Here’s How to Get Verified on Facebook

November 03, 2022
How to Get Verified on Facebook

How To Get Verified On Facebook

Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has come a long way as a social networking platform. It remains the top choice for users to create profiles and groups and upload entertaining memes and videos.

Even though TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube are on the rise, Facebook continues to dominate globally and generate the largest revenue.

Facebook has not only extended advertising and e-commerce opportunities to users but has also become the central hub for user-generated content. However, it is also on the hot seat for becoming a dumping ground for misinformation and fake accounts.

As a result, Facebook now only offers the blue checkmark as an added layer of authenticity and verification for brands and personal profiles.

What is Facebook Verification?

Facebook verification is a process that allows Facebook to confirm that your page is authentic and official. This process started in 2013 after Twitter and other social media platforms introduced the verification badge to differentiate genuine accounts from fake ones.

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Most Facebook accounts don’t require it, but some users choose to apply for verification to gain access to exclusive benefits. Business pages with large followings generally require verification, while individual profiles that have reached a specific audience size may also qualify.

Benefits of Having a Verified Facebook Page

Having a blue checkmark on your Facebook profile is a symbol of trust. It lets people know you are the original brand, celebrity, or company, which can help convince users to follow you. A verification badge also gives you access to exclusive benefits like ranking higher on Facebook’s search results.

If your Facebook page is verified, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Get More Followers

People are more likely to trust and follow your page if you have a blue verification badge next to your profile name on Facebook. A verification badge on your page signals to users that your page is authentic and trusted, which is crucial if you want to turn your followers into loyal customers.

Become More Searchable

Verifying your Facebook page helps boost your search engine optimization (SEO) and your online presence. You become a trusted source for people browsing the web and will likely get more clicks and traffic when you have a verification badge.

Verified pages can also help you rank higher in search results on Facebook. People searching for keywords related to your business on Facebook are more likely to find your page if it’s verified.

Expand Reach And Boost Credibility

When you verify your Facebook page, you make your brand more credible and make it easier for people to see your content.

A verified page appears more frequently in the newsfeeds of your followers and users who have interacted with your page. So by verifying your page, you can reach more people and gain more attention for your content.

Step-By-Step: How to Get Verified on Facebook

Fill out the online form on Facebook so you can get your page verified! The following steps are what you need to get started.

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Identify The Account Type You Want To Get Verified

Log in to your Facebook account and go to the verification form. You can choose to apply for verification for your personal Facebook profile or your business page. You’ll need your profile URL to proceed with the application.

Verify Your Identity

Applicants for verification must submit proof of identity. This process prevents fake accounts and imposters from being verified.

Some standard forms of identification include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National identification card
  • Tax filing
  • Recent utility bill
  • Articles of incorporation

Refer to the list of rules for acceptable forms of identification to see which specific IDs are needed. You will need to attach a digitized version of your proof of identity to the form.

Make Sure You’re Well Known

When you apply for verification, Facebook will check to see if your account is significant enough to warrant a blue checkmark. This is to let people know that your account has public interest. In the form, you will be asked to provide basic information, including the category and the country in which your account is well known.

To increase your chances of getting verified, you should complete as many optional fields as possible. For example, in the Audience section, you can describe what kinds of followers you have, their interests, and why they follow you.

The “Also known as” section is optional but can be helpful in identifying your reach if your page name is different from your registered company name, especially when you’re serving other markets.

The final step is to add up to five links to articles or social media accounts that verify you are notable. Attach independent content or links that are unpaid.

Patience Is Key

After you submit your application, Facebook will review it and let you know if it is approved. The review process varies, but it can take anywhere from 48 hours to 45 days for a result.

6 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting Verified on Facebook

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Facebook has specific qualifications that accounts must meet in order to earn a verification badge, such as:

  • The profile or page is authentic
  • The account represents one person or organization on Facebook
  • The personal information is complete and accurate
  • The account must be well-known to qualify for verification

Here are some tips to help increase your chances of getting verified: 

Maintain A Professional Profile

Your Facebook page’s display photo should contain your logo or branding to maintain a consistent connection with your page and actual business. Make sure you stick to your brand guidelines to avoid anything that could negatively impact your image, such as: 

  • Content with grammatical errors and typos
  • Personal posts
  • Pixelated images and graphics
  • Outdated or unrelated logos
  • Irrelevant content that does not match your brand voice

If anything on your page appears unprofessional from a consumer’s perspective, it’s best to edit or remove it.

Update Your Account Information Regularly

If your Facebook page has incomplete or outdated information, it won’t matter how good the quality of your page is. Facebook will review your information to see if you qualify for a verification badge.

Make sure the following details are updated on your page: 

  • Bio
  • Website URL
  • Email address and contact information 
  • About Us or Description

Provide More Information About Your Business 

To increase your chances of getting verified, ensure you provide as many details about your business as possible in the About section of your Page. Include all mandatory information so Facebook’s review team can quickly process your request.

These details include:

  • Address of each store location (if you have multiple addresses)
  • Contact information
  • Company’s mission statement
  • Company overview
  • Other social media accounts

Have A Link To Your Official Website

To ensure that Facebook approves your verification request, you must have a current and relevant link to your business’ official website. Be sure to also provide a link to your Facebook page from your website to complete Facebook’s verification requirements.

Set up a Facebook Business Page

To get verified on Facebook, you need to create a Business Page. It’s free to make one, and the verification process is the same as for any other type of page. Adding relevant and updated content to your Business Page will make you look more authentic.

Grow Your Followers 

To get verified on Facebook, you must have an engaged community of followers. You can start by curating relevant content for your target audience and then use Facebook’s analytics tools to see how they interact with your posts. From there, you can try to boost engagement by posting content that is more likely to get them to interact.

As a bonus tip, you can create a separate Facebook group and host games for followers to keep users engaged. 

My Facebook Verification Request Was Rejected: What Do I Do?

If your Facebook application is rejected, don’t worry! You can always reapply and improve your page or profile before resubmitting the request. The key is providing as much complete and accurate information as possible.

Get more social proof from users and pages to support your application. If you think you’ve done everything by the book, you can always ask Facebook for more information on why your request was rejected.

When reapplying for verification after 30 days, improve your page or profile. To have a better chance of getting approved, determine the right time to post, produce engaging content, revamp your marketing strategies, and amplify your presence across other social media channels.

Key Takeaways 

The key to getting verified on Facebook is having all the requirements ready and boosting your credibility with a large and engaged community. By following these best practices and helpful tips, you can earn the coveted blue checkmark.

Verifying your Facebook page or profile can benefit your brand in a number of ways:

  • Expand your audience reach
  • Boost credibility and authority among followers
  • Make you highly searchable and discoverable
  • Get access to analytics and tools
  • Gain the trust and loyalty of followers 

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