The Ultimate Instagram Marketing Guide: 12 Tips

February 27, 2023
instagram marketing

Social media tips and tricks are everywhere. In fact, there are so many out there that it can be overwhelming to know which ones are effective when it comes to growing your business accounts.

Instagram is one of the leading social media, and almost 31 percent of global audiences are aged between 18 and 24 years.

Now is the time for your business to take action, try something new, and create content that will engage your audience over the coming months. 

Use reels to showcase your team, post question stickers to start conversations with customers, tag products in your stories, and automate your Instagram activities to enhance interaction and streamline your marketing efforts.

We made it easy for you, as we listed 12 Instagram marketing hacks you can use to grow your Instagram account and grow your business fast.

Let’s get started!

What Is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing means growing your brand awareness, audience, leads, and sales, and it is a highly effective marketing platform for creators, brands, and entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the Instagram marketing strategies:

  • Organic content: Photo, video, carousel posts, Stories, Reels.
  • Paid content: Instagram ads, Stories ads, Shopping ads.
  • Shopping tools: Product tags and catalog, Shop tab,
  • Instagram Checkout, Shopping ads.
  • Influencer marketing

Now that you know what Instagram marketing is, let’s have a look at why Instagram is one of the best platforms if you want to grow your business with social media marketing.

The Benefits of Instagram Marketing

First of all, Instagram focuses on visual content as well as text posts, which benefits your business because visual social media posts can get 650% more engagement than posts with only text.

This makes it easy to attract your followers with eye-catching photos and videos. But that’s not enough. Here are a few more reasons why Instagram marketing is a great option for promoting your business.

Instagram has the highest engagement rate of any major social media platform. Meaning that you can easily get tons of likes, followers, comments, etc. You can easily drive traffic to your website by adding links to your profile and Instagram stories.

You can also sell products directly from Instagram. In fact, more than 75% of Instagram users have purchased a product from Instagram at least once. 

12 Next Level Instagram Marketing Tips 

Here are 12 tips you can learn from and create better content and increase your engagement.

1. Update Your Instagram Business Profile

If you do not update your Instagram business profile, then your audience might know little about your company. They will judge you based on your profile, so be extra careful.

Instagram Bio is important. It should be short but informative. You are allowed to write about your company in 150 characters.

Update Your Instagram Business Profile

Also, consider adding a shop button to your profile so buyers can shop directly with just one click.

Use hashtags in your bio to help people get to know you better. This is also a great way to make your branded hashtag stand out.

2. Getting Verified

Research shows that 73.4% of creators and brands with over 1 million followers are verified.

You don’t need a little blue check mark to be successful on Instagram, but it will help you build confidence and stand out.

To apply for Instagram verification, look at this article, which explains well all the steps you should follow to get that blue tick.

3. Stay True To Your Aesthetic

Create a cohesive profile for the only reason that your audience will recognize your post based on your style. And that is part of branding.

Still, a recognizable look can help attract your desired audience, but style without substance is not a strategy.

Stay True To Your Aesthetic - instagram marketing

From time to time, users would like to see what’s behind the scenes and far from the filtered images. 

4. Create Instagram Posts That Engage Viewers

Give people a reason to follow your Instagram page. You can start by not posting the same content on each social media platform.

5. Stay Active by Scheduling Content

Publer is the perfect choice to manage all your social media marketing. It has all the tools you need for scheduling, planning, analytics, and more, plus advanced features to take you further.

Publer allows you to schedule posts for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business, YouTube, WordPress, and Telegram. Save time by not having to switch between 7 apps to post content.

Stay Active by Scheduling Content

Publer users can access fully personalized and custom recommendations on the best times to post content for maximum reach, impressions, or engagement.

6. Know How To Hashtag

One of the easiest ways to get more followers on Instagram is with hashtags. Instagram posts with at least one hashtag generate approximately 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags.

You can add up to 30 hashtags per each Instagram post. Choose hashtags wisely, don’t post just because it’s trendy. All hashtags should be relevant.

7. Post At The Right Time

By posting at the right time, you can hack Instagram’s algorithm to your advantage, reach more people, and get more engagement.

If your audience isn’t online when you create your post, they may not see your content at all. A simple solution here is to schedule posts when your audience is active.

This guide will show you the best time to post on social media to find out more.

8. Launch an Ad Campaign 

Enhancing your marketing strategy with advertising can pay off big. Here are two ways to get started with Instagram ads:

The easiest way is to promote your post. You can turn an existing Instagram post into an ad by clicking the Promote Post button. However, a business or creator account is required.

As you can imagine, this is similar to Facebook’s “Boost” feature. You must connect our Instagram account to Meta Business Suite now that Meta owns both companies.

After clicking Promote Post, follow the simple steps to set your budget, narrow your audience, and set your duration. Also, you can customize your targeting options or let Instagram target your ads automatically. 

Another way is to go big and launch a whole Instagram advertising campaign.

9. Work With Influencers 

A simple solution is to partner with an Instagram influencer with a large following. So, you can reach that person’s large audience and gain more followers and interaction.

You can work with niche influencers to reach many new customers, even if you are a small brand. Do not hesitate to contact them first and propose to collaborate.

10. Create High-Quality Visual Content 

Instagram is a visual platform. That means you need to create eye-catching posts that engage your audience. Be creative and bold with Instagram Reels, Stories, and more. Entertain your audience with transitions and effects.

11. Be Clever With Your Captions 

Images on Instagram may be important, but good captions can also help promote your business on this social network.

A great way to use Instagram captions is to provide additional information about your photos.

For example, if you post a product photo, you can add information such as price, product model, and purchase link to make it easier for interested people to purchase.

If you want more comments on your Instagram post, you can use captions to ask questions. Not only will you get more engagement, but it’s also a great way to learn more about your customers.

Use emojis and end the captions with a call to action (CTA) for maximum impact. 

If you run out of ideas, do not worry! You can start your post and let Publer AI assist do the rest. 

It will complete your text quickly and guarantee that your messages are professional, polished, and ready to be published.

12. Spotlight UGC

It can be difficult to consistently fill your feed with original and creative content, especially if you have a small team and budget.

Chances are you have a community of followers already sharing your content organically. Many brands do a great job of incorporating UGC (User Generated Content) into their feeds. Remember, always ask for permission before posting user-generated content. 

Here is an example how Publer use UGC.

instagram marketing

Key Takeaways

Here is a quick recap of the most important tips you need to follow to increase your engagement and grow your business with Instagram marketing.

  • Update your Instagram business profile.
  • Don’t post the same content on each social media platform.
  • Post at the right time with Publer.
  • Launch an Ad campaign.
  • Work with niche influencers to reach many new customers.
  • Publer AI Assist can help you write clever captions.
  • Incorporate UGC into your Instagram posts.

Which of these tips will you use today? Let us know in the comments.

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