How to Get Twitter Followers: 16 Proven Strategies

We’re all looking forward to a successful social media presence. As small business owners, you should already know the value of being active, sharing relevant content, being close to the audience, etc.

When it comes to Twitter and its posts lifespan of around 18 minutes, the digital marketing strategy changes. With 330 million users and counting, Twitter is an important social platform that helps raise brand awareness and if lucky, you can get viral very quickly.

Less than 10 days away from the New Year and we’re so happy to have figured out some of the most powerful tricks to grow Twitter followers.

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Here’s a list of 21 Strategies to get more Twitter Followers in 2021:

(1) Improve your Twitter profile

People need to know if there’s a real person/brand behind a Twitter profile.

If you’re a brand, make sure to add the website to the link area. Twitter provides that option and this way you can get more website clicks as well.

The profile picture shouldn’t be missing either. If you’re a brand, you can add the brand’s logo.

Also, Twitter allows up to 160 characters on the bios and this is a fantastic chance for you to write a brief, and powerful introduction!

Here’s a treat: Optimize your Twitter profile picture by using the built-in photo editor on Publer. Add the right image size (in pixels) and Publer will automatically adjust it.

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(2) Engage

Rather people are mentioning your page or directly tagging your Twitter profile, you need to interact with them right away.

We at Publer never skip mentions or tweets because we love to interact with everyone and get real-time feedback. And what’s the most important of all – we need to know whether someone is experiencing difficulties with the platform and we’re always there to offer help.

(3) Visuals empower your feed

Not only are visuals amazing to watch, but people love getting fast information. Images, videos, and Gifs ought to attract people’s attention.

People remember visuals better than some text. As long as you use eye-catching, interesting, and informative visuals, your Twitter followers number will grow.

Here’s a list of do’s and don’ts of visual content to use on Twitter.

(4) Post as often as possible

Don’t make it rain, though. Twitter posts lifespan is around 18 minutes. By keeping this in mind you now know more about why there are so many tweets from the same accounts you follow.

Here’s a strategy to post more often on Twitter, without disturbing your followers: tweetstorms.

Tweetstorms are different tweets that get shared as a single thread. Publer allows you to create and schedule up to 15 tweets per thread. Each tweet can be scheduled at a different time of the day/week/month and you’re smartly boosting everyone’s attention and curiosity with ‘the next tweet’.

(5) Consider Twitter Ads

Ads are always a fast way to reach people and they’re almost always successful if created correctly.

A correct ad means detailed and relevant targeting. Make sure to target the right audience, before receiving complaints or spam reports!

(6) Find the best time to post

Somehow, you know when you get the most engagement on your posts on Twitter. Also, there are tons of digital tools you can use to check and find the best time to post.

We on Publer can see when our posts got the most engagement right within the platform. And that’s a quick way for us to create a marketing plan. We know the exact best times throughout the day when we should post.

(7) Create polls

Creating polls to understand what your followers want is by far one of the fastest and smartest strategies on Twitter.

We on Publer create polls (almost) every week. We know what our audience’s best marketing strategy for 2021 is, what they like most on Publer, what they’re looking forward to service-wise, etc.

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(8) Follow the right people on Twitter

Based on your brand’s niche, you should follow relevant and useful Twitter users. If you’re in the digital marketing niche, it is highly suggested for you to follow all social platforms (like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) so you’re always up to date with the latest news.

Being aware of updates, you can share tweets that might even interest the others.

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(9) Fleets – Make the most out of them!

Fleets are 24-hour posts that appear just like Stories on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

They’re easy to use and amazing tweets can be shared by your audience. Once you’re part of someone else’s Fleet, then it is easier for you to reach a whole new audience, which can be easily translated into followers.

Learn more why you should use Twitter Fleets more often.

(10) Hashtags. Trending hashtags.

Hashtags, if used correctly, always work for the best on Twitter. The ideal usage of hashtags on Twitter consists of up to 2 trending hashtags.

Hashtags are a bit tricky when it comes to Twitter. That’s because tweets can get lost among tons of other posts.

That’s why, we on Publer use the built-in hashtag generator which gives us real-time trending, good, and also poor (i.e branded) hashtags.

(11) Retweet your own trending tweets

It’s okay to retweet your own tweets and quote-retweet them. In fact, it is highly suggested. That’s because this is a fast and smart way to reach more people with the exact same post.

Retweeting (or quote-retweeting) your posts means you’re off to save some good time for some new content, while reaching potential customers with the current ones.

(12) Provide Twitter Support

When you make yourself available to be contacted on a specific social network, people will always focus on that. For example: you keep on sharing on your website that everyone should reach you out on Twitter and that some of the quotes on your blog can get automatically tweeted in a click.

People will know that you’re available and providing your support via Twitter. They’ll contact and follow you in no time.

(13) Tweet others’ tweets

Sharing is caring. That’s what your audience wants to see from you too.

retweeting helps you get more twitter followers that are relevant

(14) Quality content

Tweets can’t be edited – therefore you need to be very careful when creating one.

We on Publer are using the Preview feature which allows us to see how our post will look like once it’s shared. This way, we make sure there aren’t any typos on the text. Besides that, we’re using Grammarly Business to avoid any kind of grammar error.

Twitter users are using the platform to get informed and share news with their community. They don’t want to read fake news that would easily go viral but could get reported!

(15) Sales and giveaways = Twitter’s favorite kind of posts

People love getting real-time information and notification regarding a specific offer that’s going on. Especially if they love your brand, but can’t afford you.

So if you’re considering a promotion or giveaway, make sure to reach to your Twitter audience first!

consider running a giveaway to get twitter followers

(16) Be funny – if you can.

There’s nobody who doesn’t love funny memes and a bit of a healthy distraction from the busy working day.

Memes? The fastest way to reach a wide audience and get many engagements.

Make sure to use time correctly as you schedule all of your tweets and threads on Publer.

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