How To Upload Videos and Use TikTok for Desktop: 4 Easy Steps

September 08, 2022
tiktok for desktop

While TikTok is primarily a mobile app, did you know that you can also use TikTok for desktop? You can upload videos and use all of the same features that you’re used to on your phone. Here’s a quick guide on how to get started.

How To Use Tiktok For Desktop 

TikTok has the same features on desktop and mobile, only displayed differently. On mobile, users are directed to the For You Page (FYP), where a lot of video content goes viral. Other app features include Search, Discover, Profile, Inbox, and the “Following” view.

On TikTok for desktop, the “Record” is replaced with an “Upload” button. The left menu view suggests accounts you should follow, as well as existing followed accounts and trending hashtags and audio. Direct messages also have their own tab, separate from notifications and alerts. 

How To Upload TikTok Videos On PC

Uploading videos on the desktop version is easier now that TikTok has released its desktop app, which can be downloaded straight from your web browser. 

To upload a TikTok video on your desktop, do the following steps:

1. Download the app and log in.

2. Click the cloud icon or the “Upload video” button on the top right of the browser.

Uploading the video

3. Click “Select a Video to Upload” and choose the file from your computer. Double-click the file to start uploading.

tiktok for desktop
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4. You can edit the caption, tag users, and add hashtags while uploading your video.

As a bonus tip, limit the video from 30 to 60 seconds. The shorter your content is, the more it affects how the algorithm treats the video. Also, remember to upload your videos in portrait mode, or you’ll see black bars above and below your video. 

adjusting the video length

Although some features aren’t available on the desktop version of TikTok, like choosing your own music and in-video captions, you can still upload simple videos. One alternative would be downloading an Android emulator to access the mobile features, but it is trial and error.

How to Live Stream on TikTok From a PC

Live streaming is one of the fastest money-making industries today, similar to TikTok. TikTok influencers with over 10,000 followers can earn as much as $5,000 per post. Combine these two industries, and content creators can both earn and play. 

Here’s how you can set up Live steam on TikTok from a PC:

1. Download the Streamlabs app.

2. Select TikTok from the platform dropdown and sign in to your TikTok account.

3. Once logged in, press “Go Live,” and a pop-up screen will appear asking for the stream key and server URL.

4. Copy and paste them into the Streamlabs app. You also have the option to edit the title and cover image before going live.

5. Once done, click “Confirm and Go Live.”

Key Takeaways 

TikTok for desktop is a good alternative when you want to access the app’s features on a bigger screen or upload a video from your computer files. Many of its mobile features can be found in the desktop version, but some restrictions exist. 

Here’s the difference with using TikTok’s desktop version: 

  • Upload instead of recording video directly
  • See suggested followers, hashtags, and audio on the left menu view
  • Livestream on TikTok using software like Streamlabs
  • Download an emulator if you want to access music and in-video captioning

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