How to Post to Instagram from Your Computer with Publer

September 29, 2022
how to post to instagram

Instagram was initially launched as a photo-sharing app for mobile phones in 2010. Over a decade later, it has become one of the top social media platforms in the world. Instagram eventually released a web version allowing users to enjoy the platform across various devices. 

On the web version, you can watch and reply to stories, scroll through your feed, comment and like on posts, reply to messages, check notifications, go to the Explore tab, make money on the platform, and post photos and videos on your profile.

In this article, we’ll share quick and easy steps to post on Instagram from a computer. 

How To Post To Instagram From Your Computer 

Here’s how you can post on Instagram using a computer:

  1. Go to your desktop browser and type in the address bar.
  2. Login by using your username, email, contact number, or Facebook credentials. 
  1. Look for the ‘+’ button at the top bar and click ‘Select from Computer’ to browse your files.
  1. Instagram makes it easy to edit your photos before uploading them. Just crop, zoom, or add more photos as desired. You can also use other editing apps or edit directly on Instagram to add a filter, adjust brightness, or other features. Once you’re done editing, click ‘Next.’
  1. Write a caption that matches your photo. You can also add a location or even alt text for your images.
  2. Click ‘Share’ to post on Instagram. 
how to post to instagram from

You can also post videos on Instagram from your PC. Upload your files in an MP4 format no bigger than 650 MB for videos less than 10 minutes and 3.6 GB for videos between 10 minutes to an hour long to avoid issues.

Use a 16:9 aspect ratio for horizontal videos, but you can also use the 1:1 ratio to keep the aesthetics of your feed.

Choose a cover image, upload a custom photo, trim the video, and turn off the sound if you prefer.

Bonus Tip: You can also save Instagram videos using your computer by clicking the bookmark and adding them to your collection. 

How To Post To Instagram From A Computer With Publer 

If you’re looking for a way to manage your Instagram posts more easily from a computer, Publer is a great social media management tool that offers more features than the basic Instagram web version. 

  1. The calendar view lets you organize your posts and see when they are scheduled to go live. You can see all your posts in one place, including drafts, manually scheduled posts, recurring posts, and published posts.

You can create Instagram posts directly from the calendar using the + icon and drag & drop feature to change dates in real time. Additionally, the calendar feature allows you to filter your posts. Just click on the month, week, or day you want to see all the posts from that time. You can also search for keywords or specific text.

Publer’s virtual calendar makes it easy to keep your content relevant and timely. You can view national, international, and social media holidays, including related keywords. The calendar view also shares the best times to post on Instagram and real-time insights on posts with the highest engagement.

Plus, you have the option to import visuals and schedule posts to upgrade your Instagram content.

  1. The Browser Extension makes it easy to share content from any site on Instagram. Just click the “Share” button when you’re on any site, and Publer will pop up with the image attached. You can then draft, schedule, and post it on Instagram, all while saving local storage.
  1. Bulk Scheduling allows you to manage a month’s worth of content in one bulk posting. You can either manually add posts, upload content in bulk, or import and schedule from a CSV file.
  1. Scheduling Reels With Publer can give you a preview of your Reel once automatically published. You can schedule reels in bulk by adding the hashtag #reels in the Message column of your CSV spreadsheet. 

Key Takeaways 

Instagram on PC is an excellent way to post content because it’s easier and faster to navigate the platform on a computer. Social media management tools like Publer also give you the same functionalities as the mobile app.

  • Manage your content and schedule posting with ease
  • Improve your content strategy with access to real-time insights on best-performing Instagram posts
  • Allow you to stay relevant and on top of the latest trends and social media events using its virtual calendar
  • Expand your content source with helpful features like the Browser Extension

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