How To Leverage Twitter Spaces To Grow Your Business

May 27, 2022
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Twitter Spaces for Marketing and Sales

While the Twitter feed has been almost completely dominated by text-based posts since inception, the platform is starting to see a shift. Much like how video uploads were dominant in the Twitter feed when they were introduced, the release of Twitter Spaces has once again shifted the paradigm.

With the rise of Clubhouse and its countless knockoffs, Twitter Spaces might seem just like a drop in the bucket. But instead, it’s become an excellent place to connect with your community, socialize and network.

What Are Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is the latest feature introduced to the platform. Hosting a Twitter Space is available to all accounts with 600+ followers, but anyone can participate in someone else’s Space regardless of follower count.

Hosting a “Space” means users can have conversations with the public through live audio.

These spaces are perfect for quick and effective discussions, conversations, or personalized presentations of one’s niche. On top of all that, they are easy to make and even easier to join, meaning good conversations are in your near future. Twitter Spaces creates room for new ideas and new concepts to grow your follower count through a simple and useful feature. 

Twitter Spaces For Marketing

While audio chats aren’t anything new or groundbreaking, having the opportunity for live audio chats on Twitter is a refreshing addition to the platform and should not be overlooked. Here are a few reasons why marketers should take advantage of Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces Are Easy To Leverage

Compared to Clubhouse, Spaces has the advantage of living natively on the Twitter platform. This might sound like an obvious statement, but think about the implications of having live audio on a platform with an active, established user base.

Twitter is often at the forefront of live coverage of big events, making it easier for the public to ease into using Twitter Spaces as a discussion platform. Since Spaces can be easily shared with RTs or via DM, it makes it easier than other platforms to amass a live audience.

Personal Brands Excel on Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces are a great place for personal brands to interact with their audience. The platform allows users to connect with each other in real-time, which is perfect for building relationships and growing a following. Personal brands can use Twitter spaces to share their thoughts and opinions on various topics, as well as offer advice and tips to their followers.

Twitter Spaces Keep It Casual

The best thing about Twitter Spaces is that it lets you have informal conversations with your target audience and existing customers. It also allows you to get feedback from your customers in a more casual setting, helping you improve your products and services.

If you’re looking for a more intimate way to connect with your audience, Twitter Spaces is a great option. It’s perfect for building relationships and fostering customer loyalty.

Twitter Reaches Large Audiences

Obviously, we cannot forget that Twitter is a huge platform with an enormous amount of users. All these users can be considered new opportunities for businesses to grow. Twitter Spaces offers a more personal way to interact with customers.

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How Brands Benefit From Using Twitter Spaces

Social media has made connections with customers easier to achieve for brands all over the world. Twitter Spaces has several ways in which it benefits the branding of one’s business.

  • Gain new exposure for your brand.
  • Announce new product launches!
  • Interact with followers in real-time.
  • Collect valuable feedback from your target audience.
  • Elevate the voices of historically underrepresented peoples.
  • They provide an easy way to connect with customers and build relationships.
  • You can use Twitter Spaces to connect with friends and family of existing customers.

How To Use Twitter Spaces For Business

Anyone who has a dedicated following or a well-thought out Twitter marketing strategy has a fair shot at gaining success through Twitter Spaces. It’s important to remember the significance of a marketing foundation before adding Twitter Spaces to your plans. After all, without the fundamentals in place, you’re unlikely to garner an audience that makes it worth your while.

Educate Your Audience

What can you teach your followers with only audio?

Let’s go over a few examples. If you’re in influencer marketing, you could educate people on how to identify influencers worth working with. If you run a mental health facility, you can teach people how to deal with stress in their day to day life. Ecommerce companies can talk about the benefits of products they offer.

Share Updates

Twitter Spaces are a great way for founders and marketers to update their audience on company news. You can share updates on products, new policies, features and more.

It can also be a great place to gauge response to upcoming launches. Engaged Twitter users who hop into your Twitter Space will have valuable insights to share, even if it’s negative. Getting to know your audience better will never go out of style!

Be A Thought Leader

Spaces are designed to host conversations between several speakers at the same time. By hosting the opinions of experts through your Twitter Space, you position yourself as an expert (or at least a host of expert insights). This helps build trust in your brand and also build connections with others in your field.

Cultivate Your Community

Through Twitter Spaces, anyone can build personal connections with their customers. You can interact with your followers and build new connections in real-time. Think of Q&As or just simple conversations where you can listen to their experiences, needs, and desires. 

Discuss Trending Industry Topics

To gain even more popularity for your business, Twitter Spaces can be used to host discussions on trending topics. When doing so, you can even invite up to two Co-hosts that specialize in the issues at hand. This will increase your visibility on Twitter, resulting in a larger live audience for you to chat with.

Topics that are considered ‘hot’ in your industry make for great conversations on Twitter Spaces, especially if you can get people from the audience involved. Events, destinations, big brand moments and launches are great discussion topics for Spaces.

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