Here’s How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner: The Elements You Need Written by Mahendra Bajiya

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one foolproof YouTube banner template that worked for you? Or at least a set of guidelines that, when followed, would guarantee your YouTube banners will work. There is no such thing, but this article gives you some inspiration on what visual elements to include in your YouTube banners, so they are more likely to attract viewers.

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner: The Elements You Need Written by Mahendra Bajiya

The Elements You Need in Your YouTube Banners

The YouTube banner is the first thing people see when they arrive on your YouTube channel. It’s what can make or break whether viewers decide to stay and watch more of your content, so don’t think that just because you’re not talented in graphic design, it won’t work for you.

The secret is keeping things very simple with attention-grabbing visuals.

You’ve seen YouTube banners before – they are the images at the top of a YouTube channel. They can be video thumbnails or just an image with text overlayed on it. But what these YouTube banners all have in common: they contain visual elements to attract your attention and make you want to watch the videos within them.

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner: The Elements You Need Written by Mahendra Bajiya
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To create effective YouTube banner designs, follow this checklist:

Make sure there is enough contrast.

Between the background color and image/text colors, the viewer’s eye focuses properly on each element.

Make sure the image is relevant.

To your YouTube channel’s content, and not just thrown in there because it looks nice.

Keep text elements simple.

Use sizable bold lettering for titles or essential words/phrases you want viewers to remember. Use subtitles or smaller fonts when necessary. Please don’t go overboard with text elements, as YouTube banners are usually hectic designs that need less than more for typeface choices.

Include relevant keywords where appropriate.

Such as title, but don’t jam too many words into one space because then everything loses focus and looks cluttered.

Include relevant YouTube badges

If they apply to your YouTube content, but don’t make them too big or distracting – viewers want to watch the video, not play with YouTube badges!

Use engaging imagery

That makes people want to learn more by watching related content on your YouTube channel. Make sure the imagery is relevant, though, and not just bright colors for the sake of it.

Use your logo or brand name as the main image.

Unless it doesn’t fit with your YouTube channel theme, and then you can opt for a human face that is also simple. For example, if you’re an artist who uses abstract paintings in all of your YouTube videos, keep those recognizable images in the YouTube banner template.

Include a large image or video thumbnail

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner: The Elements You Need Written by Mahendra Bajiya
Pixabay / Pexels 

From one of your YouTube videos, make it easy for your audience to learn more about what you do.

A YouTube subscribe button and other social media buttons are relevant but keep them subtle and not too overbearing. These options should be available on all your YouTube banner templates, so they are easy to access for viewers who get curious about your content! Keep in mind that YouTube banners need to look good without any clickable links, so these elements cannot be dominating or intrusive.

Employ an appropriate YouTube banner size

1560 x 396 pixels is the appropriate YouTube banner size, but it can be smaller if your content doesn’t require the entire space (e.g., portrait photography).

Display your channel name and subscriber count

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner: The Elements You Need Written by Mahendra Bajiya
Szabo Viktor / Pexels 

Even though they are usually over a certain threshold to be visible on YouTube banners, you can choose whether you want them there or not. Just make sure it’s included if that is what you’re going for. You don’t have to disclose numbers under 100 subscribers, but keep in mind that it might assist with views on future videos since it shows engagement.

Include animated YouTube banners

Are also a great way to catch people’s attention when they arrive on your YouTube channel. They show movement, which is very alluring and can be used in static images or videos if you have the budget for it. However, these aren’t feasible without an ad sponsor, so keep that in mind when working with limited resources!

Using this checklist will help ensure YouTube banner success regardless of whether you are a novice graphic designer yourself or have no idea how to begin working on these images at all!


How to Create the Perfect YouTube Banner: The Elements You Need Written by Mahendra Bajiya
Venngage / Venngage

When creating a banner for YouTube for each of your YouTube videos, they are more likely to attract viewers and give them a good idea about what type of content they will find on your YouTube channel. In addition, Venngage makes the YouTube banner easy even for non-designers by letting users upload their photos and having access to YouTube banner templates that you can edit without touching any code.

The elements listed in the article help make these images effective for promoting YouTube videos, so don’t think that it won’t work for you just because you’re not talented in graphic design! Use the information presented here to guide your choices when creating an eye-catching image specific to YouTube. Is there a foolproof formula in creating a YouTube banner that works?

Get inspired and find out what visual elements you need by reading this article. And remember – if all else fails, add some text like “stay tuned” or “latest uploads.” People respond well when something needs their attention, so use these words sparingly at the bottom of YouTube banners in text form.

So now you know what elements go into YouTube banner design – the next step?

Use Venngage banner to create awesome YouTube banner templates starting from scratch or using one of our established templates. You can even add YouTube logo template designs too! There are plenty of options to choose from, so get started today by creating your YouTube banner right here.

Don’t be afraid to try a YouTube channel art template because you’re not a graphic designer. With the right components and some practice, you too can create free YouTube banner designs that attract viewers and encourage them to check out more videos on your YouTube channel!


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