Twitter Image Sizes & Dimensions 2020

Twitter Cover Image
Twitter Image Sizes & Dimensions infographic 2020

Nobody can tell you how important photos and videos are on Twitter. You have already seen a huge engagement whenever you decide to attach some media to your tweet and that’s amazing.

This is why it is very important to use the proper media sizes and dimensions when posting to Twitter.

Twitter images must be carefully cropped to fit the required sizes, or else, they will appear lopsided and your profile won’t seem professional.

To have a decent profile photo, the image needs to be 400px X 400px and no more than 2MB. The cover photo must be up to 5MB and have a 1500px X 500px size.

Let’s start!

For each Twitter one-photo post, the ideal aspect ratio is 16×9. If the image is taller, Twitter will crop it and display it within this ratio, otherwise, it will display the whole thing, even if it’s not 16×9.

If it is a wide photo, it will be displayed as a whole:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-03-26-at-6.00.24-PM.png
Wide photo post – Twitter
  •  The minimum height that Twitter supports has an 10×1 aspect ratio:

For all Twitter two-photo posts, the container will always stay 16×9. It will be cut in the middle and the photos will be displayed equally side by side.

  • For three-photo posts:
  • The container will always stay 16×9. It is cut in 3 pieces: vertically in the middle and the second half will be cut horizontally in the middle. The first photo will display in the left half and the remaining two ones on the right half.
Twitter – Three photo posts

  • Four-photo posts on Twitter
  • The container will always stay 16×9 and it will show equally into 4 pieces.
Twitter – Four photo posts

Video/ Gifs Posts

This is where Twitter changes its aspect ratio. If the video is square, the container will have the aspect ratio 1×1 and that’s the maximum.

If the video is taller than 1×1, then it’s the same as Facebook. Twitter will display it in a black square container (see the screenshot for Facebook case)

GIFs on Twitter

As long as the link has a thumbnail, it will display it within 1.91×1 (same as Facebook and LinkedIn).

  • If the link has no thumbnail, Twitter will not render a preview:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screen-Shot-2020-03-26-at-6.29.25-PM.png
Twitter – Link with no thumbnail


  • The recommended profile photo size is 400px x 400px
  • Maximum image size is 5MB
  • The maximum video length for videos is 140 seconds (2 minutes and 20 seconds)
  • The maximum size for videos is 512MB
  • Recommended GIF’s resolution is 1280×1080
  • Maximum GIF size is 15MB

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