content. You can use this to determine the number of unique viewers and which growth strategy works for your page.

Impressions: This is the number of times your video has reached a potential viewer. 

Click Through: It tells you how many of these impressions converted to views. Click Through determines the number of people who came across your video links and watched them. 

Playlists: It shows the playlists your videos are featured in and the traffic these playlists are getting. 

You can use reach and impressions similarly to position yourself better for more views. 


Revenue helps you keep track of your earnings on YouTube. However, you can only view this if you are part of the YouTube Partner Program.

Metrics you can access are:

Monthly Estimated Revenue: It measures your channel earnings with your activity record in the past six months. 

Revenue Sources: You can earn revenue from multiple sources on YouTube, such as through affiliate marketing and product placement.

Top Earning Videos: You can check what videos have earned you the highest amount over a specific time frame. 

Ad Types: This metric explicitly measures your YouTube ad revenue and impressions. It analyzes each ad format you used and the buying platform. 


Engagement details how your viewers interact with your content. Under key metrics, you can see how long people watch your videos. 

You’ll also access your:

Likes: This summarizes your videos’ likes and dislikes rate. Comparing both helps you know whether you are making the types of content your subscribers like. 

End Screen Clicks: If you embed links at the end of your videos, this tells you how many times viewers clicked on each link. 

Top Tagged Products: This is helpful if you usually tag products in your videos. You can know which product people are engaging with more. 

Returning Viewers: You get to know how many new people are finding your videos and if they come back for more. It also tells you if they subscribed after. 


Demographic is helpful for understanding viewer psychology and creating audience-tailored content.

Some metrics are:

Age and Gender: You get tailored information on what specific audiences your content and videos appeal to. This is especially useful if you promote a product, as you can more easily target ads and content to those most likely interested.

Top Geographies: This tells you which part of the world your viewers watch your videos. 

Other Videos Your Audience Watched: It tracks other channels your audience has been engaging with for the past 28 days. You can use this insight to produce similarly tailored videos. 

Key Takeaways 

YouTube Studio is essential for keeping track of your YouTube channel statistics. 

Being on top of your social media KPIs will help you understand viewer behavior. You’ll also be able to keep track of your content pattern and produce better content.

Youtube Studio helps you: 

  • Monitor metrics on engagement, audience, demographics, reach, and revenue.
  • Understand the best times to post on social media
  • Receive comprehensive insights on all aspects of your channel performance. 

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