How to Use the Twitter Character Limit to Grow Your Brand

January 28, 2023
twitter character limit

Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most used social platforms in the world. It is then usual for marketers to remain active on the platform and promote their products and interact with their intended audience.

However, the Twitter character limit is only 280 per tweet, and even before that, it was 140. A limited number forces marketing teams to increase their efforts and create effective messages that can reach their target.

To simplify your task, here are our tips and suggestions from experts to improve your communications on Twitter with the latest trends and updates and leverage the Twitter character limit to grow your brand.

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Twitter’s Character Limit: Past, Present, and Future

Early Twitter was often referred to as a microblogging service, mainly due to the 140 Twitter character limit for a single tweet. This was raised to 280 characters in 2017, and the limit has remained in place ever since.

twitter character limit

But things could still change since Elon Musk took over the social network and indicated that he intends to increase the character limit to 420.

A change that is not unanimous among the user community either. Indeed, for them, the strength of Twitter is in its shortness, and increasing the Twitter character limit would reduce the quality of messages.

9 Creative Ways to Work Within Twitter’s Character Limit

Now that you know a little more about character limits and future changes, let’s look at nine techniques for writing a quality tweet.

Add More Links in Your Tweets

One of the advantages of tweeting in 280 characters is that you can share more links in one tweet without having to spam your followers as before with the 140-character limit. This allows you to share more content optimally for you and your followers.

Use Multiple Languages in One Tweet

For many businesses and brands, the audience is becoming increasingly global. Users can translate tweets, but it is more interesting to tweet in several languages. By doing so, you will not lose the meaning of your message. This way, your campaign will be more effective, and you can convert more leads.

Boost Efficiency by Scheduling Twitter Threads With Publer

With the Publer tool, you can easily create, schedule, and publish multiple Twitter feeds and save time in your marketing strategy. Indeed, you can easily split your text and schedule up to 15 tweets per thread.

Threads are indeed very effective when you need a detailed explanation about a product, a service, or a brand positioning. Ultimately, detailed threads increase engagement, as there is more useful information for readers. 

Boost Efficiency by Scheduling Twitter Threads With Publer

To help you out, here are some tips on how Follow-Up tweets work:

  • Each Follow-Up Tweet consists of customizable text formatting tools, emojis, hashtag suggestions, and media files.
  • Each Follow-Up Tweet is limited to 280 characters. The editor alerts you by highlighting text that exceeds this limit.
  • Each Follow-Up Tweet is shared based on the previous tweet.

Address Customer Concerns

Customer service is yet another application of the social network. Many brands are already doing this with a support page on Twitter. Indeed if one of your customers has a problem, they can tag your company’s account.

By doing so, you know about your customers’ issues instantly and can chat with them through direct messages.

Create Expressive Emoji Art

Emojis are all the rage these days, and since you have 280 characters, it makes the emoji world even more special.

Create Expressive Emoji Art

This helps you to create much more personalized and appealing messages for your customers so you can convert more leads. All major brands do this to deliver engaging content.

Create Longer List Posts & Threads

Twitter continues to adapt and offer more ways to connect with users. If the current tweets are now limited to 280 characters, you can also divide two tweets into sections rather than threaded tweets. This will help you extend your message and deliver more accurate information to your followers.

Present Your Product in More Detail

Unlike other social media platforms, marketers have never been able to provide product details on Twitter because of the previous Twitter character limit. But now that you are not limited to 140 characters, you can now easily include important information about your products and services in your Tweets.

Host Engaging Quizzes & Trivia

If you want to have an engaged social media audience, you need to interact with your followers more often. One of the best ways is by hosting trivia and quizzes. Everyone loves participating in interesting trivia questions on social media. Not only does it increase brand awareness, but it also increases the overall visibility of your content.

Try to be as creative as possible. The questions should be unique and associated with your brand. Think in terms of your target audience. They should be naturally interested in retweeting your content.

interact with your followers more often on Twitter

Include More CTAs

Ultimately, social media is for lead generation. You can also do the same by adding interesting call to actions to your tweets and redirecting your viewers to your website. So, you can write more detailed tweets and you can also offer multiple calls to action.

Also, don’t forget that you can mention other users and provide various links in your tweets.

Key Takeaways 

Twitter remains an essential platform for marketers who want to develop their brands. Several solutions exist to reinforce your message, even if the number of characters limits communication.

  • Don’t forget to add links to your tweets to redirect your customers to your website.
  • Use Publer to easily create, schedule, and publish multiple Twitter feeds and save time in your overall marketing strategy.
  • Use the social network to deliver quality customer service.
  • Create long and engaging messages by using emojis and interesting CTAs.

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