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TweetDeck Scheduler Vs. Any Social Media Scheduling Tool in 2023

June 23, 2023
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If you are managing a Twitter account, or many, it’s important to ensure that your tweets are evenly spread out throughout the day.

This helps maintain a consistent presence and ensures that your followers don’t miss any important updates, especially if you can’t be active on Twitter all the time.

Today we will briefly compare 2 ways of scheduling your tweets: Via TweetDeck scheduler or social media management tool.

Moreover, in today’s article, we will cover:

  • Why is it important to schedule Twitter posts?
  • TweetDeck scheduler vs. any social media scheduling tool.
  • How to schedule posts with TweetDeck Scheduler?
  • How to schedule posts on Twitter using a social media management tool?
  • Easily schedule and manage your Twitter threads

Let’s get started to find your solution to your Twitter content.

The Importance of Scheduling Posts on Twitter

Crafting the perfect social media post involves multiple tasks, from writing engaging captions to designing aesthetically pleasing visuals.

Whether you are an influencer, entrepreneur, freelancer, or a marketer managing a team, the last-minute rush to create a post is not the best approach. That’s why most of social media platforms have recently added the scheduling feature.

But with the help of a third-party app management tool, you can efficiently schedule, manage multiple tweets across various Twitter accounts, and analyze your progress.

Some of the tools, like Publer, also offer best time to post, regarding when your audience is more active on a particular platform. This strategic approach maximizes the reach and impact of your tweets.

If you are wondering what it looks like then here is a picture:

It might interest you:

Back to scheduling. Shortly, here are the pros of scheduling your Twitter content:

  • Scheduling tweets allows you to manage your Twitter presence while focusing on other important tasks.
  • Consistent tweeting helps attract and retain followers, and fresh content improves your profile’s visibility in searches.
  • Consistent tweeting signals that you’re worth following, and scheduling enables you to maintain activity even when you’re busy.
  • By scheduling tweets at optimal times when your target audience is most active, you can increase your reach and exposure, even when you’re unavailable.

TweetDeck Scheduler Vs. Any Social Media Scheduling Tool

Now that you know how important it is to plan your posts on Twitter, let’s take a more practical look at how to schedule your content. In the following section, we will explore step by step what you can achieve with both TweetDeck scheduler and Publer.

Let’s examine the functionality of each option and conduct a brief comparison to assist you in choosing the best solution for efficiently managing and expanding your social media presence.

How to Schedule Posts with TweetDeck?

As mentioned in this article, Twitter provides a built-in scheduling feature that allows you to schedule tweets directly on the platform.

You need to login to That’s how your Dashboard looks like.

Next, when you’re ready to create a post, simply click on the “Tweet” button located in the top left corner. This will bring you to the page shown here, where you can compose your post. Below we provide you with an example of what your post could look like:

Afterward, you can select the date and time for your post. Note that the scheduled time will be automatically adjusted to UTC based on your device’s time zone settings.

Once you are okay with the chosen date, simply click on “Confirm” and your post will be published as scheduled on the specified date and time.

Note: You can view your “Scheduled Tweets” section as shown below.

Although the post-scheduling option on Twitter is useful, it has its limitations, particularly when it comes to managing multiple accounts at the same time. This feature only applies to one account at a time.

Next, we will discuss scheduling posts through third-party apps and their benefits, using the best time to post, and analytics to grow your audience.

How to Schedule Posts on Twitter Using a Social Media Management Tool?

Unlike TweetDeck, these tools often provide additional features and functionalities to enhance your scheduling experience and grow your audience. Moreover, they offer advanced analytics, team collaboration features, and more customization options.

Let’s take the example of using Publer for your Twitter account:

Once you are logged in, simply choose your Twitter account.

Write your preferred text, or seek inspiration from AI Assist for more engaging post. Along with that, easily add hashtags based on your content keywords.

You can conveniently drag and drop your media files or instantly access Canva, VistaCreate and Unsplash integrations for visually captivating content.

Note: You have the option to preview your post at any time, just like the example displayed below.

Then choose your date and time, based on your times to post. (You will find it on the Analytics feature.) Then hit “Schedule.”

Another new feature on Publer, (which you cannot find on TweetDeck) is to schedule your Twitter threads in advance. This video explains it well how it works:

In case you don’t know Twitter threads receive hundreds or even thousands of likes and retweets, expanding your reach to new audience members and increasing engagement.

They are highly effective in captivating and retaining audience attention compared to a single tweet that redirects users to an external website.

So if you are not using Threads in your Twitter strategy, then it’s the right time to start now! Sign up today for free!

Important note: You can use Publer App on your mobile and schedule on the go. Download it today for iOS or Android.

Start Managing Your Twitter Accounts with Publer

Now that you got a better understanding of how Publer works, then you are ready to give it a try yourself and personally experience the app’s features. Who knows, you might just love it!

With 210K influencers, freelancers, and marketers already using Publer, we have no doubt you’ll find it valuable.

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