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May 24, 2021
Kibo - The unified inbox

Kibo is built with a sole purpose: to build a better customer relationship.

As a brand, you care about your community and developing empathy.

Kibo aims to prioritize the workflow and keep all inboxes organized. We know how important it is to track all customer requests and messages across channels. It is a web-based platform that aims to customize the conversation and provide excellent support.

Whether you’re a small business, solopreneur, or enterprise, you need to stay aware of customers’ requirements and provide them a clear and fast solution. 

We’re here to introduce a useful digital marketing tool that will empower trust and confidence between you and all of your customers. Bear with us while we develop Kibo and make everything customizable.

Besides messages and inboxes, you’ll be able to respond to comments, mentions, and reviews.

Kibo for live chat, emails. messages, comments, mentions, and reviews

The definition of Kibo itself is structure, plan, and hope. Aiming to make an impact and become global: we’re here to stay!

With Kibo, you’ll be able to help your customers, improve their experience using your service/products, and measure the requests better.

Kibo will come with a small in-web widget that you can easily add to your site. Whoever visits your website can click on that and it will automatically pop up. This is how they can type their questions, and also, check which one of the customer specialists is online at that time. 

With its stand-out features, you’ll become more collaborative and track one-on-one conversations easily.

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Publer - Manage your social media

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Here’s a list of all benefits you’ll get from Kibo:

  • Respond to all messages, comments, mentions, and reviews, within one single dashboard. Never miss a notification anymore. Receive real-time notifications per everything, across all channels, and talk live with each and every customer.
  • We love showing our human side when communicating with our customers, and that’s exactly why we’ve also added a small emoji system and enabled file-sharing for a better understanding.
  • You can filter all new notifications by type: Inbox, Feedback, Mention, and Comment. And you can decide to view only: Unread, Unresolved, and Resolved ones.
  • Collect leads and enhance your marketing plans with fewer efforts. This is a quick way to build an email list.
  • Get informed about where your customers are writing you from, which language they’re writing in, device information, and you’ll also get a small side-place to add private notes so you never forget any details that you need to focus on more.
  • Easy setup and no need for product training. You’ll be able to respond to all your inboxes easily, but more new features and tools will be developing with time.
  • Stay prone to real-time feedback and showcase your professionalism by interacting quickly. Kibo will display all new messages on the left and you can select which one you’re going to answer first. A quick tip: Treat new messages based on their priority. We know you might receive tons of emails, but we would highly recommend you respond to live questions first. You already know they’re online and waiting for an answer.
  • Invite and collaborate with other team members, the customer support specialists.

A list of all benefits you'll get from Kibo

Kibo will help you deal with every customer that requires any type of information about your products and services. You’ll have your personal workspace where you scale and organize the messaging flow to avoid overload. 

Regardless of your brand’s niche, Kibo is a relevant tool to use. With its intuitive, responsive, and user-friendly interface, the ticket system will make it easier for you to comprehend the whole communication process and avoid communication gaps.

If you want to benefit from Kibo’s closed beta version and help us test the platform, click here to subscribe and confirm the email address.

View Kibo’s roadmap.

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