Ten Awesome TikTok Alternatives to Check Out Right Now

April 13, 2022
tiktok alternatives

Why Should You Try Out TikTok Alternatives?

TikTok is today’s most watched video app, surpassing YouTube in recent times so it’s no surprise that there are TikTok alternatives popping up left and right. With its highly entertaining, short-form videos that are digestible, it can be hard to compete with TikTok’s platform nowadays. Users post videos constantly throughout the year, a free distribution channel for garnering a following within their niche. Or if you’re like us, it’s a great place to watch puppy videos and food porn.

With its impressive content algorithm and entertaining content, we doubt that there would be any other app that can seriously compete with it. However, there are some TikTok alternatives that you can use if you are getting bored of TikTok or are looking for a new place to share your video content. Anything can happen to social media platforms at any time, after all. Most platforms just disappear without any notice, like MySpace and Vine. 

If TikTok ever gets permanently banned from your country like it did in India for example or if ByteDance somehow goes bankrupt, it’s inevitable that alternative platforms will pop up to fill the void. For those earning a living off TikTok, it’s important to know where to migrate to in case the platform goes bust.

10 Awesome Tik Tok Alternatives 

We did some research and found these ten awesome TikTok alternatives that could potentially challenge TikTok with their exciting and fun content.


After TikTok’s fame, many apps introduced features that were similar to it. One notable app to do so was Instagram, launching IGTV to attract TikTok users towards itself. This feature allows you to make small videos and upload them on your Instagram profile. Your followers can like, comment, and share IGTV videos. All the videos are displayed in a similar grid-type display to TikTok, and users can swipe through them at ease.

Switching to IGTV will not be a bad idea because the audience of Instagram is much more diverse, and they prefer watching content of different types. It is also an excellent platform to make money, as many brands approach Instagram influencers and IGTV users because of the app’s immense popularity and massive community.

IGTV - Instagram's TikTok alternative

2. Youtube Shorts

Following TikTok and IGTV, YouTube also came up with its own short-form video feature called YouTube Shorts. The best part is that you don’t have to download a separate app for YouTube shorts, as they are featured within the main app in a separate section. This is a potentially huge advantage in getting views, since your content will be pushed to YouTube users.

YouTube Shorts allo videos less than 60 seconds long, and you can swipe through them just like TikTok. Many TikTokers use YouTube shorts to repost their TikTok videos to gain more followers. You can also use YouTube shorts to post snippets of your latest videos, attracting the audience to watch them. 

YouTube Shorts - YouTube's TikTok alternative

3. Likee

Likee is another top-rated app whose features are very similar to TikTok. You can share and watch videos, use filters, and add special effects, animation, and text to your videos. This app also lets you add music to your videos natively, making it a powerful app for sharing. It even has that video speed changer option similar to the feature people love on TikTok. Generally, Likee users are quite young, displaying their talents like dancing, singing, and acting.

Likee tiktok alternatives

4. Triller

Triller also proves an excellent TikTok alternative, with its fantastic content posting and editing tools. It was previously a video editing app, but soon this app pivoted with social features and tools. This app is straightforward to use, hosting plenty of quality content as well. Triller lets users make perfect lip-sync videos and allows creators to collaborate, just like TikTok’s duet feature. 

The videos are called ‘Trills,’ and there is also a live streaming option called Triller TV. Triller also has a built-in music library with modern releases and playlists for you to choose from when editing your video content.


5. Dubsmash

Dubsmash was the “old TikTok”. It went viral a few years back, with users posting their ‘dubsmashes,’ lip-syncing to their favorite songs and dialogues. Soon after TikTok was released, Dubsmash lost its popularity, and the traffic shifted from Dubsmash to TikTok. 

This mainly happened because TikTok was a much more feature-robust platform and its forced user migration from Musical.ly. However, Dubsmash has updated itself to compete against other apps. It has all the basic features like lip-syncing, setting time limits, changing video speeds, and adding text, music, special effects, or animations. If TikTok goes down, Dubsmash is a potential migration point for TikTok users.

Dubsmash "the old TikTok"

6. Lomotif

Lomotif is another great app with fantastic in-built features to help you make great content for your audience. It has a massive music library, stickers to express your moods and many beauty filters to choose from. Like TikTok Duets, Lomotif has a collaboration feature for you to make content with other creators (or just your friends). It also has many visual effects that make your videos stand out from the crowd.

Lomotif tiktok alternatives

7. Clapper

Clapper has its own separate identity from TikTok but has similar features. While many apps on this list are clear-cut copycats of TikTok, Clapper is unique with its older audience and its clap back feature. Users can ‘clap back’ at people, allowing everyone to share their opinions and interact with viral videos in a different way.

The main focus of this app is to connect content creators with each other. You can also make groups on Clapper, adding all people who share similar ideas and opinions as you in one group. Its livestream feature lets users gain money through ‘famship,’ helping new creators make more interesting content. Many viral TikTok stars actually use Clapper on the side as a means of connecting with other video creators, posting content on both platforms.


8. Compete

Compete is a unique TikTok alternative with a twist. As the name of this app suggests, Compete lets you challenge others, post videos, and win daily cash prizes. New challenges are uploaded by the content creators everyday, and whoever wishes to complete the challenge just has to post a small video doing it. 

Then everyone who watches the video votes to select the winner. Through this app, even an audience member can earn money if they vote honestly on the challenges and get promoted to the rank of ‘best judge.’ While similar to the viral challenges that TikTok is known for, having them built into the platform is a unique approach to a tired formula.

Compete tiktok alternatives

9. Kwai

Kwai is another excellent alternative to TikTok. It gained popularity in the beginning because it allowed users to make money and earn rewards by promoting the app. This also helped micro influencers make their name on Kwai and generate an income

This app has fantastic features similar to TikTok, like motion stickers, special effects, filters, text, and editing tools. If you like other people’s videos, you can lip-sync them and post them on your profile just like TikTok Duets. On Kwai, you can also post stories like Instagram and Snapchat, disappearing after 48 hours. Kwai also sports a feature-rich DM system, which creators use to engage with fans and collaborate with others.


10. Vigo Video

Vigo Video is a unique Indian alternative to TikTok. With the majority of users being Indians, Vigo Video has a vast library of Bollywood music and dialogues. As you would expect from all TikTok alternatives, it also has handy features like editing tools, lip-syncing, motion stickers, text fonts, and beauty filters. 

Vigo Video also lets you livestream and earn money by exchanging fire emojis, much like Twitch Bits. In addition to liking, commenting, and sharing your favorite videos, you can also subscribe to your favorite content creators to watch more from them. 

Vigo Video tiktok alternatives


Every app mentioned in this article are available on iOS and Android, regardless of region. Feature-wise, they are all quite similar with minor differences setting them apart, but TikTok still reigns supreme with its majority market share on video content. Although TikTok is our personal favorite both for consuming content and for building a brand, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind about TikTok alternatives.

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