New Social Media Updates that Benefit Small Businesses and Creators

We’re all quite curious to know what major social networks are working on and how they will be changing the whole game for marketers.

Whether there are new shopping tools, creator tools, job opportunities, better team building, etc. – yes, we’re all ears.

And up to now, here’s what we’re expecting, based on each social network newsroom.


Creators on Facebook and Instagram are now in the spotlight.

Creators are one of the most important assets of both these huge social platforms and therefore, they’re being recognized for their effort and hard work.

Facebook announced that by the end of 2022, they plan to invest over &1 billion in all programs dedicated to creators.

This means there will be more options to boost sales, use affiliate links, collaborate with huge brands, etc.

Of course, their work will be tracked through certain milestones (going live or other monetization tools like shops, IGTV, etc.).

There’ll be badges and starts – all season-related. For now, there are in-stream bonuses (for going Live), and start bonuses for gaming creators.

Upcoming bonuses:

IGTV ads (when creators put ads on IGTV videos)

Live (going live with other accounts) – available to only 11 countries at the moment

Reels Summer – based on Reels performance


If you love LinkedIn and are posting weekly, then you’re going to love this.

LinkedIn has already announced the Creators‘ mode – and people are enhancing their socials network reputation like never before.

What does it mean to be a LinkedIn Creator?

Your LinkedIn profile will be optimized. You can showcase more of your work, add relevant hashtags on the topics you talk about, and people will understand faster who you are.

It’s easier to reach the target audience. You’ll be better and easier targeted when searching about what you talk about or your work.

You’ll get better tools to understand how you can reach the potential customers you want.

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Twitter is working on its commerce tools. And we’re so curious about them, being that they’ve shared much news during the past years, but still haven’t launched anything.

Apparently, there’ll be a ‘Purchases’ section on our profile menu on the left, just like Chris Floyd and Matt Navarra have announced on Twitter. When clicked, it will direct to the list of digital purchases the user has made.

The Shop Module was first announced in July – and it described the right way this new feature will work. There’ll be carousel posts where people simply click and purchase stuff.

This will for sure drive more users to join and use Twitter if they own small businesses. We know Twitter rolls out faster than any other social platform features, once they announce them. So regardless of your location, stay tuned!


Pinterest has recently announced new ways for creators to earn more money by partnering with other brands.

All creators on Pinterest can now use ‘Idea Pins’ to link their affiliate links, and partner with brands using branded content.

Creators on Pinterest can now link products on their Idea pins to boost sales in a click. They can all share catalogs – especially after the huge collaboration with Shopify.

This is an amazing opportunity for creators to enhance their audience and profits at the same time.

What a time to be alive!

Shopping right from the Creator’s Idea Pins is by far the best solution to all small businesses that have struggled to increase sales, and collaborate properly with influencers.

Also, branded content is easily recognizable based on the label: paid partnerships.

Of course, this update is only available in some countries.

Can’t wait for it to be rolled out worldwide.

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