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March 13, 2023
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Coming up with the right name for a product or service can be one of the most daunting tasks in launching a business. While you can come up with a tremendous amount of product names, only some of them avoid the common naming pitfalls, i.e., a name that is easy to remember and pronounce, have positive associations, and is easy to understand.

If you are stuck in finding the perfect name for your product, using a product name generator will help streamline the process and generate various catchy and perfect names. These tools are great for generating unique names that will be both memorable and effective in resonating with your target audience.

We have compiled five product generators with the best outcomes to help you find the most suited tool for your needs.

How Do You Name A Product?

Think About The Product Use

For any product, it’s essential to consider the use of the product and how it can benefit customers. When you name a product, consider what it does for people and how they will use it. This can help inform your word choice, so potential buyers immediately recognize the product’s value.

Consider Your Audience

It’s important to think about who the product will target. A name that resonates with a particular group of people or industry can have strong appeal and recognition, so make sure you consider your target audience when choosing a product name. Considering your audience when naming your product also helps boost social selling efforts as it settles quickly within your audience.

Audience research is the basis of all your marketing efforts. When you are done naming your product, you can use the same audience research when using content marketing tools to promote the product.

Make Sure It Is Easy To Say

When naming a product, it should be easy to say and remember. A name that is too hard to pronounce will make it difficult for customers to recall the product when they search for it. Try saying the name out loud so you know what your potential buyers would face when trying to remember it.

Mandatory Product Name Features

Your product name’s success is critical to your brand’s success. It must have certain features that will help it stand out and remain relevant for as long as possible. 

Here are some must-have product name features:

  • Brand synergy: Make sure your product name reflects your brand’s core values and identity. It should be recognizable to customers as a part of a larger story or narrative. 
  • Visibility: A good product name is easy to remember and can be used in various marketing initiatives, such as advertising or social media. 
  • Resonance: Your product name should resonate with customers and make them feel positive when they hear or see it.  
  • Longevity: The best product names are timeless and won’t need to be changed over time. This makes it easier for customers to recognize and associate your brand with quality. 
  • Scalability: A product name should be able to work in different applications, from physical products to digital services. 
  • Distinctiveness: Your product name should be unique and easily distinguishable from other brands in the same industry. 
  • Simplicity: Your product name should be easy to read, spell and say. Avoid using complicated language or obscure references that customers won’t understand.

Why You Should Use A Product Name Generator

A product name generator gives you a great starting point for finding an effective name for your new product or service. It helps to brainstorm potential names and narrow the options until you find the perfect one. It can also provide ideas for domain names, slogans, and more. This improves your consistency across your online presence.

Using a product name generator will minimize your input while increasing the processing speed, ultimately saving time and effort.

The Best Product Name Generators Available Online

Here are the five best product name generators you should check out.


product name generator Namify

Namify is an online tool that makes it easy to develop product names. With Namify, you can choose from thousands of potential product names and customize them to fit your needs.

Generating a product name with Namify is a straightforward process. Enter the keywords for your product and search. Namify will produce as many names as it can in seconds.

The tool provides creative suggestions and advanced features like domain availability and trademark checks. You can also avail free logo suggestions to pair with your product name.

product name generator copyai is one of the best AI generator tools you can find online. With its cutting-edge technology, you can create high-quality product names with ease. is constantly learning and evolving, so you can ensure you’re getting the best possible results.

You can find the name generator in the “Brainstorming tools” under the tools tab. You must provide a detailed description of your product and target audience to get an accurate and desirable name. will generate a list of names based on your input within seconds.

You can save and copy the names for discussion with your colleagues. Another excellent feature’s product name generator offers is to generate more similar names to the one you like. That way, you can narrow your search to a preferable name type and get better suggestions.


product name generator Looka

Looka is one of a kind name generator. While most product and brand name generators combine random words to make unique names, Looka generates inventive names that are unique and catchy.

Looka’s name generator only requires keyword inputs. You can also choose from Looka’s suggestions of abstract ideas or industries. It generates outputs in four categories: Invented names, Compounds names, Multiword names, and Real-words names.


product name generator Namelix

Namelix is another popular product name generator, and for a good reason. This tool lets you filter your search by name style, randomness, and brand information. These inputs make the name generator results more human and desirable.

Once you input the keywords for your product or service, Namelix’s name generator will ask the type of name style you want. You can choose from alternate spelling, compound words, non-English words, two words, auto, etc. Then, you can choose from three levels of randomness to determine the relevance and creativity of the names. Lastly, you can provide information about the product for increased relevancy.


product name generator Namechk

Namechk’s capability of generating a high number of potential product names makes it one of the best on the market. It is also simple to use.

You can find the product name generator under the name generator tab. To generate names, enter the keywords for your product in the search bar and hit enter. Namechk will produce a wide variety of names within seconds. It will also show the domain availability for each name. Clicking the domain name takes you straight to the checkout page for the domain.

These product name generators will ensure you land on an effective and catchy name. After deciding on the name, you can start your digital marketing journey, which may include e-commerce sales. To help the latter cause, you can use Publer features tools that will boost your e-commerce sales.

Key Takeaways

A product name generator helps entrepreneurs create creative product names quickly. This saves time and effort in the product development process.

Here are the things to remember when using a product name generator:

  • When deciding the product name, consider the product use, your audience, and ease of pronunciation.
  • Namify,, Looka, Namelix, and Namechk are the best online product name generators. 
  • Each tool offers unique features to generate product names based on specific keywords or input data. 
  • Features like domain availability, trademark checks, and logo suggestions can help you decide on your product name. 
  • These generators are constantly learning and evolving, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible results.

Need a marketing tool once your product name finalizes? You can quickly create and automate your marketing efforts with Publer’s intuitive features like bulk scheduling, AI assist, media integrations, and more. Sign up today to get started.

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