Social Media Holiday Calendar February 2022

Social Media Holidays February 2022 by PUBLER.pdf

The social media holiday calendar for February 2022 is finally live.

Are you ready to wave goodbye to winter?

The February calendar is filled with over 170 important, international, and awareness days around the globe. Chocolate Mint Day, Cherry Pie Day, Digital Learning Day, World Thinking Day, etc.

Every day in February is a holiday!

Stay ahead of trends, boost awareness, and grow your small business by using relevant holidays this February.

Here’s how Publer helps you stay ahead of the competition and use every holiday correctly:

You can find all holidays, along with their respective hashtags, added to the virtual calendar. All you need to do is pick a day and select the holiday you want to create a brand new post.

If you’re planning a holiday sale, make the most out of the free and easy-to-use Facebook Carousels. Upload up to 5 images of your products, add their respective titles, descriptions, and links, and schedule them away!

Turn your Instagram into a mini-website. Use the Link in Bio – a free tool by Publer – to boost your chances of visibility and grow sales.

Analyze your previous holiday-related posts with detailed demographic analytics reports. View who’s more interested in your posts. Also, check if people from your town follow the trends you’re sharing. Also, check out which is the best time to post every weekday.

There are a few holidays that would highly benefit your brand – regardless of your niche:

Stay ahead of trends, boost awareness, and grow your small business by using relevant holidays this February.
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  • Valentine’s Day – February 14

Prepare flash sales and amazing coupons for people to fall in love with your brand. Don’t forget to provide multiple options to choose from.

  • National Random Acts of Kindness Day – February 17

Give kudos to your colleagues on LinkedIn, Instagram, or even TikTok, today. Embrace their hard-working behavior. 

  • No Brainer Day – February 27

Support a local startup for an amazing digital product they’ve built. Allow others to view and use an intelligent/no-brainer tool.

Download and share the holiday calendar for February 2022 with your marketing team, clients, and friends.

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