What Is a Twitter Chat: Everything You Need to Know

November 03, 2022
what is a twitter chat

Twitter’s 280-character limit may seem like a boundary to interaction, but with over 486 million active users, it’s still a powerful tool for engagement. To stay ahead of the trends, Twitter has introduced interactive features like Twitter chats and hashtags.

Twitter chats are a great way to engage with your community, connect with like-minded people, and learn about new topics! However, many people are unsure of how to get started with them.

That’s why in this guide, we will show you how easy it is to become a Twitter chat expert. Find out exactly how chats can help you connect with other users and grow your brand.

What Is a Twitter Chat?

Twitter chat - scheduled conversation

A Twitter chat is a scheduled conversation that happens regularly and is hosted by the same account. Twitter chats have an assigned hashtag depending on a particular topic. When the chat day occurs, a specific sub-topic is selected. It’s a great way to engage with others who share your interests!

Twitter chats can last up to an hour, with 15 questions prepared in advance. The host usually formats the questions by tweeting “Q1” to signal the beginning of the Q&A portion, and participants will answer according to the assigned number with “A1,” “A2,” and so on. Participants are supposed to use the designated hashtags for every response to keep track of the conversation.

Chats will always start with an introduction and end with a closing statement. They are similar to Twitter Spaces but are perfect for brief yet effective conversations about a particular topic.

Why Use Twitter Chats?

You can easily increase the number of your Twitter followers by participating in Twitter chats, especially if you actively interact with the moderator and other users. This is also a great way to boost your brand awareness and reach your target audience. Twitter chats provide an opportunity for you to engage directly with your audience, learn about their preferences, and gather valuable insights for your marketing strategy.

When you use a hashtag to participate in a discussion, you have the opportunity to show up in everyone’s search results. This allows you to showcase your expertise and become a thought leader in your industry. If you get retweeted by the moderator, it will help establish your authority even more.

Twitter chats give you a chance to connect with inspiring people from all over the world who can help you solve problems. By participating in a few chats or sponsoring an existing chat, you can get more comfortable hosting your own.

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

If you’re just getting started with Twitter chats, one of the best places to participate is in freeform discussions. Do your research and begin listing topics relevant to your company and industry.

There’s a learning curve when it comes to Twitter chats, and when the conversations are not all in one thread, it can be challenging to keep up. But with some practice, you’ll be a pro in no time!

Here’s your guide on how to participate in a Twitter chat. 

Join A Twitter Chat That Interests You

Log into your account and join a conversation by typing the designated hashtag in the Twitter search bar during the assigned time of the chat. You can also visit the moderator’s profile page to stay updated with what’s happening.

Follow The Proper Format

Get involved in the conversation by using the corresponding number for the question you want to answer and the assigned hashtag.

Reply Directly To The Tweet

You can reply directly to the participant’s tweet asking the question, just like you would comment on a Facebook or Instagram post.

How to Host Your Own Twitter Chat

Why not try hosting your own Twitter chat if you want to engage more with your Twitter community? Here are a few things you’ll need to consider before you get started.

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Practice Makes Perfect!

Joining other Twitter chats is a great way to get practice before hosting your own. The more you participate, the more you’ll get used to the flow and the types of interactions a host might encounter.

Make Your Hashtag Short And Concise

As a business owner, you know how important it is to have an engaged audience. But how do you make sure the right people are seeing your chat? By using hashtags! Picking the right hashtag for your chat can be tricky, so it’s essential to make your hashtag easy to remember, short and clear, and relevant to your business.

By following these guidelines, you can be sure that your chat will be seen by people interested in what you have to say.

Schedule Your Chats In Advance

When you’re just starting, try experimenting with different times to see when your audience is most active, or simply ask your audience what time works best for them. It’s also good to find a time when there aren’t too many other chats scheduled. This way, more people will likely be able to join you.

Be sure to post the time zone so that users worldwide know when the chat will happen. You can use online time zone conversion tools to share the proper timings with your audience.

Plan Your Topics And Questions Ahead

It can be helpful to start brainstorming questions in advance to build your schedule around your chat topic. Around 5 to 8 questions should be good enough to start the conversation, but you may also want to prepare backup questions in case the conversation goes differently than expected.

Invite Special Guests

Invite special guests to your Twitter chat to encourage more participation! Give them at least a few weeks’ notice so they can fit you into their schedule, and send them guide questions and a brief chat background to keep them on the same page.

Encourage Active Participation 

If you run a large chat, it’s important to welcome new folks at the start, so they become more comfortable participating. Keep the conversation flowing by entertaining all possible questions, sharing all possible resources, and connecting with participants as much as possible. Doing your best to be a good host during your chat will convince them to come back next time.

Of course, don’t forget to make the most of the experience and have fun! 

5 Tips for Participating in Twitter Chats

Is it your first time ever on Twitter Chat? Here are a few tips to help you out.

Actively Engage With Other Users - Twitter

Actively Engage With Other Users 

Instead of just responding to the moderator’s questions, reach out to your community and get to know other Twitter users. If you’re responding to a specific question or comment from another participant, use their Twitter handle to avoid confusion.

Don’t Make It About Yourself

Be smart about promoting your brand in discussion forums. Focus on providing valuable insights and helpful information instead of selling. This way, you can engage your community and build a positive reputation.

Know Your Limits

Don’t worry about choosing which questions to answer and not staying through the discussion! You can always read the conversation and still learn from other participants while staying low-key. But when it comes to a topic you’re an expert in, don’t be afraid to speak up.

Always include the hashtag and a “.” before the @ symbol to ensure all your tweets appear across all feeds and to adequately track mentions.

Interact With Participants Even After The Chat

After the chat, don’t forget to keep in touch with your new friends! You never know what kind of connections you can make. Plus, following other participants can increase your chances of getting a follow-up since you share a similar interest.

For your existing followers, a quick heads-up on incoming tweets from your Twitter chats might spark their curiosity to join your discussion. You can also use Twitter lists to segment new and existing followers and categorize content accordingly.

Have Fun With Gifs

In Twitter chats, GIFs are a great way to engage with other users. They’re fun to use and can help you show off your social media skills. Plus, you can comment quickly without having to craft a 280-character reply.

Key Takeaways 

Twitter chats are a great way to connect with your audience and grow your business. They provide you with an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation with people who are genuinely interested in the topics being discussed.

Hosting an engaging discussion on Twitter chats can help you establish your authority with your existing community and potential followers.

Using Twitter chats can bring heaps of benefits to your business, such as:

  • Maximizing your brand exposure and awareness
  • Engaging with like-minded peers 
  • Establishing new connections even after the discussion 
  • Boosting your presence on the platform as a thought leader
  • Letting you share your insights about a topic you are an expert in

Already using Twitter chats? How do you make the most of this awesome feature? Let us know in the comments. 

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