What is Brand Clarity and Why Is It Important Right Now?

What is Brand Clarity and Why Is It Important Right Now? by Sue Painter

By Sue Painter

What Is Brand Clarity and What Does It Do for Your Business?

Brand clarity is the difference between your company and your competitors. It’s the measure of how easily who you are and what your company does can be differentiated from any other business that offers similar products or services. Simply put, brand clarity is the fingerprint of your business.

Brand clarity consists of two things:

  • Your messaging
  • Your actions

Both of these are noticed by the public, and both help potential customers decide whether they want to do business with you.

What is Brand Clarity and Why Is It Important Right Now? by Sue Painter

What Creates Clarity for Your Brand?

Have you noticed that your neighbors talk about local businesses and give a thumbs up or down based on their experiences and what their friends have told them? One nearby business will have a reputation for bad customer service and unfriendliness. Another will be recommended by your neighbors often. The business has a reputation of being customer service friendly, or their product is high quality, or installs easily. 

Brand clarity comes not just from the messaging you use in your marketing and advertising, but also from the actions that your business takes from day to day. While you may think that your customers buy what you offer based solely on features and benefits (such as pricing) that’s not true. Your customers come to you from the recommendations, reviews, and word-of-mouth reputation that you have just as much as they do from the features and benefits of what you offer. 

Brand clarity is important to your business because it helps potential customers distinguish your business. Your brand stands as a symbol for your business and separates you from your competitors. It sets you apart from noise in the marketplace, giving you recognition and standing.

What Happens to Your Business When Your Brand Is Not Clear?

Your branding plays a large part in bridging the distance between your business and its customers. Prospects who are looking for the type of products or services that you offer need a way to cross that bridge – to find you and feel as if your business will meet their needs. Brand clarity helps your business to more quickly satisfy the two things customers want.

  • A solution to their problem.
  • Emotional satisfaction around the transaction with you.

If your branding is vague your prospects won’t find the bridge to your business. They will also feel uncertain that your business will meet their emotional need for satisfaction and a sense of fair play.

A lack of clarity in your branding shows when prospective customers aren’t quite sure what you do, or what you offer, or how well they will be treated. This often happens when a brand tries to appeal to a wide segment of the market, using a broad appeal in their branding. The end result is that prospects are vague about who you are and what you do. Instead of brand clarity, you have brand fog.

New customers are not the only ones affected by vague branding. Even your existing customers are impacted, which impacts their decision to buy from you again.

How to Create Consistent Branding That Gives You High Brand Clarity

You will create a higher level of brand clarity in your buyer’s mind with consistent messaging and actions. Some of this is basic branding and includes things like:

  • Tagline
  • Brand colors
  • Logos or icons
  • Fonts
  • Tone of messaging.

While these are basic building blocks of brand clarity there’s much more you can do to make sure your brand stands out clearly.

  • Consistent pricing
  • Consistent education about the features and benefits of what you sell
  • Consistently setting customer expectations 
  • Consistent customer service
  • Consistently requesting feedback from employees, contract workers, and customers

It might seem strange to you to think that feedback loops have anything to do with your brand clarity. Most companies feel like their branding is defined by their mission statement, pricing, and policies. But the truth is that the people in your business drive brand clarity far more than we realize sometimes. Your brand is both what you put out into the marketplace and what the public is saying about you – what they believe to be true.

You plan out your mission, messaging, and brand design. But your company takes on a personality that is driven not only by you, the owner but also by every single employee. Remembering that brand clarity is driven by both your messaging and your actions, it’s easier to see that your business personality comes from you, your employees, and your customers themselves.

7 Steps to Building Strong Brand Clarity

These 7 steps will help you build a recognizable brand and help you periodically evaluate your brand clarity, as well.

  • Define the objectives for your business
  • Be able to succinctly state your business model
  • Create a robust customer description (avatar) for your ideal customers
  • Be clear about the pain points your prospective customers have and how your offers mitigate or solve the pain points
  • Choose one key message that creates a bridge between you and your ideal customers, and use this messaging consistently
  • Be extremely consistent in your actions toward your employees, paying customers, and the public.
  • Create ways to get frequent feedback from customers and employers and pay attention to what you find out

Maintaining Your Brand’s Clarity Over Time

Your business changes over time, and your customer base changes, as well. So it’s important to periodically take the pulse of your business and see if your branding needs to be sharpened or refreshed. This helps you maintain clarity with your existing customers and keep the bridge to new customers wide open. Brand clarity helps you keep your business stable and growing, and that’s what your customers want to see.

What is Brand Clarity and Why Is It Important Right Now? by Sue Painter

Sue Painter is the founder of The Confident Marketer. She specializes in brand clarity and e-mail marketing and works with emerging and small business owners around the world.

You can reach Sue directly at [email protected] 

Follow Sue on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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