Schedule Threads First: Publer’s Solution for the New Instagram’s App

July 12, 2023
instagram threads

Introducing Threads, a new app developed by the Instagram team, Mark Zuckerberg recently made the exciting announcement. This app focuses on text-based sharing and offers a range of features similar to Twitter.

Today, we will delve into Instagram Threads, a captivating social media service that might catch your interest. So if you are looking to explore Instagram Threads but don’t know where to get started then we got you covered! 

Additionally, we’ve gathered 11 crucial statistics that can provide valuable insights.

Here are some key takeaways:

  • What is Instagram Threads?
  • 11 important statistics to know before getting started with Instagram Threads
  • A step-by-step guide on how to get started

If you’re eager to learn more about this new social media platform, let’s get started!

What Is Instagram Threads?

While Instagram’s main focus has been connecting users through photos and videos, Threads aims to elevate the level of engagement by emphasizing text updates.

instagram threads app

In addition, Threads is a fresh application developed by the Instagram team, designed specifically for sharing text updates and participating in public conversations.

To access the app, simply log in using your Instagram account. With Threads, you can create posts with a maximum limit of 500 characters, allowing you to include links, photos, and videos up to 5 minutes in duration. We will talk about that later on.

11 Important Statistics to Know About Instagram Threads:

As mentioned in the introduction, here are 11 interesting facts and statistics about Instagram Threads up to this point:

  1. Threads went live on July 6th, 2023.
  2. The app is available in 100 countries and supports 30 languages.
  3. Within just 4 hours of its launch, Instagram Threads gained 5 million signups.
  4. Threads is experiencing rapid growth, surpassing the user base of ChatGPT, which reached 1 million users in 5 days.
  5. Due to legal issues, Threads is currently unavailable in European Union (EU) countries.
  6. You can share Threads on Instagram stories or through links on other platforms.
  7. In less than 24 hours after its release, users shared over 95 million Threads and engaged in approximately 190 million likes.
  8. Meta Threads, developed by the Instagram team, secured the top position in the Apple app store.
  9. According to internal Meta data, the app initially had 48 million sign-ups, but over the weekend, this number skyrocketed to 100 million sign-ups.
  10. Threads allows users to exchange 500-character messages, replies, and reposts.
  11. Threads is positioned as a direct competitor to Twitter.

Get Started with Instagram Threads in 4 easy steps

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you’ll find Threads’ user interface to be quite similar. Read on to learn how to get started with Instagram Threads if you are considering signing up for one.

Step 1: Sign Up to Threads

To begin with, Threads is not accessible on desktop computers; instead, you need to download the app on your iPhone or Android device.

Alternatively, you can directly join Threads from your Instagram app. Simply click on the menu, and you will be directed to the following page:

instagram threads log in

You just need to click on the “Threads” and simply connect with your current Instagram Data.

Next, you have the option to personalize your profile by adding a brief bio, an external link, and a profile picture. If you prefer a quick start, you can import these details directly from your Instagram account.

To enhance your timeline’s activity, you can have the opportunity to follow all your Instagram connections on Threads. If they haven’t joined Threads yet, they will appear as pending until they join, at which point they will be automatically added to your network.

Lastly, you have the freedom to determine the visibility of your account by choosing between a public or private setting. Opting for a private account allows you to select who can view your posts, similar to the privacy options available on Instagram or Twitter.

Step 2: Post Threads

To share a post on Threads, simply tap the icon located in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. From there, you can start typing your content, select the desired audience for responses from the dropdown menu, and then tap ‘Post’ to publish.

While exploring your timeline, you will notice four icons beneath each post. The heart icon allows you to like a post, while the speech bubble icon opens up a field where you can send a reply message.

Step 3: Share Threads

The remaining two icons serve the purpose of sharing. The icon with two arrows in a circle allows you to repost something onto your own timeline, similar to retweeting on other platforms.

Upon tapping this icon, you have the option to embed the content directly or quote it, sharing it along with your comments.

The arrow icon, resembling the one used in Instagram, enables you to share the post on other platforms. You can either share it as a direct link or post it to Instagram, either as a story or on your feed.

Now you don’t need to screenshot your Tweets and post it on Instagram!

Step 4: Search on Threads

Currently, the search feature in Threads is primarily focused on discovering accounts rather than specific content. To initiate a search, simply tap the search icon on the navigation bar and begin typing your query.

Publer on instagram threads

As of now, the capability to find specific posts is not available in Threads. However, in the future maybe the Instagram team will add hashtags and trends to enhance this aspect of the user experience and provide a more comprehensive search functionality.

Are You Planning to Move to Instagram Threads?

Twitter alternatives are clearly having a moment. The “mismanagement” over at the original platform leads to lots of users looking for a new home like Mastodon or Instagram Threads.

We have an article also explaining Mastodon, a relatively new social media very similar to Twitter. If you are interested, here’s the article along with important statistics.

Other than that, if you missed some of our latest features on Publer platform, read below.

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