Twitter Threads in 2023: Grow Your Twitter Account with These 7 Great Tips

June 12, 2023
twitter threads in 2023

For marketers and companies using Twitter, communicating in 280 characters is far from optimal for interacting with your target audience.

So rather than limiting yourself in your message, you can opt for Twitter threads in 2023 and provide comprehensive information in one place.

This format lets you build lists, present products or services, and launch compelling campaigns that captivate and engage your target audience.

Using Twitter threads is an excellent strategy for establishing credibility on social media platforms and boosting your chances of gaining attention.

Here’s what you’ll learn in today’s blog:

  • Twitter threads generate far more impressions and engagement than a single Tweet.
  • You can create compelling Twitter queues by repurposing your best-performing blogs.
  • Social networking tools such as Publer or Tweetdeck allow you to plan the publication of your queues in advance.

What Are Twitter Threads?

To make it short, a Twitter thread is a series of connected tweets from one profile, allowing you to share more information or a longer message than the 280-character limit allows. It’s useful for providing updates, extra details, or conveying a complete message.

By linking multiple tweets together, Twitter threads let users expand upon their thoughts and ideas. These threaded tweets are typically connected with a line, distinguishing them from regular standalone tweets.

That’s what a tweet thread looks like:

twitter threads

Why Should You Create Twitter Threads in 2023?

Using Twitter threads in your Twitter strategy can be a powerful tactic to generate interest compared to a single, standalone tweet.

Many well-crafted threads receive hundreds or even thousands of likes and retweets, expanding your reach to new audience members and fostering increased engagement.

Twitter threads are highly effective in captivating and retaining audience attention compared to a single tweet that redirects users to an external website. A well-crafted thread, starting with a compelling introduction tweet, can greatly enhance audience engagement.

Increase Impressions & Reach for Better Engagement

To put it simply, Twitter threads have some distinct advantages. They catch more attention in users’ feeds and can generate more impressions compared to regular tweets.

twitter reach and engagement

For instance, the lifespan of a tweet is quite short, lasting around 24 minutes before its reach significantly declines. However, when you create a thread with about 10 tweets, the chances of users seeing your tweets in their feed increase tenfold.

When you use Twitter threads, not only do your tweets reach a larger audience, but they also receive more engagement from people who read them.

Fun Fact: Twitter tends to prioritize tweets without external links. So, if your first tweet in a thread doesn’t contain a URL, it’s likely to get more impressions.

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Increase Followers

While it’s important to diversify your content on Twitter and offer different ways for your followers to consume information, incorporating Twitter threads regularly with valuable content will attract more followers.

You can still share links to your website and blog posts, but it’s also important to share valuable information directly on Twitter without external links. People appreciate Twitter threads because they can access a wealth of valuable information without leaving the platform.

When you consistently provide valuable content to your audience, they are more likely to follow you and stay engaged with your posts.

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How to Create and Publish a Twitter Threads with Tweetdeck?

Here’s a simplified version of the process to create and publish a Twitter thread:

  1. Click on the “Tweet” button to start a new tweet.
  2. Write your first tweet.
  3. Click the “+” button to add another tweet, and a new tweet box will appear.
  4. Repeat this step for each tweet you want to include, and add any images or videos you want to include.
  5. Finally, click the “Tweet all” button to post the entire thread at once.

To view the entire thread, simply click on “Show this thread,” and you’ll be able to see the entire series of tweets.

You can include up to 25 tweets in a single Twitter thread when posting initially. However, there is no limit to the number of tweets you can add later. Feel free to add images, GIFs, polls, and other media to make your tweets more attractive and engaging.

Twitter threads are a great way to expand conversations. You can also transform older posts into Twitter threads to give them more visibility and bring new life to those tweets.

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How to Schedule Twitter Threads with Publer

You can easily create and customize your Twitter threads using Publer. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the Create page and select Twitter on the left.
  2. Start composing a new tweet.
  3. Click on the follow-up comments icon.
  4. Choose whether to add a delay to the first follow-up tweet by activating “Add delay.”
  5. To continue the thread, click on the small + icon below the comment: “Add another comment.”
  6. Once you have finished creating follow-up comments and your thread is ready, simply click Save and schedule the publication accordingly.

Here’s a quick video on how to easily create Twitter Threads with Publer.


  • You can create up to 25 tweets per thread.
  • Each follow-up tweet offers customizable text formatting tools, emojis, hashtag suggestions, and multimedia file options.
  • If you exceed the 280-character limit, Publer will notify you by highlighting the exceeding text.
  • The order of publishing for follow-up tweets will be based on the previous tweet. For example, you cannot schedule the third tweet in a thread to be published before the second one.

How Can You Use Twitter Threads in 2023?

Now that you know more about the importance of including Twitter threads in your marketing strategy, let’s explore the practical steps for creating them effectively to inform and engage your audience.

Rewrite Your Blog Post Content 

If you want to get more out of your blog content, Twitter Threads can be a great option. By turning your blog posts into a series of tweets, you can reach a new audience and increase engagement. 

It’s a simple and fast way to give your content a fresh boost. Threads help make your content easier to consume for your followers and enable you to reach a broader audience. 

Here’s an example of Publer:

twitter threads in 2023

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Choose a blog post that you think would work well as a Twitter thread.
  2. Break the blog post into smaller sections of text.
  3. Include photos or videos to add visual interest and break up the text.
  4. Share helpful tips, valuable information, or interesting insights in your thread to encourage people to read and share it.
  5. Use strong calls to action to motivate people to visit your blog or website for more information.

Tell a Story

Twitter threads are widely used to share stories, especially by writers, marketers, and business owners.

For instance, if you own an e-commerce business, you can leverage this strategy to share your entrepreneurial journey and showcase how you transformed your business into a success.

By sharing personal experiences and entertaining content about your business’s history, you’ll capture the interest of your followers.

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Curate Lists

A great way to use Twitter threads is by creating lists. These are lists of information that can help your audience find everything they need in one place.

For example, let’s say you have a new product like a website creator. You can use Twitter threads to list the features of your product:

  • In the first tweet, you can briefly explain how your drag-and-drop feature sets your product apart.
  • In the next tweet, you can mention the different popup formats that your tool supports.
  • Then, in another tweet, you can discuss the various templates available to users. And so on.

With this format, you can effortlessly share crucial information about your product in a clear and concise manner.

Create a Roundup

You can choose to share a collection of links or information, offering valuable content to your audience using Twitter threads.

Here’s a great example from Brian Dean:

Twitter threads example

This type of Twitter thread is especially beneficial because you provide a wealth of information without requiring your audience to leave the platform (unless you’re sharing a roundup of blog posts on a specific topic, which is also a great strategy).

Creating a roundup gives you numerous options. As mentioned earlier, you can share a Twitter thread that highlights multiple blog articles on the same subject. You can also share important industry news from the week, offering helpful insights for people in your field.

Get creative and share a roundup of photos or GIFs. Share a few of your favorite things, such as books, movies, or other topics relevant to your business or industry.

Share a Tutorial

One approach to creating Twitter threads is to present tutorials. 

These tutorials can demonstrate tasks you perform, whether in your professional or personal life. The goal is to share insider tips or secrets that enhance the appeal of your thread and motivate people to share it with others. 

By showcasing examples of your impressive achievements and explaining how others can replicate that success, you can generate interest and engagement from your followers.

Twitter threads that offer valuable information, such as step-by-step guides, have the potential to go viral and attract additional followers to your account.

Curate Industry Information

You can also create Twitter threads where you position yourself as an expert in your field.

For example, you can introduce new ideas and share professional opinions on the evolution of the sector in which you work by providing technical information.

The idea is to create a discussion with your followers by creating valuable content rather than solely focusing on driving traffic to your website. 

Here’s an example from Shopify:

twitter threads examples

When you offer authentic, useful information without trying to sell or redirect users to your website, they’re more likely to follow you, remember your business and recommend you to others.

Bring Old Content Back to Life

You can create threads not only on new tweets but also on older ones that have become relevant again or need further elaboration. 

Reviving old tweets by adding to them is an excellent way to increase their reach and engagement. Instead of starting a new thread, you can go back and develop a previous thought or argument. This allows you to make the most of your existing content and keep the conversation going.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to create your own viral Twitter thread? The key is to experiment and test different approaches to see what works best for your audience.

Find out which thread ideas align with your goals and resonate the most with your followers. And if you’re interested in growing your Twitter followers, consider signing up for Publer today!

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