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December 11, 2023

Ever since July 5, 2023, its big launch day, Threads App has surely known how to make waves in the vast social media ocean. The tide has now officially affected Europe.

With 100 million new users registering within the first week, Threads broke records in the social media game. We vividly remember all the initial hype and engagement the app generated. It became a global group chat for anyone to talk about their interests and get visibility on every corner of the globe… except for the E.U.

Threads Availability in European Union | EU Data Privacy Regulations

Threads’ release in the European Union faced a delay due to concerns about how the app will handle personal data. This hesitation is linked to the EU’s Digital Markets Act, which includes provisions about sharing user data on various platforms. Meta had to wait for approval from the European Commission, which is the executive arm of the EU before launching Threads in E.U. countries.

Threads EU Launch: December 14th

Threads was set to reach users in the European Union on December 14th.

While Meta didn’t officially announce anything, they discreetly updated the Threads website with a countdown timer, visible only to E.U countries and intentionally hidden from countries where Threads was already accessible. 

Threads EU Launch

The timer countdown announced 12.00 PM CET as the time of the big Threads release when Europeans were finally able to join the global conversation within the app.

But this date was also very important to Publer users. 

You Can Now Schedule Threads Posts with Publer!

Following the great impact Threads has had in the social media world, and also the promising new market expansions, we could not overlook the opportunity for our Publer users to schedule their Threads through Publer.

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Connect Threads to Publer, Schedule Threads with Publer

Threads scheduling has been a highly requested feature from all Publer users and social media managers in general, however implementing the new update was not an easy task.

All thanks to our Publer App and push notifications, we managed to find a workaround and support Thread scheduling via Publer, even though Meta’s official API does not permit scheduling from third-party tools.

Learn more about scheduling Threads with Publer here, and make sure you connect your Threads account to Publer!

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