Goodbye Facebook Analytics? Alternatives for Tracking Your Metrics 

December 28, 2022
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Despite the rave surrounding newer social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook remains the giant with up to three billion monthly users and potential audiences. 

Because of the diverse and large audience, it’s even more important to stay up to date on your Facebook metrics. Facebook Analytics used to be a great tool to achieve this until Meta discontinued it in July 2021. This was part of Meta’s initiative to consolidate its business tools.

While the standalone Facebook Analytics is no longer available, there are a few other options to explore so you can still get access to your page’s metrics.

In this article, we’ll provide you with different options to stay on top of your Facebook analytics. 

What is Facebook Analytics and Is It Still Available?

Facebook Analytics is a unique tool that allows you to track how your brand performs on Facebook and even on Instagram. This data is helpful because:

  • It helps you understand your current performance, such as whether your posts reach people. 
  • It helps you understand specifics about your audience regarding location, gender, age range, etc. This allows you to frame your posts and ads better. 
  • It gives you clarity as to whether you should maintain your current strategy or tweak it.  
  • It gives you the insight to help you take your marketing strategy and get verified on Facebook quickly

However, Meta discontinued the standalone Facebook Analytics tool in July 2021 and replaced it with other data measurement solutions. But the new data analysis tools aren’t as consolidated or broad as Facebook Analytics. 

Key Facebook Metrics You Should Track

Key Facebook Metrics You Should Track

Some metrics are crucial to growing your brand’s presence and engaging your audience. They help you figure out what went right, what went wrong, and what you can do moving forward. Here are some of the key metrics you should be aware of: 

Facebook Post Analytics

Facebook Post Analytics lets you know how each day’s post performs and whether people are engaging with it.

Post reach: This allows you to check the number of people who saw all your posts at least once to understand your page trends, fluctuations, and growth. You can also check the people who have seen each post. This gives you a good sense of how a specific post resonates with your audience. 

Post engagement: This lets you know the number of people who like, comment, and share your posts. Again, you can check out the overall post or per-post engagement. 

Facebook Audience Insights

Audience insights provide you with an audience demographic that helps you learn about who your audience is. 

Location: View the cities and countries where your engagements originate. 

Age and Gender: View the breakdown of your audience’s age and gender. 

Facebook Page Analytics

Page analytics tells you how your brand page is doing. 

Reach: View the people who saw content on your page or saw your page through another person’s post. 

New Likes: Check out new people who recently liked your page. 

Visits: Determine the number of people who checked out your Facebook page. 

Virality Rate: Know the percentage of times the algorithm displayed your page’s content based on engagement. 

Follower Growth Rate: Know whether your page is gaining or losing followers. 

Facebook Reels Analytics

You can check out Reels metrics in the Meta Business Manager. It might not be obvious, as Facebook tags Reels as posts on the Insights interface. To access these metrics, go to Insights and click on Content, then click Content again. From there, select the drop-down menu and deselect stories and ads.

Facebook Group Analytics

You can only check out Insights if your brand’s Facebook group has 50 or more members. With Facebook Group Analytics, you can view metrics like: 

Top Contributors: Insight into who the most dedicated members of your group are. 

Growth: The rate at which people join your group and what’s spurring them to do so. 

Engagement: Check out how active your members are and when they are more active. 

3 Tools You Can Use to Access Facebook Analytics Data

Tools You Can Use to Access Facebook Analytics Data

Despite Facebook discontinuing its Analytics tool, most brands are still comfortably aware of their performance. This is because a few other tools deliver the same standard metrics. 

Here are some helpful tools that let you see how your brand is performing: 

Facebook Page Insights

Facebook Insights has fewer functions and ranges, but it combines the most crucial elements in one place. You can analyze basic metrics around your page, posts, and audience. It’s also called Meta Insights and forms part of the Meta Professional Dashboard. 

Every Facebook and Instagram page already has one. You just need to access Facebook business settings for this. 

Meta Business Suite

This is what replaced the Facebook Analytics tool. With Meta suite, you can study trends and metrics and get visual reports on your overall Facebook account. 

Here’s how to use it:

  • Open Meta business suite. Then click on Insights and toggle to the Overview screen. 
  • Click on Content under Content. Then you can use the drop-down at the top of the screen to check specific metrics. 


Track and consolidate all your social media performance with Publer

Publer is an analytics tool that allows you to track and consolidate all your social media performance. With Publer, you can:

  • Analyze organic and sponsored postings and track your total number of followers and page engagement.
  • Check out link clicks and video views, and even rank your posts. 
  • Get demographics insights and engagement per post.

Publer provides auto synchronization across all your social media networks. It also analyzes your audience to provide the best time to post Instagram reels and Facebook content for your audience. 

Key Takeaways

Tracking your Facebook analytics is important to stay ahead of the game. You must check out how both your organic content and Facebook ads are to forge your content game forward.

  • Use engagement interaction posts and use analytics to track them. 
  • Use a platform like Publer that syncs all social media analytics to create a comprehensive social media report. 

Up Your Analytics Game with Publer

Publer helps you manage your social media accounts while providing you with comprehensive data and making it simpler for you to implement them. 

You can design your content, visualize them in an interactive view, and track your performance using a single tool. You can check out how it works here.

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