11 Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost Sales

December 07, 2020
Christmas Marketing

It’s the official Christmas season and everyone is happy! That’s because of the amazing atmosphere and tons of marketing ideas that digital marketers can take advantage of.

We’ve talked about the early Christmas shopping that started happening in early June. Even though it was strange, it was true. People bought and ordered tons of Christmas gifts during summer. Maybe that’s because they knew most shops would close because of the situation. Or simply because they wanted to distract themselves from the daily routine and mostly, the news.

1. The first and most important: Have a goal! As a digital marketer caring about the brand you’re working for, you already know what your small business needs. Whether you’re focusing on sales, spreading the word, reaching for partnerships, etc. the goal is the first thing on your To-Do list.

With a goal, you know best where you will invest more and who to target. Whether you’re thinking of social media campaigns or email marketing.

Themed Email Marketing Campaign

2. Themed Email Marketing Campaign. ‘-50% for the official HoHoHo Season!’. Here’s a nice and catchy title for your next email marketing campaign. Not only are you wishing them a prosperous new year. But there’s also something half-priced you’re offering. Your subscribers will open the email. They’ll take the time to read what you’re providing. They already love your service. They’re looking forward to getting something new and cheaper. It’s like the perfect Christmas gift.

3. Christmassy-Package. Everybody loves details. If your small business consists of sending packages and gifts, think of investing in package-designs. Let everyone know that you really care about your brand. Show everyone that your imagination is something to be proud of. Personalize all the Christmas cards. Think of all the social media tags you’ll get.

Seasonal Social Media Ads - Christmas Marketing
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

4. Shoot for the stars by collaborating with another small business. We know the importance of giveaways when it comes to growing the social media audience. Team up with whichever feels right for you and your brand.

5. Seasonal Social Media Ads. Advertise your brand by sponsoring your team all dressed up in Christmas sweaters. Advertise a new feature/service Christmas-themed colored. Or simply add some holiday-related #hashtags. Don’t forget to target every holiday shopper out there!

6. Holiday-Themed Webinar. Ever thought of getting together with your international customers? Well, this is one of the most interesting things to consider!

Holiday-Themed Webinar
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

7. Funny and unique memes. Meme season doesn’t have an expiration date. We all love memes and send them to our friends all the time. It’s a nice idea to create a unique meme that might get viral. Aiming for viral!

8. Change all your social media profile photos. Add a nice Santa hat, snowflakes, hot cups of chocolate, etc.

How about your loyal customers?

9. Reward all your loyal customers and brand ambassadors. On Thanksgiving, Publer created a dedicated email marketing campaign for all the Brand Ambassadors. The email consisted of a wish and an infographic. That’s a nice thing to do for Christmas. There are tons of articles and infographics that contain digital tools or other business ideas. But they might be expansive or irrelevant.

10. Get creative with a video of all your team members. Record a timelapse video where everybody is decorating the office. Then, take the time to wish everyone an amazing Christmas season!

11. Make a gift to yourself!

Reward all your loyal customers and brand ambassadors
Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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