7 Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples for Professionals

January 19, 2023
linkedin recommendation examples

LinkedIn is, without a doubt, the best social network for finding new job opportunities. Whether it’s a job, a partnership, or simply looking for a freelancer, you can find what your looking for on Linkedin if you have a good network. 

But having a good network doesn’t only mean having a lot of connects because people are more interested in how you work and whether you are trustworthy.

And that’s where you need recommendations to show your work ethic and increase your chances of finding new professional opportunities. 

What is a LinkedIn Recommendation?

In the past, you had to attach a cover letter and a letter of recommendation to your resume. But now, all the information you need is at your fingertips by simply sharing your LinkedIn profile.

Professional referrals from people you know are just as valuable as your experience and skills when looking for career or business opportunities. LinkedIn allows users to support each other through recommendations.

A referral on LinkedIn is a written endorsement designed to make you stand out from an employer, lead, or potential business partner. Research shows that people who get LinkedIn endorsements receive more interviews and offers than those who don’t.

Recommendations not only help you at the moment but also increase your credibility over time. In case you didn’t know, referrals increase your traffic and your profile’s visibility on the network. Luckily, creating LinkedIn recommendations isn’t as complicated as it sounds. We recommend getting some inspiration from LinkedIn recommendation examples to get started.

Are LinkedIn Recommendations Important? 

Many recruiters use LinkedIn to learn more about potential job candidates, so it is important to create an eye-catching profile to stand out. One way to increase credibility and professionalism is to use LinkedIn’s recommendations feature.

LinkedIn recommendations are important for many reasons. First, they add a sense of authenticity and personalization to your profile. This allows recruiters to verify that your profile is genuine and not the product of a bot.

More importantly, these written claims are evidence of a person’s professional skills. Referrals may come from colleagues, managers, or even clients you have worked with in the past.

Having a referral will increase the chance of receiving new opportunities. A well-written LinkedIn recommendation gives potential employers a better understanding of what you can bring.

Writing an Effective LinkedIn Recommendation: 4 Best Practices

Writing a good recommendation is not an easy task. Keep in mind that a lot of people, including your potential future employer, will read this message. Here are some of our suggestions for writing a strong recommendation.

Include a Personal Touch

Write a positive message. Don’t say anything you don’t believe otherwise your recommendation will sound wrong. You can also describe a particular situation, state how the person did their best, and highlight an attitude or skill. Also, you should address the person by name.

Tie It To Their Goals

Be specific about the person’s skills. Focus on the skills that make this person unique. If you’re not sure which skills to mention in the recommendations you’re writing, check their profile to see what they’re highlighting. Review the skills you have and select a few to highlight your recommendations.

Highlight their different skills and how they influenced the projects they were working on. Whether they’re good at multitasking or have a particularly difficult skill that stands out for them, talk about them!

Keep It Short

If you have more information to share, try adding short paragraphs instead of just one very long paragraph. You can use up to 3000 characters, but you don’t have to use them all. Try adding up to three paragraphs without repeating yourself.

Choose your words carefully and make sure each sentence has something to offer. Avoid anything too boring.

End on a High Note

It’s time to take action and make this movie a hit. We conclude by summarizing some reliable recommendations. Check out these LinkedIn recommendation examples:

  1. “Any company would be lucky to have Anna as their manager.”
  2. “Guillaume would be a valuable asset to any company.”
  3. “As a leader, Marta deserves my highest recommendation.”

Write something solid at the end to reassure the reader that the person is someone they can trust. For example:

  1. “I’m sure she will be a great asset to any team she joins.”
  2. “Anyone would be lucky to have her as a manager.”

Get Inspired With These 7 Best LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

To help you in your writing, here are some LinkedIn recommendation examples that you can get inspired.

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Coworkers and Colleagues

“Having worked with Romain for three years, I have to say he is an excellent professional. He helped me understand the company’s project management process and introduced me to useful tools. I am impressed with his work ethic and communication skills.

Also easily adaptable to specific situations and business dynamics. But what sets him apart is his willingness to help others. I have had the pleasure of working with him and have no hesitation in recommending him to potential employers.”

“Dean is a very hardworking person and can easily tackle AI problems. We have worked together on several projects, and he is a very skilled and dedicated professional. His expertise in the AI ​​field has helped us a lot! I highly recommend him to anyone.”

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Managers or Supervisors

“Jenna is a great manager. I have been working under her guidance for four years. She sets realistic goals and sets reasonable deadlines for achieving those goals. But she always pays attention to details, her understanding of people’s needs is outstanding, and she makes everyone who works under her feel comfortable.

Worth mentioning Jenna is a great motivator. She infuses all team members with positive energy and keeps everyone focused on what they need to accomplish.”

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Clients

“Mr. Smith is a great client. We were involved in a content marketing project in 2020 and had two successful years. We found Mr. Smith to be very supportive and responsive. Providing strategic direction and communicating his expectations and goals up front, he is also a good listener and takes all recommendations seriously.

He also has excellent communication skills, sets realistic goals, and sets reasonable deadlines for project milestones. I have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Smith to other potential advisors and partners. “

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Software Developers

James is a great developer with all the skills you want in a great software developer. From Python to Java to PHP, he’s mastered top programming languages. He has been a great resource for my company and my clients. He has done a great job on all projects.

He met deadlines and helped build long-term relationships with clients. His work is always on top, and he always welcomes feedback and improvements. Additionally, James is self-motivated and a great team player. “

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Coaches or Mentors

“If you want to work with someone who will help you reach your full potential, Robert is the person for you. It has helped me develop my skills. He has had a positive impact on my professional development and has given me confidence in this challenging field.

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Bosses

“Emma is a forward-thinking and intelligent CEO with a wealth of knowledge. She is a very knowledgeable CEO and does her best to keep everyone motivated and focused. I can see that she is a visionary, results-oriented, experienced, and an efficient team player. I have enjoyed working with her on the different projects we have participated in. It was a valuable experience for me.

LinkedIn Recommendation Example for Freelancers

Since 2019, Emily has worked under my direction as a Social media manager/ content strategist at my company. Her creativity, management skills, and dedication have always impressed me.

She is an innovator who has always brought innovative ideas to the company. She is a hardworking and talented person, and working with her was a real pleasure. I would absolutely recommend Emily as a Social media manager.

Key Takeaways 

Having recommendations on your LinkedIn profile has become essential in the search for new professional opportunities.

  • A LinkedIn recommendation will give you the opportunity to stand out to an employer.
  • It will add a sense of authenticity and personalization to your profile.
  • A recommendation will increase your chances of receiving new opportunities.
  • A good recommendation must be positive and short to be effective.

Now back at you! What do you think about these LinkedIn recommendation examples? Do you have any recommendations on your LinkedIn profile? Either way, let us know in the comments.

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