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How to Grow Social Media Followers (7 Features +Tips)

July 20, 2023
How to Grow Social Media Followers

Managing your online presence across various social networks can be a daunting task, whether you’re a marketing agency, freelancer, or running an online business.

To make things easier and attract new leads, the solution is to use a social network management tool.

These tools offer a variety of functions, including scheduling and publishing engaging content, analyzing audience data, and optimizing your social media campaigns.

To use the full potential of social media software, we will take a closer look at all these options so you can learn how to grow social media followers and increase your ROI and client engagement.

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What Makes the Best Social Media Management Tool?

When it comes to selecting the best social media management tool, it’s important to note that there is a wide range of options available, and not all of them will meet your specific requirements.

While many of these tools offer similar features, such as post planning and scheduling, it’s worth considering that some may not support all social networks (e.g., Later doesn’t support YouTube).

To make an informed decision, consider the following questions:

  • How many social networks do I need to manage?
  • How frequently do I want to publish posts per day?
  • Which analytics are most relevant for audience development?
  • Does the social media management tool integrate with other applications like Canva or Vistacreate?

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How to Grow Social Media Followers with these 7 Features

Let’s check out the essential features of a social media management tool that can help you grow your audience.

1. Manage All Social Media Channels in One Platform

The primary factor distinguishing one social media management tool from another is its ability to manage multiple channels within a unified platform effectively.

However, it’s not solely about the number of channels the application supports. The tool must also have user-friendly features to manage all social media efficiently.

For instance, Publer stands out as it supports various social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all facilitated by its easy-to-use interface. Users can seamlessly switch between different channels and easily schedule post publications using a calendar feature.

Here’s the calendar view on Publer, a feature that displays your posts with corresponding icons to indicate their status, such as drafts, manually scheduled posts, recycling posts, recurring posts, and already published posts.

calendar view publer

2. Add Unlimited Projects for Multiple Clients

When selecting a social media management tool, it’s essential to consider the ability to manage projects not only with your team but also with your customers.

For instance, Publer offers a Workspace function that allows you to efficiently manage and organize all your customers’ social media accounts within a single platform. Whether you handle multiple customers, brands, or projects, you can create separate workspaces in Publer. This way, you can maintain a well-organized workflow tailored to your preferences.

With this option, you can establish different levels of collaboration, track and approve all post changes, and view your customers’ comments. As a marketing agency, you can seamlessly transition between projects, ensuring each client’s content and campaigns remain separate and well-managed.

From scheduling posts to analyzing performance, you can deliver top-notch service to each customer without encountering any limitations.

Here’s a simple overview of what the Workspaces feature looks like on Publer. Start collaborating today!

collaboration feature

3. Automate Post Publishing to All Your Channels

To ensure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, it’s crucial to establish a presence on social networks where your target audience is active and maintain a consistent posting schedule.

With the help of a social network management tool, you can simplify these tasks and have greater control over when your posts get published. Tools like Publer offer a range of scheduling options to suit your needs.

For instance, if you wish to share the same post multiple times per week, you can use the Recurring option and select the days that work best for you. Additionally, Publer’s analytics tools allow you to track post performance and identify the optimal times for message publication.

Last, if you want to re-launch a past marketing campaign, you can easily recycle your old posts and repost them on your preferred channels. This ensures that your successful content gets another chance to reach your audience effectively.

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4. Upload Photos and Videos in Bulk

When operating an online business or handling the online presence of larger companies, it’s essential to run ambitious marketing campaigns to reach new potential customers. This involves increasing the frequency of messages and consistently publishing content to maintain visibility with the audience.

Social media management tools are valuable in achieving this goal as they allow you to publish messages in large quantities, saving significant time in campaign setup and monitoring. 

For example, Publer’s Bulk-Scheduling feature lets you prepare all your posts in CSV format, where you can write your message, include images and the publishing date.

This streamlined process helps you efficiently manage your marketing efforts and maintain a strong online presence.

Here are the benefits of Bulk-Scheduling option with Publer:

  • Preparing months’ worth of posts in less time than ever before.
  • Stay consistent with posting schedules.
  • Keep an active social media feed.
  • Free up time to spend on other marketing efforts.
Publer bulk upload

Note: You can upload up to 500 visual content at once via Publer.

5. Access Reports for a Detailed Overview of Day-to-Day Accomplishments

Another key to building your audience is to choose a tool that provides detailed analysis of the performance of your posts and marketing messages.

With an application like Publer, you gain access to in-depth social media posts analysis, enabling you to enhance your results and achieve a better return on investment.

Within Publer, numerous indicators are available, allowing you to:

  • Analyze organic and sponsored posts across multiple platforms to identify areas where you gain or lose visibility.
  • Monitor the total number of followers and page likes across all networks.
  • Access insights on reach, engagement, link clicks, and video views.
  • Track clicks on your Instagram Link in Bio posts.

Furthermore, Publer provides detailed audience demographic analysis, including age, countries, and cities where you receive the most engagement. This valuable data empowers you to make informed decisions and refine your marketing strategies for optimal audience growth.

Note: All analytical data can be exported in PDF format.

6. Create Images From Various Sources Using Canva Pro, Unsplash, AI

A significant benefit of using a social media management tool is the capability to create content directly within the platform.

For instance, Publer offers seamless integration with applications like Canva, Unsplash, and VistaCreate. 

This integration empowers users to generate posts and messages directly on the Publer platform. It eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools, streamlining the content creation process and making it more convenient for users to craft engaging and visually appealing posts.

This feature allows you to access a vast library of high-quality images, graphics, and templates from Canva Pro, enabling you to create visually stunning and professional-looking posts.

Additionally, you can tap into the extensive collection of royalty-free images from Unsplash, ensuring you always have captivating visuals at your disposal.

With AI integration, you can leverage smart algorithms to generate relevant and engaging content ideas, saving you time and boosting your creativity.

Here’s how it looks when creating social media posts from Publer.

how to grow social media followers

7. Get Customer Support 24/7

Finally, an essential aspect to consider in your social networking tool is its reliability and seamless performance. Publer ensures uninterrupted service with live support available five days a week, regardless of the plan you select. Should you encounter any issues or have questions, their support team is there to assist you.

Additionally, you have access to the Publer Help Center, which keeps you informed about any new updates or features. This comprehensive support system ensures that you can rely on Publer to run smoothly and efficiently for all your social media management needs.

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Grow Your Followers with Publer!
Grow on social media fast and with less effort. Get more views, likes, and subscribers with our analytics features and scheduling tools.

Try Publer for free!

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