5 Tools that Support Twitter Integration in 2023

May 04, 2023
tools that support Twitter integration

Twitter’s large user base of over 330 million makes it a key player in your digital marketing strategies. 

Yet, on April 29, 2023, Elon Musk implemented significant changes to the platform’s API, restricting free access to $42,000 per month. This move has had a big impact on businesses, developers, and third-party apps that rely on Twitter integration.

As a result, many small companies have been forced to remove Twitter integration due to the financial burden of this sudden platform change. However, Publer, a small self-funded company, remains committed to Twitter and has a broader vision for the platform.

Along with Publer, there are several other tools available in 2023 that provide seamless Twitter integration, allowing you to stay connected with your followers and optimize your social media presence. 

Below we will list 5 tools that support Twitter integration, enabling you to continue achieving your marketing goals. Read on!

What is the Change Coming With Twitter and Its Challenges

First of all, Twitter’s new pricing policy is changing a lot of things for both regular users of the platform as well as businesses and developers.

Users now have two options:

  • Free plan: You receive ads and can tweet up to 280 characters.
  • Twitter Blue: Ads appear 50% less while browsing, and you can tweet up to 10,000 characters. Last, Twitter Blue also boosts the visibility of your posts along with other features.

Twitter API access provides three plans: 

  • Free plan: The option is very limited, with only 1,500 tweets per month available at the application level.
  • Basic: The plan starts at $100 per month and allows for 50,000 tweets at the application level and 3,000 at the user level. The read limit red cap goes to 10 000 tweets per month.
  • Enterprise: The last tier is for enterprises and offers a much more massive use of the API with more advanced metrics options. Pricing starts at $42,000 per month and can vary depending on business usage.

The high cost of using Twitter has been a major challenge for companies of all sizes, and many have been forced to evaluate their involvement with the platform according to this new financial pressure.

Even Microsoft, one of the world’s largest and most successful corporations, withdrew its support for Twitter due to the high cost.

Tools That Will Help You Keep On Tweeting

Despite Twitter’s announcement that their API would no longer be free, there are still some tools that support Twitter integration. As we mentioned earlier, in this section, we will explore some of these software that continue to support Twitter integration.


Over the years, Publer has earned the trust of over 200,000 social media managers, marketing agencies, and global brands. And, of course, our decision as a social media management platform to integrate fully with Twitter is not just essential, it’s non-negotiable.

Some platforms may opt for a “bring your own API key” approach, but Publer believes this solution is not sustainable in the long run. That’s why we remain committed to Twitter integration without hesitation.

While other tools have discontinued their free plans or raised prices, Publer still offers a free plan, with the exception of Twitter integration. For those interested in purchasing a Publer plan, pricing starts at a minimum of $12 per month, and you can add more social accounts as needed.

At Publer, we understand the importance of seamless social media management, and we’re committed to providing top-notch features at affordable prices. Join Publer today and take your social media strategy to the next level.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts at $12/month.


As the biggest social media platform, Hootsuite has been using Twitter API enterprise association for some time now.

Unfortunately, Hootsuite has recently made the decision to discontinue its free plan for users. This means that if you wish to use their features, you must purchase one of their paid plans which starts at $99/month per user.

Pricing: No free plan. Prices start at $99/month per user.


Similar to Hootsuite, Twitter’s recent changes will not affect Buffer users, and their connection between their Buffer account and the Twitter channel will continue to function normally. In fact, Buffer has had a longstanding enterprise association with Twitter for the past 12 years.

Buffer offers users the option to start with their free plan or paid plans. However, it’s important to note that, unlike Publer, Buffer does not support YouTube. If you choose to start with their paid plan, you will need to pay $6/ month for one social media channel.

Pricing: Free plan available. Paid plan starts at $6/month for one social media channel.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social has announced that it always had complete access to Twitter’s API through Twitter’s Official Partner Program, and therefore, this decision by Twitter does not affect Sprout Social or its customers. 

For small businesses, Sprout Social may not be the most suitable option due to its lack of a free plan and its paid plans starting at $249/month per user. Plus, if you want to add a new user, then you must pay +$199/month.

Pricing: No free plan. Paid plan starts at $249/month per user.


Agorapulse has announced that its users will not be affected by Twitter’s recent API decision, and their connectivity to the Twitter platform or their experience on the Agorapulse platform will remain intact.

Unlike Publer, Agorapulse does not have a free plan. If you want to use their features, their standard paid plan costs 49€/month if billed annually. Otherwise you need to purchase the same plan for 69€ if billed monthly.

Pricing: No free plan. Paid plan starts at €49/month per user (billed annually).

Key Takeaways

Despite the recent changes in Twitter’s API and the impact it had on businesses and third-party apps, there are still five tools that support Twitter integration for social media management.

  • Publer, Buffer, Hootsuite, Sprout Social, and Agorapulse are among the top choices that guarantee uninterrupted connectivity and optimal performance on Twitter.
  • Publer remains committed to Twitter integration without hesitation.
  • Hootsuite has recently made the decision to discontinue its free plan for users.
  • Buffer supports Twitter, but unlike Publer, Buffer does not support YouTube in any of its plans.
  • Sprout Social has no free plan. Paid plan starts at $249/month per user.
  • Unlike Publer, Agorapulse does not have a free plan. Their standard paid plan costs 49€/month per user (billed annually).

We would love to hear from you! Which of these Twitter data caught your attention?

What is your perspective on the recent changes to Twitter’s API?

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