Top SAAS Tools for Startups to Manage Teams and Grow Business

August 31, 2021
Top 10 SAAS Tools for Startups to Effectively Manage Teams and Grow Business! by Vikas Patil

Written by: Vikas Patil

The world of business and entrepreneurship is expanding endlessly and touching new heights at a rapid pace every day. Seeing this happening all around us on a daily basis provokes different thoughts in mind.

As the galaxy of entrepreneurial setups is exceedingly moving forward on the path of development, digitization is taking over like never before. For young and budding entrepreneurs who are often hunting for new ideas, growth hacks, marketing strategies, tools, etc. to manage multiple tasks associated with their businesses and startups need to realize that there is a negligible hike if traditional advertising and growth techniques are followed to promote and run startups in today’s era. To be digital is to be following constant growth, this is the ultimate mantra in today’s time.

SAAS Tools for Startups - Vikas Patil

When it comes to team management and growing startups, there are ample things that demand attention. The way tasks are becoming varied and interconnected with each other, at times the management happens to be beyond normal human effort and contributions. In such cases, SAAS tools act as ultimate magical wands that do wonders in managing absolutely all business-associated tasks.

SAAS stands for Software as a service. The extended version of the abbreviation rightly suggests the mechanism and purpose of it all. The applications under this category use software for providing services in order to manage daily routine tasks like communication, organizing data, sharing information, keeping important records, etc. 

Here is a list of some incredibly beneficial applications and tools that work on the ultimate idea of sorting out the various tasks in the world of startups:

A major part of running startups is keeping strong communication with the team members. The Covid-19 pandemic shifted offices from physical setups to virtual screens; this created a need to rely on efficient applications that boost and bridge the communication gap amongst the team. A bunch of SAAS tools has got every entrepreneur’s back when it comes to getting the communication game sorted. 

Since the systems are completely transformed, conference rooms and cabins are no more the ideal places to hold communication and team discussions in. Alternatively, several SAAS tools Like Slack widely opts for the following purposes:

  • Holding virtual meetings
  • Pitching discussions
  • Daily call follow ups 
  • Helping team members to stay updated with all the happenings


Slack allows users to create separate tags, groups, and teams to circulate information by tagging people which keeps the clarity up while sending across messages.

Discord is a voice over internet protocol tool that is reliable to be used for the following purposes:

  • Instant messaging 
  • Voice calling 
  • Video calling 
  • Chatting 
  • Sending across media in form of files, documents, links, etc. 

Available in 28 different languages, this SAAS tool is the ultimate solution to all your communication needs.

After the communication amongst the team stands sorted in all forms, collaborating over projects is the next crucial step. One of the most reliable SAAS tools that provide efficient assistance in doing so is Google Workspace.

This workspace is an amalgamation of several tools that are important to keep work on track. For example:

  • Google Drive
  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Meet

That enhances productivity at work.

These SAAS tools are comprised of an entire suite of minor tools and applications that shift an office setup to a safe, secure and efficient virtual work platform that stores important information of work on the cloud computing systems.

Being managed by a cloud system, the information remains available for as long as possible and is also easily accessible.

As the subtitle of the brand- ‘Your workplace reimagined’ rightly suggests, this tool is incredibly trustworthy when it comes to managing tasks at work. 

Some of the unique features offered by this tool are given below:

  • Ease in working from anywhere, anytime 
  • Promotes conversion of documents in just a click 
  • Microsoft Office 365

The SAAS tool, Microsoft Office 365 is suitable for almost all purposes, starting from businesses and enterprises to education and households. It has features that suffice the needs and requirements of almost every sector that’s why it’s becoming popular due to its versatility.

Have you seen a conference room without a whiteboard? Sounds odd right? Now that the conferences and meetings are held on virtual platforms, the whiteboards should be virtual too. Amazing SAAS tools called Miro Board are at the rescue.

 The virtual meetings can no more be vague and not explanatory enough for employees as such whiteboard collaborations tools provide an easy interface to draw, write, explain and give out information by turning our virtual screens into whiteboard backgrounds that aids in explaining stuff easily to the other people. 

This tool is widely used in virtual office setups to hold meetings as well as the educational sector by teachers to explain concepts to students easily and effectively. 

We can actually make use of different pen colors, markers, shapes, lines, separators, etc. to enhance explanations by making charts, diagrams, etc.

After communicating and explaining to the team members about the work to be done in a certain way, management comes into the picture. An incredibly useful SAAS tool known as Clickup manages things to a point where they can’t even be imagined rightly. Starting from scratch about:

  • Mentioning the tasks
  • Fixing schedules of submissions
  • Keeping reminders to complete work
  • Review setups


These tools got it all well-organized and sorted for managers and leaders to keep a track of the projects and work to be distributed among the team. 

Separate work channels can be created that can further channel the tasks into categories and break them so that it results in it efficient and easy completion. 

Physical management of projects might get a little confusing and tedious at times, however, with these tools being made available, management of projects is much easier to look into and the focus completely lies on growth in every aspect.

As per the common notion of many people, there’s no better way to understand things than getting to hear about them face to face and not just in audio. However, due to the pandemic that’s still going on, face-to-face interactions are avoided, so there had to be a digitally efficient way in which this goal is accomplished. Video conferencing tools that fall under the category of SAAS like Zoom provide a way out.

 Video calls and virtual meetings can easily be scheduled at specific times and links to join the meetings along with passwords can be shared with group members who need to be invited in order to be a part of the virtual discussion. 

These SAAS tools offer many features like chat while in the meeting, drop reactions, mic mute and unmute options that users can have access to while in the meeting.

In today’s era, social media plays a role as important as any other work-related platform. Social media is vastly used by everyone, no matter the age, experience, or designation. Digital marketing, social media marketing, and virtual promotions of startups, as well as business, are some of the crucial topics to consider when it comes to growth marketing and hacks. In order to promote a startup or entrepreneurial activity over social media, there are many things to be considered on a daily basis, for example- posting stories, social networking, giving out information about the brand, floating offers that attract customers, etc. The list is endless. So, as there are tools available to manage almost every activity efficiently nowadays, the SAAS tool called Publer is also made accessible to manage social media platforms and content that gets circulated there. 

Publer is also known to be a virtual social media superhero as it manages, analyses, schedules and optimizes posts and content that needs to be put up on social media. It just makes social media management super smooth and easy.

Publer - SAAS Tools for Startups

  • Active Campaign 

Automated marketing is another booming marketing strategy that startups look forward to investing their money, effort, and time in. It works on sending promotional information about the company to the filtered group of potential customers who might be interested in the kind of products and services offered by the startup or business. Usually, emails and text messages are sent across on a frequent basis to keep the customers hooked and also to attract new ones. 

One such SAAS tool that works on automated marketing is Active Campaign.

 Active Campaign is a cloud-based software platform that works to help small to middle-sized businesses and startups in automating their marketing techniques. These tools offer features that assist entrepreneurs in customer experience automation, CRM categories, email marketing, sales automation, etc. 

At the end 

Now that a vast range of SAAS tools are successfully mentioned above along with the functions and features they offer, the ultimate step that needs to be taken by budding entrepreneurs and startup owners is choosing wisely. Choosing appropriate SAAS tools from the list mentioned above for various purposes as per individual requirements is extremely crucial in order to gain success in a growing business. Remember, the doors of success open for those who possess the courage to try and experiment and not blindly follow the traditional trends of growth marketing and business promotion.

Vikas Patil - Growth Marketer

I am Vikas, a Growth Marketer with over 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Web Design, NoCode development, and advertising strategies. I am passionate about new tools and tech that automates manual tasks for teams and makes them focus on the creative and productive side of things. You can find me on

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