10 TikTok Trends You Should Know About

August 05, 2022
tiktok trends

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Did you know that TikTok has the highest social media engagement rate per post? Many things set TikTok apart from other alternative apps; one notable factor is its appeal to teens and young adults. 

TikTok trends cut across different categories, from viral dances to DIY hacks. The app has disrupted the internet as the most trafficked social media platform with over 1 billion monthly active users and has been downloaded more than 3 billion times. 

If you intend to target this demographic, you are in for a treat. You will be surprised at how a thorough app assessment can give you the right marketing angles to help your business grow.

Read on to learn the 10 TikTok trends you should know about and how you can leverage them for your brand.

Why Pay Attention To TikTok Trends?

Anything Can Trend

Perhaps the most interesting thing about TikTok is that nearly anything can trend. A TikTok trend can be a hashtag, challenge, or sound. Once the trend garners some traction, users start recreating videos. 

Some of the top trends in 2021 were song challenges. Musicians have gained significantly from the app. When a song garners traction and users start recreating it, the song’s streaming numbers start skyrocketing. 

Some of the songs that have enjoyed this wave include Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean,” ElyOtto’s “SugarCrash,” and Doja Cat’s “Say So.” Some businesses that have gone viral include Nectar Hard Seltzer, Crumble, and Fabletics.

Do you need to do anything differently as a creator or business to maximize TikTok trends? Not necessarily. You only need to understand these trends, how to adapt, and the best times to post. Most importantly, pay attention to the trend table.

Massive Reach 

Businesses that have benefited from TikTok’s popularity understood how to hop on trends. Adapting to a trend is a strategy for building your following and making your content visible to enthusiastic users. Trends are easy to spot. When you hear a popular TikTok sound, you immediately recognize where it came from, the song with which it is associated, and what users are creating to match the sound.

As a marketer, this is where you come in, as early recognition of trends can be a great opportunity for your brand. A report shows that the average internet user spends no less than 2 hours and 27 minutes surfing the net. This provides ample time to position a brand for users to see. 

Powerful Marketing 

TikTok advertising is interesting because users barely even notice they are being advertised to. The marketing is subtle, unlike in most other apps such as Youtube or Twitter, where you recognize an ad immediately and may become disinterested in the content.

TikTok makes it possible to seamlessly fit your ad into what people already want to see. The more interested users are in the content you’re posting, the less likely they’ll skip your post. Therefore, two key sales drivers on TikTok are recognizing trends early and fitting into them seamlessly.

10 TikTok Trends You Should Know About

You can’t maximize TikTok trends if you don’t know what they are. Let’s take a look at some of the most viralTikTok trends in 2022 that you should know about. 

1. #LearnOnTikTok

One popular way businesses and brands have maximized TikTok is by hopping on the #LearnOnTikTok trend. This hashtag covers hacks, how-tos, and product demos. Since it started, it has amassed over 250 billion views and continues to grow daily. 

This indicates that educational and instructive clips gain traffic on the platform. Creators and businesses who have maximized this understand how to make quick clip cuts and use great visuals and clear voice overs with relevant background music. 

The most important thing here is to teach and make subtle ads with as little time as possible without compromising your message’s quality. It would also be helpful to consider adding entertaining angles to your videos, as TikTok is a fun place that welcomes different spins to teaching.

2. #CelineDion TikTok Trend

Users have been lip-syncing to Celine Dion’s “All Coming Back To Me Now,” which has gained attention across creators of all ages. The challenge remains one of the most popular in 2022, with users bringing in new spins post after post. As you can imagine, the spins are the most interesting part of the trend.

3. Recreating An Object TikTok Trend

This is one of the creative trends that put users to test on how well they can recreate different objects. Users film themselves representing an object displayed on the screen. This trend has provided an avenue for creators to represent their favorite products or objects. Brands have also created relatable content that fits into the challenge and their business. 

4. #YouAreEnough TikTok Trend

Another TikTok trend that has caught users’ attention is the “You Are Enough” trend, which focuses on people encouraging one another by showing their insecurities. The trend is heartwarming and has made people feel safe with their insecurities. It features “You Are Enough,” a song by At Last.

5. Dance Trends

Dance challenges are some of the most popular trends on TikTok. In fact, some of the top earners on TikTok are dancers. The interesting thing about trending dance moves is that you don’t need perfect dancing skills. All you have to do is learn and imitate. 

This allows users to add their spin to the moves, adding more excitement to the trend. TikTok dances are also short and basic, so nearly every interested participant can engage in the trend.

tiktok dance challenge trend

6. Glow-Up Trends

This one trend has a huge wait-for-it factor. It involves users posting their old pictures and a final current picture or video. The trend is essentially a “before” and “after” challenge, which has gone viral on many occasions. 

The great thing about the trend is that it keeps users anticipating. There’s a good chance a viewer will watch each post completely. Hopping on a trend like this is an effective way to drive traffic, especially since the trend fits into the positive engagement box. 

7. Transformation TikTok Trend

The transformation trend centers around people showcasing some form of “transformation” that has happened to them. This can be a new hairstyle, new nails, a makeover, or even a home renovation. The trend builds excitement and provides participants with an avenue to feel good about things they’ve done.

It’s a trend nail beauticians and hair stylists have hopped on to showcase their brands and position their business for patronage subtly. 

8. Sunday Reset TikTok Trend

The love for house cleaning on Sundays has become a huge TikTok trend in 2022. Often using the Mikedemerosound, cleaning videos are now more popular on TikTok, with people showing their cleaning routine. 

Sunday reset, indicating the cleaning that takes place before a new week, includes everything from sitting room cleaning to clothes arrangement. People have also brought in different spins, making the trend notable in 2022.

9. Vlogging TikTok Trend

Creators have hopped on the daily vlog trend to offer audiences insights into their regular lives and routines. Creators record different parts of their day, make clean cuts and piece them together to create vlogs.

The trend feels heartwarming and humanizes creators. It’s an effective way for creators to connect with their audiences. Some creators also go live to build the connection with their followers further. 

If you’re building a community or hosting a podcast, you can hop on this trend. Giving people access to your routines and regular life makes them feel valued. This invariably drives organic traffic, especially if your content is relatable. 

10. What I Ordered And What I Got TikTok Trend

Many people have their fair share of “what I ordered vs. what I got.” The trend comprises clips of users who find home decor styles on TikTok. Then they make videos of how they found the decor and how the creator styled their home with the item.

The trend has helped many creators discover new customers. Following posts in this trend, potential customers can also reach out to creators for their decor finds. The trend proves an effective strategy to provide brands with traffic. 

You might find the trend helpful, especially if you run a small design, furniture, or interior decor business.

what i ordered vs what i got trend

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Key Takeaways 

Marketing on TikTok requires the ability to recognize trends you can hop on. The strategy is similar whether you want to get more followers or position your business. Find the right trend, create relatable content, and watch TikTok do its thing. Here are some key takeaways:

  • TikTok can be a game changer for your brand or business. How well you understand TikTok trends and how smartly you play into them matters.
  • TikTok can provide you with the traffic you require. However, you must ensure your content or product is quality. Without that, you may be unable to sustain the traffic.
  • Stay updated with TikTok trends to identify the relevant ones early. Once you identify the right trends, evaluate previous posts to understand the best approach. Nevertheless, add your spin to it. 

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