Presets for Instagram: Our Top 6 FREE Favorites

October 28, 2022
presets for instagram

Presets for Instagram

Have you ever noticed how some people’s Instagram feeds look professional and cohesive? If you’re wondering how they achieved that look, they’re likely using Instagram presets.

Presets can help influencers and content creators make their feeds aesthetically pleasing and increase their chances of getting verified on Instagram. With presets, anyone can create a stunning Instagram feed that is visually cohesive and represents their brand well.

In this article, learn about presets, tips and tricks on using them, and where you can download quality presets for free.

What Are Presets For Instagram? 

Instagram presets are like magic visual enhancements that can make your photos look amazing and help give your feed a consistent theme. You can use them on your thumbnails or after editing your videos, and they only take a few seconds to apply. So why not try them and see how they can transform your photos?

What Are Presets For Instagram?

You can set presets on top of the built-in filters in the app or create your own using third-party apps like Adobe Lightroom. This allows you to customize your photos to get the exact look and feel you want.

Here’s how you can create your own preset: 

  • Adobe Lightroom is a great place to start if you want to add a personal touch to your photos. You can purchase a digital negative (DNG) file from a trusted source or create your own edits and enhancements. With Lightroom, you can play around with different photo colors, tones, and effects to get the perfect look for your image.
  • To import your presets into Adobe Lightroom, select the desired folder in the presets module and click the “Import” button.
  • If you want to edit a photo for Instagram, first upload it to your Lightroom mobile app. This will allow you to use your presets and edit the photo before sharing it on Instagram.

The most important thing is to create visually appealing content that lets followers easily recognize your brand.

Why Use Presets For Instagram? 

Presets are an excellent way to make a good impression for your brand on Instagram. They allow you to:

Improve Post Quality: Professional-looking photos on your Instagram account can help you gain more followers and earn their trust. Using Instagram presets lets you upgrade your photos, establish your brand identity, and give your followers quality content.

Breeze Through Batch Edits: Using preset filters can save a lot of money and time spent editing multiple photos. Instead of spending hours figuring out the best look for your photo, you can apply your preset filter, make other adjustments if necessary, and upload it to Instagram.

Present a Cohesive Look: Instagram presets are a great way to make your content stand out from the crowd. By creating a standard color palette, tone, and set of effects, you can give your followers a sense of what your brand is all about. A consistent theme across your Instagram account will help establish a strong brand identity.

Where Can I Find Free Presets For Instagram? 

Many great options are available online for downloading free, high-quality presets. Here are some free Lightroom presets to get you started: 


Where Can I Find Free Presets For Instagram?

Presetpro has a wide collection of preset bundles. With themes like vintage vibe, pastel film, and Insta look, there’s something for everyone. You can download one preset from each category for free to try before you make a purchase.

Trey Ratcliffe

Trey Ratcliffe preset

If you’re looking for high-quality photos, you’ll want to check out Trey Ratcliffe’s Instagram preset bundles. World-renowned photographer Trey Ratcliffe offers a free sample pack of his lightroom presets on his website, You can also access free High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo tutorials to upgrade your photography skills. 

Trey’s presets are about making your photos pop with vibrant and bold colors. His unique take on various subjects filled with vignetting and contrast is sure to give your photos that extra something special. Trey also collaborated with a photo editing software called ON1 for the free Lightroom preset bundle on his site.

Helene in Between

Helene in Between presets

Helene in Between has the perfect Lightroom presets for aspiring influencers. Helene is a full-time travel blogger who created these presets to make photos look more inviting, combining soft colors and dark shadows. Her presets make your travel snaps look more professional and vibrant.

Plus, when you visit her site, she offers a free bundle, a great start for beginners to explore.

Cole’s Classroom

Cole’s Classroom

Sign up for Cole’s Classroom and get access to a free bundle of tools and templates to add a vintage flair to your pictures. This preset is ideal for those who want to use stylized presets for portraits.

Greater Than Gatsby

Greater Than Gatsby

Greater Than Gatsby offers a 10-preset sample pack that you can download for free from their website. If you’re using the Lightroom mobile app, they have some presets that are compatible with it too. Just head to the “Install” tab on their website to download them.

One of the best things about Greater Than Gatsby’s presets is that they don’t change the subject’s natural colors, even when adding effects to the photo.

Fix the Photo

Fix the Photo - Instagram presets

Fix the Photo mainly specializes in photo retouching services for weddings, portraits, or photo restoration, but they also offer various free presets for Lightroom in different categories found on their homepage. Their site also has a Shop page where they sell Lightroom presets and mobile collections, among others.

To note, the available free presets can already serve you well in capturing an Instagram-worthy theme for your account.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Presets For Instagram

Presets for Instagram offer a convenient way to make your photos stand out, but remember to use them wisely.

Here are the do’s and don’ts when using Instagram presets. 

Don’t overspend on one preset: Finding the right preset for your brand can take some time. If you want to create a custom preset, try not to spend too much money on it. Instead, explore several options until you find a suitable theme for your brand.

Use presets according to the occasion: One preset may not look great with every photo. Make necessary tweaks and adjustments if needed. Check if the color palettes and effects match what each image is trying to illustrate before uploading it. Play around with the exposure, minimize shadows, straighten, crop, or do anything that fits the photo’s theme.

Get creative with presets but see if each type suits your stories, videos, or pictures.

Don’t compromise photo quality: Don’t rely on presets to improve the quality of your low-quality photos. Instead, remember to apply the rule of thirds when taking photos on your mobile phone. Choose raw photos from trusted and legal sources to get high-quality photos.

Use presets for simple themes: If you use presets for simple images, it can improve your overall aesthetic. Quality and consistency are essential, so make the most of your preset filters.

Don’t expect too much: If you’re not getting enough attention on Instagram, it’s probably because your strategy and approach need work, not because you used the wrong Instagram filters. A great preset can help boost your content, but it won’t magically turn a lousy strategy into a good one.

Key Takeaways 

When you take a quick scan of the Instagram Explore page, you will see thousands of visually-appealing content from various creators. Using Instagram presets can help make your content stand out and create a theme that is in tune with your brand’s features.

While Instagram has built-in presets available, you can also personalize your content with free presets available online.

Presets for Instagram are great features to: 

  • Create a unique look for your feed
  • Save time and effort editing multiple photos at once
  • Establish brand identity 
  • Boost credibility for your brand 
  • Grab user’s attention with visually appealing photos

Looking for more ways to make your Instagram account stand out? Check out this post on choosing the perfect colour pallette for your brand!

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