The Top 7 Instagram Automation Software Apps

December 15, 2022
instagram automation software

Instagram Automation: What Is It?

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Instagram Automation is the process of streamlining tasks on Instagram using third-party software apps. It is a great way to help up your game and maximize your account’s features. 

Through AI (Artificial Intelligence) and bots integrated into third-party tools, you can use Instagram automation to schedule posts and track performance metrics to increase user engagement on Instagram.

However, Instagram has strict rules and guidelines and will ban any tools that violate them. For one, using bots to automate engagement and follower count are major red flags! So, make sure you find the right automation tools to help give your marketing efforts a boost.

How to Use Instagram Automation Software the Right Way

Choosing your third-party automation tools wisely will help keep your profile in good standing and from getting banned. But don’t worry; there are plenty of tasks you can automate to help manage your profile without sacrificing your content strategy.

instagram automation software

Here are some basic tasks you can get on the automation train with:

Scheduling Instagram Stories and Reels

You can create and schedule Stories and Reels in advance to set them to post at the perfect times and ensure you’re always on track with your content strategy. Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking any of Instagram’s rules, as these tools will help you get more followers and engagement without the need to buy or automate interaction from users.

Streamlining Customer Service

Automation tools make it easy to respond to potential customers in the app in real time, so you can keep your conversations going without manually replying to each message. Instagram automation tools also allow you to easily connect customer service requests to your CRM with just a few clicks.

Tracking Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are essential for maximum optimization, and automation tools make finding industry hashtags and tracking relevant user-generated content and brand hashtags a breeze. With just a few clicks, you can quickly discover the perfect hashtags to help your content stand out!

Generating Social Media Reports

With Instagram’s excellent Insights feature, you can get a great overview of your performance, but automation tools can help you customize reports, so you only track the metrics that matter most to reach your goals!

Avoid Using Bots or Buying Followers

Gaining 1,000 followers overnight might sound like a dream come true, but don’t be fooled! Botting can be more trouble than it’s worth and can damage your reputation. Instead, why not find real followers to help your presence grow?

There are tools out there that can help you identify Instagram accounts that are an excellent fit for your target audience. Though you might not hit 1,000 overnight, taking this slow and steady approach can ensure you’re reaching the right people.

Best Instagram Automation Software Tools to Grow Your Following

Now that you know all the tricks of the automation tools trade, it’s time to find the perfect fit for your business! There are tons of excellent options to choose from, so let’s dive in and see which one is the best match for you.


Publer is your one-stop shop for Instagram automation! With its scheduling tool, you can select your preferred timings for automatic or manual posts. Plus, you can customize posts across multiple social media channels and do bulk scheduling by uploading a CSV file.

Publer’s watermark feature also ensures your photos and videos are automatically credited to you. Meanwhile, the Signatures feature lets you add your usual hashtags, URL, or email to all posts with just one click. Get real-time data and analytics to keep track of your accounts and make the most out of all your social networks.

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Heyday is the perfect tool to help you turn conversations into customers with a few clicks. Its AI-powered chatbots automate your customer service and make providing quick and efficient support easier. You can customize your chatbot with multilingual features and personalized content to reach your target audience. Heyday also integrates with your CRM to filter leads and build a user database.


Tailwind helps you make the most of your Instagram content. With its SmartSchedule feature, you can pick the perfect time to post and get the most engagement out of your content. Plus, you can rely on Tailwind to give you the best-performing hashtags, user and location tags, and high-level caption formatting.

Tailwind also has a free landing page that keeps your “link in bio” up-to-date! Need some insights? Tailwind gives you basic Instagram metrics like followers, likes, and comments, all in one report.


Let Kicksta help you unlock your account’s full potential with AI technology! Instead of automating posts and comments for you, Kicksta uses automation to help you find and connect with legitimate accounts. With targeting options, you can build a genuine niche following and use your dashboard to filter and categorize the accounts you want to reach.


SocialPilot lets you easily take advantage of automation and analytics features specifically designed for Instagram. Schedule posts, stories, and reels at the exact times you want while keeping track of all your posts in one convenient calendar. Plus, with the Canva integration and Bulk scheduling feature, you can upload up to 500 posts in one go. You can even curate the hottest trending posts if you need extra inspiration. 


Instazood standard features allow you to automate likes and comments, follow and unfollow accounts, schedule posts, and even send direct messages to your target audience. Plus, with account targeting, hashtag research, and location targeting, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to ensure you’re getting exposure in all the right places.

Instazood is approved by Instagram, so rest assured that all your activities are moderate enough to comply with their “inauthentic behavior” parameters.


Need help with how to make your Instagram account stand out? With its target-based algorithms and filters, you can easily connect with real followers, view stories of users you don’t follow, and even send messages or make calls. Plus, when you sign up, you get your own personal account manager to help you!

Upleap offers a free trial period of three days so you can explore the software before committing to a plan.

Key Takeaways

Automation tools on Instagram are excellent for managing your content and strategies. You can set up posts ahead of time, track your performance, and stay connected with your followers. Make sure you steer clear of bots and spammy content, and you’ll be good to go.

When done right, Instagram automation software can: 

  • Maintain an active presence for your profile
  • Help you connect with your audience faster
  • Address concerns with seamless response times
  • Expand profile reach and engagement
  • Help you grow organic and quality followers 

Did you find this article helpful? Don’t be afraid to step into the world of automation, but make sure you know how to do the basics. Check out this blog: How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer with Publer to learn how you can schedule your Instagram posts from your computer.

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