LinkedIn Video Specs: Guide to LinkedIn Video Resolutions

May 27, 2022
LinkedIn Video Specs: Guide to LinkedIn Video Resolutions

Optimal LinkedIn Video Specs for Uploads

LinkedIn is the major social networking platform for professionals to find jobs, recruit new employees, and keep in touch with business partners. It has an active user base of over 700 million members, and it’s undeniable that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for marketing to business professionals.

Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is always on the hunt for new ways to improve how much time people spend in their app and how much they engage with posts. That’s why the platform introduced video uploads with many new LinkedIn Video Specs, allowing users to express themselves in new ways. That said, video content on LinkedIn has its own nuances that you’ll want to be aware of before uploading. 

With the help of this guide, you will learn about the most important dimensions in which LinkedIn videos can be measured. 

Optimal LinkedIn Video Specs for Beginners 

LinkedIn has made it pretty easy to create professional-looking videos with its LinkedIn Video Specs and upload them directly to the platform. If you want your video to get the most reach and engagement on the platform or if you’re looking to take your YouTube marketing skills to LinkedIn, it’s essential that you know all the technical details of native LinkedIn video content. 

Why LinkedIn Video is Underrated

LinkedIn has always been perceived as an ‘old-fashioned’ social network but not anymore with its updated LinkedIn Video Specs.

Even though LinkedIn native videos can be extremely popular with members, it still doesn’t have the same hype levels as Facebook or Twitter. In many cases, marketers have found that LinkedIn content garners exponentially higher views than on other platforms, making it a great place to establish yourself.

LinkedIn video specs for marketers

LinkedIn Native Video Specs 

LinkedIn native videos can be shared freely on the platform, but don’t expect a ton of engagement from members unless you post interesting, engaging native video content. The following are the standard dimensions for a LinkedIn video specs which is native:

  • Resolution: A minimum of 256×144 pixels and a maximum of 4096×2304.
  • Frame Rate: You can choose between 10 to 60 frames per second.
  • File Size: Native videos should be at least 75KB and can be up to 5GB.
  • Orientation: Both vertical and horizontal videos are accepted, but vertical videos are cropped (in an ugly way) when shown in the feed. 

As the newest addition to LinkedIn video specs as a social networking platform, native videos offer a number of benefits for professionals. They are easy to share across the site and are likely to generate better engagement than other types of content like text posts on graphics.

LinkedIn Video Specs – AD 

If you’re a paying customer, it is possible to place video ads on the LinkedIn native video platform. The ad specs are different from the native video specs. However, it is still important to know them because you need to know how big your ad can be. 

  • Pixel and Aspect Ratio: The pixel and aspect ratios of a LinkedIn Video Ad has a minimum of 360p with the ratios 480 x 360; wide 640 x 360. And a maximum of 1080p with the ratios 1440 x 1080; wide 1920 x 1080. 
  • Frame Rate: The maximum is 30 frames per second.
  • File Size: LinkedIn video ads should be at least 75KB and can be up to 200MB.
  • Orientation: Unlike LinkedIn native video, video ads do not support the vertical orientation of videos. 

B2B Video Content Best Practices

It goes without saying that LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks for professionals. In fact, 80% of HR executives consider it a key tool in their recruitment strategy.

B2B Video Content Best Practices

If you want to create engaging, high-performing B2B video content on LinkedIn, you should follow these best practices for LinkedIn Video Specs:

Use Video to Soar Over Buy-in Barriers

If you’re looking to engage with a specific audience, you should start with your research. LinkedIn gives you the tools to see exactly who your audience is and how they’re connected to your brand. This will help you create B2B video content that’s tailored specifically for that audience.

Keep It Short and Sweet 

The average viewing time on LinkedIn is only around one minute. That’s why it’s essential to keep your B2B video marketing content short and to the point. Easily digestible, educational content performs well on LinkedIn.

Pay Attention to Where You Are in the Funnel

Before you create your video, decide how you want to engage with your audience. Consider your audience and where they are in the buying cycle when you’re creating video content. 

Some people will be immediately open to trying out new products and services, while others might need to be convinced a little more. The best way to do that is by using data that reflects the behavior of your target audience.

Use Video to Promote Written Content

Video sites can help you accomplish a lot especially if you follow with the latest LinkedIn video specs. For example, you can use them to create engaging B2B video content that your audience will love. However, if you’re looking to build a strong audience across all platforms, I suggest adding links back to your site where they can learn more.

Guide to LinkedIn Video Resolutions

Key Takeaways

Video marketing is the best way to reach out to your target audience, educate them about your business and products and grow your brand awareness. As a marketer, you have to choose the right platform for video marketing and follow up with LinkedIn video specs. When it comes to LinkedIn, we can say that it is one of the most effective video marketing platforms when used correctly. Before you go, here are the key takeaways from this article:

  • LinkedIn video content is one of the most underrated and underutilized marketing channels in 2022.
  • LinkedIn makes it easy for marketers to create rich media ads with videos and images on the platform because they have the option of using their mobile device or desktop device to make changes.
  • LinkedIn is an excellent platform for creating and promoting high-quality B2B video content.

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