Publer vs Hootsuite – The Main Differences

June 09, 2022

In front of the choice between Publer vs Hootsuite, why choose Publer?

Enterprises, agencies, freelancers, even influencers, we are all working to create a better presence online through social media platforms. We strive to create unique content through special posts, interesting articles and engaging visuals. 

We continuously perfect our content creation techniques, forging ideas mostly on the days when the inspiration is at its highest peak and continue scheduling or analyzing during the other days. But do you know which scheduling platform is the best for your needs and why?  

In this article we will thoroughly look at Publer and Hootsuite, the two most discussed tools, to define which are their best features.

Publer’s Dashboard

Plans and Prices of Publer vs Hootsuite? 

Hootsuite offers a limited free trial of only 30 days, and you can connect up to 3 accounts. After that you can go for one of the three premium packages. While Publer on the other hand, offers an unlimited in time free plan, with 5 possible accounts. If you want to upgrade, it also offers two other much convenient paid plans, which of course reserve unique characteristics.  

Hootsuite’s Dashboard

Designing when you don’t have a designer

So, how do you create an engaging post? On Hootsuite as on Publer you are provided with a Photo Editor, which offers basic cropping or tailored according to each social, to add filters, and the option to add text.

But on Publer you can do more, such as to edit pre-ready post templates. Use Canva and Vista Create to create beautiful designs of your own images, or edit images that you can comfortably upload directly from Unsplash or other connected libraries. Furthermore, as per a special agreement Publer has with Crello, all Publer’s premium users can benefit from all of Vista Create’s features without creating an account at the later and for no additional cost. 

To Hashtag, or not to Hashtag?

Did you know that hashtags are still very popular, and quite important in most social media platforms? While preparing your post on Publer’s platform, you will notice that you can have hashtag suggestions that best fit your niche. But it doesn’t end there. Marketers are usually trying to post the neatest posts and avoid putting their hashtags directly on the post. Studies have shown that hashtags in the comments are just as effective. This is why, for this specific purpose Publer has developed a section, where you can effortlessly plan your follow up comment.

With that being said, it is fair that we mention the fact that users can reply to comments on all social medias straight from the platform. 

Link in Bio

Plain Instagram or an online shop at the reach of your followers? On your business account you have already shared and continue showcasing your products or specific services. If you like to continuously inform your audience with articles regarding your business, or new videos, tutorials, achievements etc., you will need to use Link in Bio. On our new dashboard you can continuously update these links, and also add your main website or rely on tooltips.

Shortcodes (and why are they important)

Another special feature that you will only find in Publer’s Platform are the “Shortcodes”. Has it ever happened to you that you might have to share the same info over and over on posts? Let’s say perhaps your address, or a slogan, or just a phrase that you don’t want to type over and over. Publer’s platform allows you to create short codes that will automatically translate on the content that you need. They are account specific so you can create specific codes for different accounts. 

CSV Files

The faster we can schedule all those posts, the faster we can get back to our normal life and finally close all those open tabs in our mind. CSV files refers to bulk scheduling, an option where a manager can upload and schedule multiple posts at the same time. For Hootsuite this number stops at 350, but for Publer users the number goes up to 500!!

Of course there are many other features that this too platforms share in common, such as:

– Shortening link
– Autoschedule
– Evergreen content
– Recurring posts 
– Calendar view mode
– RSS Automatic

And to wrap up the similarities: Signatures and Watermarks!
Both platforms give the possibility to create a signature for your posts, may it be a phone number, a saying or a website. Personalize it and change it to your liking. The beauty of it is that on Publer’s Platform you can put different signatures to each account. 

User Interface

In most of the reviews all over the online world, Publer’s Platform is complimented for its user interface. Quote: “It has an insanely clean user interface that makes it stupid simple to use.”

Whatever you will need, you can find it within seconds of navigating. On the contrary to what happens with Hootsuite’s platform, where you would need to thoroughly search on the site or at its blogs to understand where is what. In the light of this, we can firmly say that in the comparison of Publer vs Hootsuite, Publer is considered a favourite.

Customer Support

What’s a service without dedicated Customer Support? When creating such a powerful and extensive platform the need for excellent support becomes an absolute must. Publer’s customer support has always been highly valued by the reviews. Publer provides multiple helpful articles which can guide you step by step on each issue you may face. But that is not it. Our staff is always eager to explain and follow through every problem on-site and also on our chat on messenger.

All in all, Publer is a great Scheduling Platform that provides all and more of what the biggest names in the industry bring to their users, but with a better cost to value rate. If you are facing a choice for yourself or your business where you are considering options between Publer vs Hootsuite, now you know why Publer might be a better choice.

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