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Live Preview All Your Social Posts Before Scheduling With Publer!

November 16, 2022
Live Preview

If you were to ask our most loyal Publer users about their experience with the platform, they would surely mention how easy and straightforward it is to schedule.

Even though, hidden between small icons, lay some of the most unique and amazing features Publer has, the core functionality of Publer – ✨ scheduling ✨ – remains as simple as hitting a button.

And that is not by chance. We at Publer are always trying new ways to make scheduling as straightforward as possible. No unnecessary steps: We’re on a mission to minimize taps/clicks.

And we know how time-consuming previewing posts used to be with Publer. 

You had to rely on our preview button to make sure everything was as you wanted it to appear, and then after each change, you had to go back and forth, clicking on that poor preview button.

For most of you, it worked – no complaints. But we knew we had to do better than that. And we did.

Introducing the Live Preview panel for better scheduling with Publer!

Live Preview - Scheduling with Publer

What is the Live Preview panel? How will this update help with my posting?

You may have noticed by now the change inside your Publer dashboard. 

Right beside the post creator we all know and love, we added a brand new “Post Preview” panel, which will automatically update and refresh in real-time to reflect how your post will appear once it is published on each social channel.

It is a fast & easy way to preview your social media posts before even scheduling them. This way, you’re always on the lookout for possible post imperfections without having to hit ‘preview’ each time you alter your posts.

Prevew your posts while scheduling with Publer

The feature is so fast that it ✨ obliterates the competition ✨ and is much faster than Meta’s own post-scheduler. Yes, you heard that right!

We did not want to insert another dull and slow feature into Publer. If we were to create a post-preview feature, we had to do it right! And the results are excellent!

With Publer, you can preview each change you make to your posts faster than with any tool out there!

All features you know and love are still here!

Don’t worry; we’ve only ✨ added ✨ features to your familiar Publer post-creation dashboard. Everything else remains the same.

Publer post-creation dashboard

Scheduling multiple Social Media posts can be all fun and games until you realize that your posts look way too basic and don’t deliver the right message you initially wanted.

Therefore, besides previewing your posts in real-time, you can keep using your favorite features to customize to the smallest detail.

Publer helps curate each post individually by allowing you to tag accounts & add the right location and reach even more people in your local area.

You can also use shortcodes & Spintax, add general information as signatures to save time copy-pasting content, keep the content clean by putting extra content as follow-up comments, auto-share across other socials, and automate the deletion of a post after a specific time.

Why did we change the position of your social accounts?

Another small change that might have caught your eye is also the positioning of all your social accounts. All your social profiles & groups that used to be small icons on top of the post creator moved to the side for better visibility.

It will now be easier for everyone to distinguish between accounts, especially for those with accounts with the same image.

The idea was not ours. In fact, it came as valid feedback from one of the members of our #PublerNation.

The horizontal icons made it harder for users with multiple business accounts to find the right channel to post. That is why we immediately started thinking of a better alternative. We believe a vertical space for all your accounts is much better now, but we still welcome your feedback.

Publer Nation on Facebook

We are always actively listening to all our users and members of #PublerNation, so if you’re on Facebook, make sure you join our #PublerNation group to keep up with all discussions on Publer. And if you don’t use Facebook, you can reach us by chat or leave your Feedback on our dedicated space inside Publer.

Frequent Product Updates – Tailored to You & Requested by You.

November 17th, Publer launches on one of the most popular tech platforms: Product Hunt.

We have been working on the launch for months now, building a proper presentation as well as preparing cool surprises and rewards for those that show up with support! 

However, this busy time of the year has not kept us away from frequent product updates. Almost every week we have introduced new & exciting features. Features we are sure you will love because not only they are tailored to you, but they are also requested by you.

A big part of the Publer team is #PublerNation itself. We make sure we are always listening to your needs and feedback, and then we take your input and create solutions that will benefit everyone on the platform.

So thank you for your support and valuable feedback!

As mentioned, this November 17th, we’re going to take the party to Product Hunt, and we would like to see you there, supportive as always!

Publer on Product Hunt

See you November 17th!

Get more info about the launch and the exclusive offer for the Product Hunt community…

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