Top 5 Reasons to Use Telegram For Business

Top 5 Reasons to Use Telegram For Business

Telegram is a free, popular, and intuitive messaging app that’s available for use to everyone. Its primary focus is privacy and efficient communication between people. Still, Telegram for business is among the latest trends, whether you’re a small firm or a large enterprise.

Why choose Telegram for business over other messaging tools?

Why choose Telegram for business over other messaging tools?

1: The organic reach on Telegram for business beats all other networks. 

There’s no algorithm to decide whether your post will show up in the user’s feed or not. If someone uses Telegram and joins your group or channel, they will see what you broadcast.

Our Telegram channel for Publer got more than 40 subscribers, and hundreds have already seen our broadcasts of people just a few days after creating our channel!

How is the reach higher than the number of subscribers? That’s because the content of public channels can be seen on the Web without a Telegram account and is indexed by search engines.

2: Telegram is one of the fastest, easiest, and safest applications. 

Telegram’s team explains that the two most crucial components of Internet privacy should be protecting private conversations and personal data from third parties. We’re mentioning privacy quite often because Telegram only improves the conversation by displaying their username and does not require the phone number to be public to others.

3: Huge groups of users

Telegram Groups allow up to 200K users, while WhatsApp allows only 256 – making it quite hard for huge brands to update their audience in real-time through a messaging app.

4: File sizes

The maximum file size allowed to be sent/ forwarded on Telegram is 2 GB, while on WhatsApp is 16 MB.

Did you know that Telegram provides polls and live streams? 

Telegram provides polls and live streams

What are Telegram Groups & Channels?

Telegram Groups and Channels are similar but not identical. Still, both are fantastic if you aim at using Telegram for business. While they are both strategic marketing methods for your business and share real-time updates, they still have a few differences.

Telegram Channels:

  • Unlimited subscribers
  •  Only the Admin can send messages
  •  If public, everyone with a link can read messages without the need to subscribe
  •  Messages on a Channel have a unique link that allows them to be shared with others
  •  Nobody can see who has subscribed to a Channel

Telegram Groups:

  • Up to 200’000 members
  •  Every member can send messages that can get pinned by the Admin
  •  Everyone can see other members who have joined the group

Note: If you want to check whether you have joined a Group or a Channel, you need to see if others appear online (available on Groups) or check for the keyword: subscribers (available on Channels).

How to create a new Channel and grow your Telegram for business?

Now that you know every important information about both groups and channels, this is how you can create your own Group or Channel to use Telegram for business.

On mobile:

  • Open the app on your mobile (iOS & Android)
  •  Click on the pencil icon at the top right corner
  •  Choose between ‘New Group’ and ‘New Channel’

On desktop:

  • Open the app on your desktop
  •  Click the hamburger icon at the top left corner
  •  Choose between ‘New Group’ and ‘New Channel’

Personalize your channel/group:

  • Add a name & a profile photo. On channels, you can also add a description.
  •  Public Channels: Create a customized URL
  •  Private Channels: Telegram will create a unique link for you

Schedule new messages and broadcasts with Publer

Schedule new messages and broadcasts with Publer

It was about time! And yes, this is great news. Due to the many people who have suggested Telegram messaging for business as an option from Publer, we’re officially supporting both Channels and Groups!

Publer is currently supporting text, links, and visual content scheduling! Make use of all cross-promoting options, media library organizer, and automation of new releases within one dashboard.

Adding Telegram Channels and Groups to Publer is easy. All you need to do is add ‘@publr_bot’ as an Admin on your Channel/Group for Publer to be able to automate new messages in the future.

Note: Telegram Bots are 3rd party apps that allow you to customize a specific service: text formatting, social services, integrated payments, etc.

Other useful stats that can help you leverage Telegram for your business:

  • Users send an average of 150 messages daily.
  •  Telegram is expected to have 1 billion users by 2022.
  •  Telegram is the 7th most popular non-gaming app in Google Play, ranked by the number of worldwide downloads.
  •  The app’s user base comprises 41.4% females and 58.6% males.
  •  30.6% of Telegram users are between the ages of 25 and 34.

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