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Easily Share Content with Publer Browser Extension

January 06, 2021

Updated: April 4th, 2022

A brand new feature that will smooth the whole post scheduling process has been live now for over a week. Being such a piece of wonderful news, we’re starting the new year’s updates with this one.

It’s official: Publer Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari extensions are here!

Our newest add-ons are priorly tested and reviewed and as you’re reading, numerous people are saving time by properly using them.

Before we dive into explaining how you can benefit from Publer’s Browser Extension, let’s understand what it is first.

Browser extensions are plugins that can be pinned on the top right corner of the site. They help save time by replacing a whole website or tool with one single click.

easily share content with publer browser extension

Top 7 advantages of using Publer Browser Extension:

  1. Share content across all major social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google My Business, Pinterest) in just a few clicks
  2. Create and schedule social media posts without having to open Publer on a new tab
  3. You can share photos, videos, Gifs, links, and webpages without the need to download/upload, or copy-paste any of them
  4. All Publer dashboard functionalities (i.e follow-up comments, auto-share, signature, auto-delete, previewing, etc.) scheduling modes, and even the team switch option will be available when the pop-up window shows
  5. Save time and local storage while handling everything in one single window – for peace of mind
  6. It’s free and fast!
The ‘Share’ button automatically appearing below each photo

The extension will initialize by simply clicking on the extension’s icon on the top right corner of the site or by pressing ⇧⌘0 (shift+command+zero) on the keyboard. This way you start creating a brand new post right away – without going to Publer’s website first!

The Publer browser extension will help share various types of content without even leaving the current page you’re on. There’s no more need to open a new tab and copy-paste texts, add/drag photos, videos, Gifs, or links.

Let’s discover all the ways you can use Publer Browser Extension:

Hover the mouse to a visual media and click on the ‘Share’ option right below it

Publer Browser Extension
Extension’s Share button

Share a webpage or link by right-clicking on it and selecting: “Share link with Publer”

share link  with publer extension
Sharing links with Publer’s extension

Share a quote or text, by selecting it, right-clicking on it, and then choosing: “Share selection with Publer”

share quote with publer browser extension
Sharing selections with Publer’ extension

Share an image, by right-clicking on it and selecting: “Share image with Publer”

share image with publer browser extension

Here’s how you can add Publer browser extension:

  1. Instructions for Chromium-based browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi
  2. Instructions for Firefox
  3. Instructions for Microsoft Edge
  4. Instructions for Safari

As soon as you get the extension, you’ll be given multiple options for a customized and smooth experience:

  1. Automatically show the “Share” button on images – This option will allow you to see ‘Share’ under each and every image, regardless of the site you’re on. By clicking the ‘Share’ button, you’ll get a pop-up window of your Publer’s profile.
  2. Attach the current page when activating the extension – Each page you’re at right after clicking the extension icon will show a pop-up window with that page’s URL added as a link for a new post on Publer.

Both these options can be disabled at any time by visiting the extension’s settings page.

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