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Our Journey to Making Publer Dark Mode Available to Everyone

November 23, 2023
Publer dark mode

NEW Update: Dark Mode Is Now on the Publer App!

Guess what? The Publer app now has a brand new dark mode! We’re super excited to share this cool feature with you, available now with the new update on Play Store and App Store)

Dark mode on the Publer App

This update lets you enjoy a comfortable and visually appealing experience while managing your social media presence on the go. Whether you’re a longtime dark mode enthusiast or simply looking for a way to ease eye strain during late-night scheduling sessions, you can now switch to dark mode within the Publer app.

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Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of dark mode and how Publer can elevate your social media game!

Dark Mode: You take all the whites and turn them into blacks; then take all the original blacks and invert them to whites. Simple as that. It’s so simple that I might have just finished writing about it in one sentence. Right?

Wrong! Nothing is that simple – especially when it comes to the UI/UX of platforms used by thousands of users daily such as Publer.

In case you’ve been living under a rock recently (your default mode probably was dark 🤭) we have been testing out with our Publer Ambassadors this cool new look we want to give Publer through Dark Mode.

It is this sophisticated mix of dark shades and subtle accent colors that our Ambassadors have been granted exclusive access to for quite a while now.

Dark Mode has been in our minds and Roadmap for some time as it has been a crowd-favorite feature request on our Feedback page for 3 whole years!

Publer Dark Mode

And, after many cool Publer features, it was finally time to dive into the Dark.

Publer Ambassadors – Access to Exclusive Upcoming Publer Features

As previously mentioned, Publer Ambassadors had exclusive access to Dark Mode – testing and enjoying the new update before anyone else. We want this to be a common practice with our newest and most exclusive features, as we strongly believe in the Ambassadors community we have. 

We want our most loyal users to be able to enjoy and test out our upcoming #PublerUpdates before anyone else and if this sounds like something you would enjoy, we welcome you into our growing community!

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Publer Dark Mode – Now Available to Everyone

But it is time now for Dark Mode to become public and available to all Publer Users. 

We are confident enough that the new look will become a default for many Publer users and we cannot wait for you to try it out!

Interface appearance - Change theme

While you’re reading this article, take your time to get into your Publer dashboard and flip the appearance on your profile menu, on the upper-right section of your interface.

Now that the feature is out of the Beta phase, you can set your Publer appearance to your default device settings. This way, you don’t have to stick to one theme, and instead, have Publer adapt to your time of the day.

You can also find the Appearance settings on the main settings tab:

Publer appearance settings

Have something on your mind? Or do you want to just share your feedback with us? We would love to hear it! We’ve dedicated a feedback page to Dark Mode, to gather input on the usability of the interface and later on improve on the feature. So don’t be a stranger and start typing your thoughts in there.

Why Dim the Lights?

There are quite a few benefits to joining the dark side while working with Publer. After all, why would so many Publer users request such a feature? Here’s the gist of it.

App light mode

It is Easier on the Eyes.

Dark themes are becoming a norm nowadays. Operating systems, browsers, and websites… all are turning to the dark – And users are loving it. And the main reason why, it is actually pretty simple.

Dark Mode allows for more comfortable browsing and work, especially during late-night hours when outside light sources are scarce. The dark colors don’t strain the eye as much as the bright light of blank white pages and this helps users lessen their screen fatigue, improve their sleep, and decrease their daily dose of blue light intake. Dark Mode = Better health for all users.

It Saves Some Battery.

Diving into the physics of digital screens, bright areas of the screen will take much more energy to light up in comparison to darker areas. That means that in general darker colors and dim displays will 100% contribute to better battery stats and less charging time!

Depending on your screen type, of course, the battery saving levels will vary. Newer display options are becoming day-by-day smarter at handling individual pixels, as well as specific areas of the screen to save on energy, and since everyone is embracing dark themes, it only makes sense!

It is Aesthetically Pleasing.

Yes! Give us the sleek and sexy design of Dark Mode day and night! Whether it is the different perspective of viewing your dashboard, or the satisfying color contrast, users sure love Dark Mode! While yes – it is not for everyone, darker themes have been a recurring theme during the past few years in the digital world.

It Improves Accessibility.

As previously mentioned, Darker themes are easier on the eyes. Not just in terms of protecting your eye health, but also allowing you to better experience and see display elements on the screen. 

Dark Mode is particularly helpful for individuals with visual impairments like cataracts. The change in contrast allows for a clearer view of the screen and better overall accessibility.

Our Journey Into the Dark

As it is in real life, designing a Dark Mode isn’t always about black and white. 

If you ask Sabri, – our UI/UX superhero,- designing Dark Mode for Publer was not an easy task. Before writing this article, I decided to educate myself on some of the principles of Dark Mode, and Sabri was more than happy to help. Here’s what we kept in mind while creating Dark Mode in Publer:

Avoid Pure Colors

This is Dark Mode 101: Pure colors such as pure white or pure black should not exist in Dark Mode. They create a contrast that is uneasy on the eye and defeat the whole purpose of Dark themes: comfortability.

Publer Dark Mode Menu

Use Desaturated Colors

While those saturated buttons and accent colors look amazing on your white-themed website, they don’t necessarily look good in the dark. As we keep reminding you, Dark Mode is all about creating harmony with the elements of the website to create a digital environment that is easier on the eyes. To do that, better stay away from overly-saturated colors that create an uncomfortable contrast with the dark.

Keep Your Brand Identity Intact

While desaturating colors, you don’t have to invent the color wheel! Stick to your Brand colors and play with tints and shades to find the right amount of contrast AND still stay as close to your brand identity as possible. I am sure with the mastery of Sabri, no one even noticed that both the colors of Dark and Light Mode in Publer have changed slightly! (oops, was that a secret? 🤫)

customize publer interface

Spoiler Alert: Did you notice the cool way we’re showing these tweets? It’s something special our development team is working on for Publer! Soon, you’ll be able to create stunning screenshots like this from Twitter posts!

Communicate Depth Through Lighter Colors

While in White Mode we use plenty of shadows to create the depth effect of certain menus or modals, in the Dark options are limited. 

The most effective way to communicate depth and focus in Dark Mode is quite counterintuitive: You need to use lighter colors for areas you want to focus on the interface – and when necessary, even lighter borders. 

That’s what Sabri did! As you can see below, my notifications menu looks uber-cool and futuristic, all because of some professional tactics. (Has anyone asked Sabri if he teaches classes? 🤔)

Notifications ui

Implementing the Design

Yes, re-designing the whole Publer interface was not easy and took months of research and work. But so did implementing it. It took a lot of long hours for our development team to apply the design changes and Sergen is here to testify! 

While not all might understand the technical aspect of implementing Dark Mode into Publer, we can sure say it was a long but interesting journey. It involves classes and roots and directories we marketers fail to understand, but we sure thank the development team for doing a great job at making Publer extra special!

Based on User Feedback

Great features are born under great feedback! We are lucky to have such an active user base that builds Publer with us. Positive feedback gets our creative juices flowing and constructive feedback sure helps us get better with each day.

Dark Mode Feedback

If you have any feedback on Dark Mode or other features, or Feedback page is always open! We welcome any type of feedback that will help Publer improve and become your ideal social media partner!

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Your opinion is highly valued and will help all users, including you!

Now, take your time to explore Publer in the Dark while we cook some extra-special features for Publer, available first for Publer Ambassadors to experience!

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