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It’s time to try Publer’s Hashtag Suggestion Generator, for FREE!

August 19, 2020
New Hashtag Suggestion Generator

Why do we need a hashtag Suggestion Generator? There are both good and bad ways to use hashtags on your social media. And once you get a better understanding, you can easily save your posts from looking “spammy” to reaching the proper audience.

*This article has been updated: Starting from now, the hashtag suggestions tool works for photos, videos, GIFs, and links too. Please read below.

Say ‘Hello’ to Hashtag Suggestion on Publer!

New Hashtag Suggestion Generator

Hashtags are not new, yet they are still powerful elements that can transform your social media posts. By inserting relevant hashtags that are either trending or describing your services/products, your brand can reach great visibility and in most cases, they lead to conversions.

There are multiple types of hashtags: industry-related like #fashion, #travel, etc., events or locations like #giveaway, #wheninrome, etc., acronyms like #ootd (outfit of the day), or the ones that contain emojis, #🎁 .

Searching for #giveaway on Instagram

As hashtags are and will always be a way to communicate with an audience beyond your brand’s followers list, Publer now provides Hashtag suggestions which you can easily find and use according to your preference.

Hashtag suggestions

All your posts will be one step closer to reaching a larger audience. Publer will automatically show the most relevant or top trending hashtags as soon as:

1. You add some text on the dashboard
2. You simply upload a photovideo, or GIF (even if you haven’t added any text)
3. You add a link that has a title and description

and then, click the Hashtag suggestion tool at the bottom left corner of the creation dashboard.

You will be served a bunch of suggestions, that are customised based on their popularity. You will be able to find:

  • Great‘, followed by a small green zap emoji – Very good engagement rate. These hashtags help reach a wider audience in a short time
  • Good‘, followed by an increasing chart emoji  – Good chance to get discovered in social search
  • Poor‘, followed by a rightwards arrow  – Unused or overuse hashtags, which provide little chance to get discovered

1. Adding some text on the dashboard

Hashtag Suggestion Generator
Hashtag Suggestion Generator Video

2. Adding just a photovideo, or GIF

Hashtag Suggestion Generator

3. Attaching a link that has a title and description

Attaching a link that has a title and description

In order to keep the caption nice and clean, many social media managers add the hashtags on a first comment. There is a specific myth about hashtag effectiveness on comments that has been resulting effective in the past and it is still going somewhat good on these days.

This is why, Publer provides follow-up comments tools, which you can schedule after the desired amount of time. Not only will everyone be using them and making their posts look professional, but also select the desired hashtags from the new Hashtag Suggestion Generator tool.

Simplifying the whole workflow!

How you can add hashtags as follow-up comments by using the new hashtag generator

Also, starting from now, every user can search for their desired hashtag on the search bar, even if the hashtags you add aren’t relevant to the text, media, or link you’ve added.

It comes in handy when you have a branded #hashtag which is impossible to be suggested by the system itself, but still exists because you’ve created it.

Hashtag Suggestion Generator
Hashtag Suggestion Generator on the Platform

Why is it so important to have a hashtag suggestion generator when you create a post?

Let’s refresh. If you use the right hashtag that properly fits your brand’s niche, the audience will be happy to find what they were actually expecting. So, it is a smart tool to target people who aren’t even following you.

But, if you add a hashtag that has been used millions of times, or just isn’t appropriate enough to what you are sharing on social media, your posts will either get lost or totally ignored.

This is why you can now trust the automatic search that Publer does for you, so you can save a lot of time.

Hashtag suggestions work on Follow-up comments as well. What’s better than using hashtags for your social media posts? Hiding them strategically!

Pro Tips:

Allow yourself to never make a mistake again while writing repetitive information every time you create a new post. Yes. We’re talking about shortcodesor shortcuts, which is a no-brainer strategy to add default information to posts.

Create a new shortcode named {{hashtag}} and add a bunch of hashtags that you’ve previously checked on Publer’s dashboard regarding their engagement rate. Once you do that, you’ve got yourself a time-saving solution for ALL your next posts!

How to use shortcodes on Publer
How to use Hashtag Suggestion Generator

Extra information:

  • Instagram only allows 30 hashtags per posts and 10 per stories
  • None of the posts will appear even if you’re using trending hashtags, if your profile is private (Instagram
  • Use no more than 2 hashtags on your tweets (you only have 280 characters, so you should make the most out of them)
  • LinkedIn recommends using wise hashtags, which we strongly believe they must be branded and niche-related hashtags to reach the proper audience
  • Facebook also suggests using engaging hashtags, such as trending conversation topics

Now that you know how to make the most out of our Hashtag Suggestion Generator we can only wish you to have smart, effective and time-saving scheduling.

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