New Twitter Professional Accounts: What You Need To Know

April 08, 2022
Twitter New Professional Accounts: What You Need To Know

Twitter is an amazing social network that provides a huge range of professional tools.

As a vital social network, Twitter helps get real-time information about global events. Did you know that 192 million people use Twitter every day?

Twitter also allows you to reach the right audience, easily. That’s because the app offers quick analytics!

192 million people use Twitter every day
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Why Twitter?

Twitter is a fast, engaging, and relatable source of information, ideas, and business opportunities. It has it all!

It’s true, Twitter only allows up to 280 characters per post. But, that doesn’t stop anyone from sharing their thoughts freely. Twitter offers Threads that turn out to be an engaging way of staying on top of the feed, getting enough interactions consistently, and sharing every news/update more professionally.

Twitter also integrates with third-party tools that allow you to experience a better journey.

Publer currently provides Twitter Thread scheduling with up to 15 tweets per thread. It can contain text, visual content, and links!

Learn how to create a Twitter Thread that gets tons of retweets.

Downsides of Twitter: about to change?

  1. No Edit Button. Yes, if you post on Twitter, regardless if you’re using a third-party app or directly, Twitter doesn’t allow you to modify the text once it’s shared. This is what’s funny about Elon’s last poll.

  1. 18-minute content lifespan. With over 200 billion tweets shared per year, it’s kind of hard to keep up or to get seen on Twitter.

Twitter Stats you might need to know:

  • In the US, 46% of Twitter users log in and use it daily.
  • There are over 500 million new tweets posted every day.
  • 66% of companies with over 100 employees use Twitter ads.
  • 80% of Twitter use happens via mobile.

But, is anyone making the most out of them?

Creators and business owners do actually!

Twitter Stats you might need to know
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What is a Twitter Professional Account

Twitter recently introduced the Professional Accounts that help empower a creator or business to display their work and products better and with less effort.

2 features make up a Twitter Professional Account:

  • Professional Category: explains what niche the professional is more focused on.
  • Profile Modules: dedicated space for all professionals.

Along with the Twitter Professional Account’s About Module, there are 2 other modules:

  • Newsletters: Twitter now allows others to subscribe to your newsletter directly from your profile. Followers can’t subscribe from your Twitter profile as paying members of your newsletter. This is possible with the help of the newsletter service, Revue. After they subscribe, they can upgrade by clicking Become a member in the confirmation email they’ll receive.
  • Shopping: A completely interactive experience that allows businesses to showcase their products, promote their business, boost sales and make an impact.

It seems as if every social network is focusing on eCommerce features. Does that sound strange?

In 2020, was seen a nearly 64% jump in grocery retail eCommerce sales, reaching $109.01 billion. By 2025, sales will grow to nearly $243.67 billion. Insider Intelligence also forecasts that US retail social commerce sales will rise by 24.9% to $45.74 billion in 2022.

How to Set Up Twitter Professional Account

twitter professional account setup
Courtesy of Twitter Business

Note: Twitter is currently no longer accepting new nominations to their pilot program.

Professional Profiles are launching with Location Spotlight. They have Google Business lookalike features. That’s because they contain the location of a business, hours of operation, and methods of contact information (email, phone number, etc.).

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