Social Media Holiday Calendar April 2022 (+Ideas)

Social Media Holiday Calendar April 2022 (+Ideas)

Planning your social media holiday calendar is an amazing strategy to grow your business organically.

We know marketers crave interesting content ideas with the work overload, and that’s why we find social media holidays a useful way to deliver a great job, effortlessly.

Using holidays and their trending hashtags correctly can change the whole marketing game for your business. Whether you decide to write a blog article with helpful stats, create Instagram Reels/TikTok videos, or share a long infographic – your social media presence will earn an incredible reputation.

Social media holiday posts are also a smart way to produce repurposable content for your networks.

Social Media Holiday Calendar April 2022 by Publer (+Ideas)

Why you need to use social media holidays in your content marketing strategy:

  • Leverage global holidays into reaching potential customers with the correct usage of hashtags.
  • Promote an important sale/event/giveaway on a special date.
  • Get free content ideas to stay consistent on social media and never struggle anymore.

Use Publer to elevate your brand’s success with the April holidays!

As a marketing tool, Publer provides amazing features that can help you step up your online reputation, effortlessly.

If your business operates in eCommerce, then you need quick solutions to send your audience straight to the website.

The Link in Bio – a free mini-website to link every Instagram post to a link and never change the link in the bio again.

Organic Facebook Carousel Posts – to showcase products/services along with a link, title, and description.

Twitter Threads – an amazing way to deliver all important news and links on Twitter. You can add up to 15 tweets per thread and use videos, links, Gifs, and photos on each tweet.

190 Holidays in April to leverage in your benefit

We did the right thorough research and found out that April is a great month to use to your advantage.

As a social media manager, you know how important it is to have fresh new ideas and turn important inter/national or awareness days into successful marketing campaigns. Therefore, we’re suggesting a few interesting days to keep in mind:

April 1: April Fools Day #AprilFools – Organize a marketing campaign to deliver some fun information. See who will be the first to find out that’s fake.

PS: Play it safe so it doesn’t backfire.

April 1: (International) Fun at Work Day #InternationalFunAtWorkDay – It’s the perfect time to organize a happy hour with the team!

April 7: World Health Day #WorldHealthDay – Support a local Health Organization in your local area.

April 17: Easter Sunday #Easter #EasterBunny #EasterSunday – Organize a creative event, like Publer does every year – where 20 eggs are hidden throughout the platform, and users can find and click on them to earn gifts! Check it out.

April 21: Get to Know Your Customers Day #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay – How about your plan a live stream on YouTube/Instagram so you can learn more about your audience? Humanize the online presence and do it smartly.

April 28: National Superhero Day #NationalSuperheroDay – Isn’t this the best day to show the gratefulness towards Publer, your social media superhero? #PublerNation

Download all April holidays and share with your marketing team:

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