Webinars VS Podcasts: Which is best for your business?

June 25, 2020
Webinars VS Podcasts

At least once during the last 4 months, most of us have communicated via online platforms with their colleagues or friends. The importance of these kinds of software has been valued and yes, we’re all grateful for their existence during the whole remote working situation.


Webinars are live online meetings that connect people from all over the world (for free). They’re very used because of their importance in real-time information sharing and understanding things better.

There are a lot of features a webinar is made of, like Chat, Screen sharing, recording, etc. These features are always helpful whether you want to attach a link to a topic you’re discussing, or recording the whole meeting to send it to someone who couldn’t be present at that time.

Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of Webinars
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Here’s a list of advantages and disadvantages of Webinars:


– They are FREE

They are mostly free to organise and attend, but there are also other platforms that have low costs. Well, a visit on a conference abroad would cost you more, that’s for sure.

– Anyone with the appropriate link can participate

Webinars allow you to create a personal and unique URL, which you can copy and share with anyone you would like to join the online meeting. You can share it on different platforms.

– They’re location and device friendly

Everyone from anywhere can join a webinar. This is the most important and amazing thing to consider, when you want to communicate or train multiple people at the same time. Webinars are also useful for remote vacancies where you can interview, test and train people regardless their location!

– Provide brand value and trust towards the customers

Webinars are professional online meetings and everyone can use their cameras and microphones to communicate. Customers love finding who stands behind a wonderful platform. 

– Increase brand awareness

– Real-time interaction with many people at the same time

Webinars advantage - Real-time interaction with many people
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Disadvantages of webinars

– Technical issues

The main problem that might occur before or during a webinar is the slow internet speed, no microphone available, not working camera, etc.

– Inappropriate environment

Have you ever been on a live meeting and you cat started meowing and aiming for your attention like never before? Yes, that’s an environmental issue example.

– Too many attendees and no flexible solutions

Well, if you’re having a webinar with over 100 people and they’re all asking different questions, you will absolutely need someone (or more) to handle at least the messages on the chat box, while you explain other topics.

This is exactly how Publer attended their greatest webinar in collaboration with AppSumo. Click here to watch it.

Webinar - Too many attendees and no flexible solutions
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Podcasts on the other hand are only audio programs, which are downloadable and you can listen to them whenever you want.

Podcasts are famous because they’re only focused on one topic and it’s amazing how much information you can get about everything (depending on the topic). Startup companies love using podcasts to showcase their main features, tools and explain their future roadmap of services and events.

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A couple of facts about Podcasts:

– They don’t have a limited length

They can be from 1 minute (we would say second, but is there really somebody who can publish a podcast that short?) to the length they want. The longest podcast in the world was held by Mike Russell in 2016. It lasted for 36 hours and it was watched by thousands of people. 

– Any topic can be discussed

Whether you are a freelancer, agency, startup team member, artist, television figure, it just doesn’t matter and there’s no restriction.

Advantages of Podcasts

– Convenient

No costs on hosting a podcast and making it as long as you want. People can easily get information by just listening to them and not spending money on meetings, traffic, etc. 

– They’re a smart social media strategy

We already that Twitter started supporting Audio files lately, so Podcasts work amazingly well on them. No extra efforts, just drag and drop the audio podcast and you’ve got yourself a Tweet. Click here to learn more about audio tweets.

– Easy downloadable and listenable everywhere

Stuck in traffic? Well, you might as well treat yourself with an interesting podcast which provides enough information about your favorite topic.

Podcast advantages - Easy downloadable and listenable everywhere
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Disadvantages of Podcasts

– Copyright

All you can hear is someone speaking about a specific topic and there’s a huge possibility you don’t even know who is the one doing the talking. Sounds like a tricky little business, if you’re thinking of doing one yourself. Despite the fact you mind mention your product or whatever a lot of times, you are still risked to be interfered by someone who can simply cut and trim some parts.

– Not always compatible

Podcasts might come in the form of an inaccessible type or the desired target could happen to have hearing-disabilities. Your podcasts then have to be written, because being that those are audio files, you can’t add subtitles to them.

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