Crafting an Eye-Catching YouTube Banner: Guidelines for Success

February 24, 2023
youtube banner

For those looking to make their mark on YouTube, creating an eye-catching banner is key to getting noticed. A well-designed YouTube banner can help your channel stand out and attract more viewers. 

But how do you create a great-looking YouTube banner? Fortunately, there are some simple guidelines that anyone can follow to ensure their banners look professional and attractive.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to design a stunning banner for your channel that will draw attention and help get more people to watch your videos.

Importance of a YouTube Banner

A YouTube banner is an important part of any channel’s identity, as it’s the first thing viewers see when they visit your page and has a significant role in growing a YouTube channel. It should be eye-catching and represent the content you’re producing in a positive light.

YouTube banner is critical if you are using YouTube for business. The banner sets the tone for the rest of your channel and serves as a consistent branding element across all of your videos and posts. It should be visually appealing, highlight the main topics you cover on your channel, and give viewers a sense of what type of content they can expect from you.

Having an up-to-date banner that reflects changes in focus or style is essential for maintaining viewer engagement and keeping your channel looking professional. The banner is also a great place to include important contact information, social media links, or even special offers for your followers. 

More importantly, the banner is a great way to increase watch time. You can entice viewers to stick around and watch more of your content by including visuals that hint at upcoming videos or updates.

5 Things to Consider When Making a YouTube Banner

Things to Consider When Making a YouTube Banner

The YouTube channel art is the first thing viewers see when they visit your page, so it must be memorable and representative of you or your brand. Here are five things to consider when making a great YouTube banner that will leave a lasting impression on your viewers.


When making your YouTube banner, your chosen image can be just as important as the text and other elements. Consider using an image relevant to your content and resonates with your viewers. It could be a photo of yourself or something related to the type of videos you make. You want the image to help create a strong and lasting impression on your viewers.

You should also be aware of any copyright issues associated with your chosen image. You might want to use a Creative Commons-licensed photo or create your artwork instead. Whatever image you decide on, make sure it reflects who you are and what your YouTube channel is all about.


The layout of your YouTube banner primarily decides how impactful it can be. Consider how you want your viewers to interact with the space and what elements are most important in conveying your message. Use clear spacing between elements on your banner to look organized and easy to read.

Consider the size of your text relative to the other images and text on your banner. You want to be sure that all elements are visible to viewers and are manageable and manageable. Finally, when choosing colors for your design, think about how you want people’s eyes to moving through the page and how different colors might affect their viewing experience.

There are different types of layouts to choose from. Depending on the purpose of your banner, consider a single-image layout featuring one large image or a combination of multiple images.

If you have several pieces of information that you want to include, then a multi-row layout might be best. You can also use a grid layout to organize multiple elements in an easily digestible way.


A tagline is an integral part of your brand that runs across your social presence. A good tagline can help draw in viewers and give them an idea of what kind of content you’re offering. Here are some tips on crafting a compelling tagline for your YouTube banner: 

  • Make it memorable. Keep things simple yet memorable. Your tagline should be easy to remember so that it sticks in the minds of your viewers. 
  • Keep it relevant. Your tagline should reflect what kind of content you’re creating and adding value to people’s lives.
  • Add keywords. Include words that describe your channel, such as “gaming” or “lifestyle.” This will help attract viewers who are already looking for the kind of content you create.
  • Use a call to action. A good tagline should make people want to know more about your channel, so include words that incite curiosity and encourage people to take action.

Channel Links

Channel links are another important part of making an impactful YouTube banner. These links make it easy for viewers to access your content on other platforms or even contact you directly. A strong channel link will also help to boost engagement by encouraging people to subscribe. Here are some tips to help make sure your channel link is effective: 

  • Make sure the channel link is visible. You don’t have to make it huge or stand out with flashy graphics, but make sure it’s clear and easy to find on your banner.
  • Give viewers a call to action. Make sure the message in your channel link includes an instruction for people to take, such as “Subscribe Now” or “Click Here to Follow.”
  • Include a link in your URL. The URL for your channel should include the link, so viewers can easily copy and paste it directly into their browsers.
  • Keep it updated. Remember to check back regularly and ensure you have the most up-to-date channel link on your banner.


The dimensions of your YouTube banner are critical to show it the right way. Incorrect dimensions can make your banner look distorted or fuzzy, or crop out important information. An ideal size for YouTube banners is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This will ensure your banner looks great on all devices, from phones to computers.

Size and Format of YouTube Banner

YouTube Banner Size

YouTube banner is key to having an aesthetically pleasing and impactful page. The recommended size for banners on YouTube is 2560 x 1440 pixels, although the minimum size requirement is 2048 x 1152 pixels.

YouTube Banner Format

The ideal file format for YouTube banners is a JPG or PNG. This will produce the highest quality image with the best resolution when uploaded. Make sure your file size is no more than 6 MB, the maximum file size allowed by YouTube.

YouTube Banner Safe Area

When creating a banner image for YouTube, it is important to consider the safe area. This part of your banner will remain visible on any device and screen size. It is recommended to keep important text and logos within the safe area, which is 1235 x 338 pixels. This will ensure that all viewers can still read and interact with your banner, no matter the device.

How to Add a YouTube Banner

Once you have got a design you like, you’ll need to add it as your YouTube banner. To do this:

  • Sign into Google and go to YouTube.
  • Head over to the YouTube Studio.
  • Head to your ‘Channel Settings.’
  • Select the ‘Branding’ tab.
  • Here you should see an option to upload a new banner and other options to update your channel icon and watermark.
  • After clicking the ‘Upload Image’ button, you can select your YouTube banner design from your files.

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5 Best YouTube Banner Examples for Inspiration

Creating a captivating YouTube banner is essential if you want your channel to stand out and draw in viewers. To help get the creative juices flowing, we’ve collected five of the best Youtube banner examples for inspiration.

Jillian Harris

Banner Examples for Inspiration

Source: Jillian Harris // Youtube

Jillian Harris’ YouTube banner is the epitome of minimalism and branding. The banner photo features her name and the date her brand was established, leaving the typeface to be the star of the show. By keeping it simple, Jillian effectively conveys her persona and brand in a single glance.  This strategy is effective and eye-catching, making it one of the best YouTube banner examples.

Justin Brown-Primal Video

Justin Brown-Primal Video

Source: Justin Brown-Primal Video // Youtube

The Justin Brown-Primal Video channel art stands out with its vibrant energy. The combination of blue and black solid colors gives the banner focus areas, while the color-graded photo in the middle adds a dynamic touch.

The font size and colorful background add to the cohesion of the design while keeping the overall look organized and polished. It’s a great example of creating an eye-catching banner without complicating it.

Bright Side

youtube banner brightside

Source: Bright Side // YouTube

Bright Side is the go-to destination for millions of people to must-know theories and answers. Their YouTube channel art captures their bold and creative video content perfectly, with a bright and eye-catching design that offers up plenty of inspiration.

With a bright and graceful yellow color paired with minimal black text consisting of the brand name and tagline, they have created one of the most inspiring YouTube banners.


tripadvisor youtube banner

Source: TripAdvisor // Youtube

TripAdvisor is a go-to resource used by travelers worldwide looking to discover places to go quickly and more details about their intended destinations. TripAdvisor YouTube banner features a red travel bag in focus, instantly hitting the viewers’ wishlist and compelling them to pack up their bags and head to their favorite destination. Since they are already on TripAdvisor’s page, they know where to find information about their trip.


Tasty Youtube channel

Source: Tasty // YouTube

If you’re looking for the perfect combination of tasty visuals and creative design, you can’t go wrong with Tasty’s YouTube banner. Their banner is justifiably tempting as one of the most popular food channels. The various food items are portrayed as vibrant and illustrious, and their banner looks too good to pass without diving deep into their content.

Key Takeaways

A YouTube banner is an essential part of creating a successful YouTube channel. It is the first thing visitors on your page notice. The banner sets the tone for the rest of your channel and serves as a consistent branding element across all your videos and posts.

Remember to:

  • Consider images, channel links, taglines, layouts, and dimensions when designing your YouTube banner;
  • keep your banner’s size optimized, which is 2560 x 1440 pixels, and include all important information within the safe area;
  • add the YouTube banner by going to the channel settings in your YouTube Studio.

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