How to Get Twitter Followers: Strategies to Try in 2023

April 25, 2023
how to get twitter followers

Comparing Twitter followers in a group is not just a fancy number to show off. More followers on Twitter means a larger influence and consumer base for brands. Besides, Twitter is one of the easiest platforms to grow a following and brand awareness as the audience on the platform is more engaging and accessible. Of 450 million monthly active users, 237.8 million use the platform daily.

Despite such an active user base, how can you overcome the block in your following to increase your reach?

We answer all that and more in this guide. Here, we discuss the best strategies to increase your Twitter followers in 2023.

Why Use Twitter for Marketing?

how to get twitter followers marketing

Twitter allows access to the most receptive audience and offers countless opportunities for networking and engagement. Here is how Twitter can help bring the best out of your marketing efforts.

Grow Your Audience

Twitter provides an invaluable platform for building relationships with potential customers and expanding your reach. You can join conversations about topics related to your brand, share content that resonates with people, and deliver timely customer service – all of which can boost visibility, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Leverage an Engaging Community

Twitter is a social media platform that promotes networking and conversations.  As a marketer, you can use this to your advantage by creating open forums to engage followers. This could involve hosting Q&As, polls, and special events where customers can ask questions and interact directly with your brand.

Not only does this help build relationships with potential customers, but it also encourages people to share their opinions about your product or service.

Advertise With a Lower Budget

Paid promotion on social media is a norm as the algorithms make it difficult to reach wider audiences organically. Twitter is excellent for marketing as the overall ad spend is lower than most popular social media platforms. The optimization feature in Twitter ads helps target more relevant audiences and reduces the cost per engagement, so marketers can avoid overspending on lower-performing campaigns.

Branded Hashtags make Community Management Easier

Brand hashtags make it easier for customers to engage with your content and enable you to monitor what people say about you, and provide quick responses when needed.

Branded hashtags also encourage people to share their experiences with your brand and help you collect user-generated content, which can be used in future campaigns.

Measure Your Results

Twitter’s analytics dashboard (TweetDeck) provides critical information about your content’s performance and who engages with it, making it easy to track key metrics such as impressions, reach, engagement rate, and more. With this data, you can adjust your strategy and ensure you’re targeting the right people with the right message.

How to Get Twitter Followers: 10 Tips and Tricks

Digital marketing tactics evolve continuously. Getting followers on Twitter is trickier than it used to be as the space saturates. Here are the top trending tips and tricks you must know to increase your Twitter followers in 2023.

Find a Unique Brand Voice

how to get twitter followers brand voice

Having a unique brand voice can be the difference between getting followers on Twitter and getting your tweets lost in the noise. Here are some tips to help you give your Twitter account a distinct and authentic voice: 

Know Your Audience: Who are you trying to reach? What kind of content resonates with them? Understanding your target audience will help you craft messages that hit the mark and speak directly to them.

Develop an Appropriate Tone: Are you professional, humorous, or irreverent? How do you want people to perceive your brand? By staying consistent in your tone and messaging, you’ll create a recognizable voice that followers can easily pick up on.

Use Authentic Language: Avoid industry jargon or language that’s overly technical. Ensure your tweets are easy to understand and accessible to everyone who reads them.

Tell Your Brand’s Story: Every brand has a story to tell. Use your tweets to share yours in an engaging and entertaining way. This will help followers connect with you on a deeper level and make them more likely to recommend you to others.

Prioritize Visual Content

It’s no surprise that people respond well to visuals. Our brains process images faster than words, and adding images to social media posts can boost engagement. Whether it’s a funny meme or an eye-catching image, visuals are the way to go if you want your followers to pay attention.

But how do you make sure your visual content looks good? Here are a few tips to help you create attention-grabbing visuals:

Use high-quality visuals: Poor-quality visuals won’t favor your brand. Make sure only to use images that look sharp and professional. 

Choose the right size: Different social media platforms have different image sizes. Ensure you use the right image size for each platform so your visuals look their best. 

Focus on colors: Color is important in getting people’s attention; certain colors are associated with different emotions. Choose colors that evoke the feeling you want to convey to your followers. 

Include text: Adding creative text to your visuals is a great way to grab attention and encourage engagement. Ensure the font is easy to read and on-brand.

Use Hashtags, Twitter Lists, and Twitter Circles

how to get twitter followers hashtags

One of the best ways to get more Twitter followers is to use hashtags. Adding relevant hashtags to your tweets increases the chances that users searching for related topics will stumble upon your account.

You can also track trending hashtags by watching for Twitter trends tailored to your interest in the “For You” tab. This way, you can join the conversation and draw more eyes to your profile.

Another great way to get Twitter followers is to use Twitter Lists. These are collections of accounts that are grouped together according to certain criteria like interests, topics, geographic location, or whatever else makes sense for you.

Creating lists related to your field of interest or industry allows users to find content that meets their needs quickly. As more people discover and subscribe to your lists, they’ll also start coming across your profile—which can lead to increased followers.

Finally, Twitter circles are also an excellent way to get more followers. This is when you create a “circle” of like-minded Twitter users where everyone follows one another. When you have a few dozen followers in the circle, it’s easy to get noticed and start attracting more people to join your conversations. With a well-manicured circle of Twitter followers, you can quickly double or triple your following in no time.

Leverage Twitter Communities in Your Industry

Twitter communities are an invaluable resource for gaining followers and raising brand awareness. These are different from the popular Twitter marketing strategies but are effective. You can find industry-based communities and groups easily with a few simple searches. You can join them, start conversations, and increase brand awareness and your following with meaningful content.

To get the most out of these Twitter communities, you must understand how to leverage them for your benefit:

  • Identify the influential people and accounts in your industry. These users will have influence over other community members; their tweets are often widely shared and can affect trends. Knowing who they are is essential to stay in the loop on industry developments, forming relationships, and getting involved in conversations relevant to your business.
  • Follow other accounts within the community and actively engage with them. Reply to their tweets related to your company or products and general industry-related content. Retweet content that resonates with you and use relevant hashtags to ensure your content will be seen.
  • Share a variety of quality content consistently. Relevant, interesting articles, images, and videos are all effective ways to gain followers and show yourself as an expert in the field. You should also link back to your website and products where appropriate, though be sure not to over-promote yourself.

Tweet at the Right Time

Timing is everything when it comes to gaining followers on Twitter. Knowing the best time to tweet is important so that your message reaches more people and grows your following. 

Try experimenting with different times of day and week. Tweeting during the workday, around 9 am-5 pm, is more effective than tweeting in the evenings or on weekends.

Tweet timing can also vary by audience. If your target demographic is college students, tweeting late in the evening or on weekends may be better for you than during the middle of the week.

Interact, Interact, Interact

Interacting on Twitter is the most straightforward strategy to get more followers. It helps you reach a wider audience and establishes relationships with people who share your interests and values. Whether liking tweets, retweeting, or responding to comments, engaging with other users will help put your profile in front of more eyes.

You can also use the hashtags to join in on conversations or start your own. Focus on the relevant topics to you and your content, and you’ll be on your way to gaining more followers.

Establish Yourself as an Expert Using Twitter Threads

how to get twitter followers threads

Twitter threads are a creative way of discussing lengthier topics by breaking them into multiple tweets. As tweets are limited to 280 characters, you can use Twitter threads to shed insights into lengthy and engaging topics.

Here are a few tips to ensure your threads are effective: 

  • Stick with one topic or theme: When writing a Twitter thread, it can be easy to get off track by introducing new and unrelated ideas. To avoid this, come up with a central topic for your thread and try to stick with it throughout. 
  • Include visuals and GIFs: A great way to make your thread stand out is to add visuals such as images, graphs, or GIFs in between each Tweet of your thread. This breaks up the monotony of text and make it easier for readers to digest.
  • Invite conversation: Don’t be afraid to invite conversation when you’re finished writing your thread. Ask questions, offer advice, and open up the dialogue – this will help engage your followers and make them more likely to interact with your content.

Promote Tweets

Creating unique and engaging content regularly to gain more followers is tricky. Creativity can lack sometimes, but you can still gain more followers. One way is to use Twitter’s Quick Promote feature to promote previous tweets. You can promote tweets that have gained high traction to manage your presence while you work on new ideas.

Another way to overcome your creativity block is to use Publer’s AI assist. This AI tool helps brainstorm fresh ideas and generate unique text and images. This makes it easy to create multiple varieties of content, which will help boost your Twitter following.

Key Takeaways

Gaining followers on Twitter is a key step in increasing your brand awareness and generating leads. The more followers you have, the better you can influence them for your marketing needs. Implementing these tips will ensure your following rises significantly:

  • Build your brand’s unique voice to build a strong social personality that instantly connects with your followers.
  • Use more visual content as it is more engaging and converting than text.
  • Use hashtags to let your content reach the right people. Twitter Lists and Twitter Circles are excellent ways to connect with like-minded users.
  • Join and converse with your industry communities to connect with influential people, gaining recognition and more followers. 
  • Try experimenting with different times of day and week to make sure as many people see your tweets as possible.
  • Interacting with other users helps put your profile in front of more eyes. Use hashtags to join conversations or start your own. 
  • Establish yourself as an expert using Twitter threads by sticking with one topic, adding visuals, and inviting conversation. 
  • Promote tweets using Twitter’s Quick Promote feature to increase engagement on well-performing tweets.

Developing fresh ideas and engaging tweets, and replying to comments can be a hassle. Use Publer’s AI-assist to quickly manage all that so you can focus on more important tasks. Get started today.

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