Agorapulse vs. Publer: Compare Features, Pricing and More (2023)

November 01, 2023
agorapulse vs publer

Choosing the right social media management tool is essential for effective online presence, especially in today’s diverse and ever-changing social media world.

In this blog post, we will explore the differences between two popular platforms, Agorapulse vs Publer, focusing on various aspects such as features, pricing, and user reviews. By the end, you’ll have a deep understanding to make an informed decision tailored to your needs.

Let’s dive right in!

What is Agorapulse?

Agorapulse is a social media tool for businesses and agencies managing social media accounts on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, X/Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok and Google Business Profiles.

agorapulse social media tool

Some main features of Agorapulse include:

  • Agorapulse Pricing: Starts at $69 per user/month for 10 social profiles with $15/month per additional social network account. 
  • Agorapulse Unified Inbox: Manage all messages and comments from various social media platforms.
  • Basic Scheduling: Plan and schedule content across social channels with ease.
  • Analytics: Receive clear analytics insights through reports. 
  • Reliable Support: Friendly and helpful customer support.

Why look for an Agorapulse alternative?

Even though Agorapulse is a great tool, there are better tools out there that offer more features at a more affordable pricing.

Not affordable

Agorapulse’s biggest drawback is its high price range, which may not suit smaller businesses, brands and agencies. Important features like team collaboration, post approvals, internal notes, bulk scheduling etc. are only available in higher-priced plans.

Its Standard plan is $69 per user/month for 10 social accounts and it doesn’t include most features that Publer offers on the Professional plan which starts at $12/month for 3 social accounts. For 10 social networks, Publer’s price is $36/month, making it a more budget-friendly and feature-rich alternative. 

Limited Platform Integration 

Unlike platforms like Publer, Agorapulse does not offer the ability to schedule posts on Pinterest. If Pinterest is crucial for your social media strategy, you may need to explore alternative options.

Furthermore, Agorapulse lacks support for platforms such as WordPress, Telegram, and Mastodon, all of which are supported by Publer. This broader range of supported platforms makes Publer a more versatile choice for managing your online presence.

No evergreen (recycling and recurring) posts 

In Agorapulse, there’s no automatic recycling or recurring posts feature. You can only manually select multiple dates and post to them. However, with Publer, you can easily repurpose and recycle your content. 

This not only saves you time but also helps you reach new audiences and increase your visibility. By repeating posts, you ensure more of your audience sees your content, which is essential as your follower base expands.

Customer Support response delays 

Agorapulse has a competent support team, however if you’re looking for a fast response and a solution to your issues, they’re not the best out there. 

Here’s their average response time for each plan:

  • Free plan: best efforts (email support)
  • Standard: 6 hrs or less (email support)
  • Professional: 2 hrs or less (email & chat support)
  • Advanced: 1 hr or less (email & chat support)
  • Enterprise: 30 min or less (email, chat & phone support)

Agorapulse’s quickest response time is 30 minutes, exclusive to enterprise customers. In contrast, Publer shines with a remarkable 2-minute response time for all customers, regardless of their plan. Additionally, Publer offers Live Chat and Email support across all plans, ensuring prompt assistance for everyone.

Publer is the Obvious Agorapulse Alternative. Here’s Why:

If you want social media software that’s easy to use and has affordable pricing, give Publer a try!

publer social media tool - Agorapulse Alternative

Publer is a social media tool that allows you to collaborate, schedule & analyze your posts for Facebook, Instagram, X/Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, WordPress, Telegram & Mastodon .

Some of the main features include:

  • Pricing: Starts at $12/month for 3 social profiles with $4/month per additional social network account.
  • Publer Scheduling: Schedule diverse post types across multiple social accounts with bulk options and predefined schedules.
  • Rich Media Tools: Edit photos, create illustrations, upload videos, and even watermark media files directly within the platform.
  • Advanced Automation: Automate tasks such as posting RSS Feed items, recycling evergreen content, adding signatures etc.
  • Detailed Analytics: Gain insights through real-time hashtag suggestions, content recommendations, link click tracking, and detailed PDF analytics reports for social accounts.

Join over 270k freelancers, entrepreneurs, and marketing agencies who are expanding their online brand via Publer.

Publer vs. Agorapulse Pricing

Now, we will compare the paid subscription plans of both Publer and Agorapulse, as this aspect of a tool proves to be a deciding factor for customers.

Agorapulse costs $69 per month and allows only one user to connect up to 10 social accounts. If the account owner wants to add more accounts, they need to pay $15/month per additional social profile.

Publer has a slightly different pricing model. Publer’s Professional plan starts at $12 per month and allows users to manage 3 social profiles. If you need more social profiles, it’s just $4 extra per additional profiles each month. Even if you want to connect 10 social profiles, the price would still add up to $36 per month, which is cheaper than Agorapulse pricing. This plan includes many features that the Standard and Professional plan for Agorapulse don’t include.

So, Publer’s pricing is straightforward and more affordable, especially if you need to manage multiple social profiles.

Moreover, here’s a comparison between the Publer and Agorapulse Pricing:

Agorapulse Pricing Publer Pricing
Forever Free plan (3 social profiles, 1 user)Forever Free plan (3 social profiles, 1 user)
Standard $69/monthProfessional $12/month
Professional $99/monthBusiness $21/month
Advanced $149/month
Enterprise (custom)
Publer vs. Agorapulse Pricing

Publer vs. Agorapulse Reviews

We made a comparative table for Agorapulse vs. Publer based on ease of use, ease of setup, quality of support, and overall reviews on G2.

Ease of Use9.09.6
Ease of Setup9.19.4
Quality of Support9.29.5
Reviews4.5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Publer vs. Agorapulse Reviews

Publer outshines Agorapulse in ease of use (9.6), setup (9.4), support quality (9.5), and overall reviews (4.8 out of 5). It’s the top choice for user-friendly social media management.

Here is a review on G2 about Publer:

publer g2 review

Publer vs. Agorapulse: A Detailed Comparison of Scheduling and Publishing Features

Here is an overview comparison about the scheduling and social account managing features for each tool.

Social Media Team Collaborationβœ“βœ“ 
Manage comments of Published postsβœ“βœ“
Signature (Brand Info)βœ•βœ“
Visual Post Support (Image, Video, GIF)βœ“βœ“
Auto-Share & Auto-Deleteβœ•βœ“
Eternal post history (Auto-Sync)βœ•βœ“
Evergreen Content (Recycle/Recurring)βœ•βœ“
First comment scheduling (Follow-up comment)βœ“ (only 1 comment for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn)βœ“ (2 follow up comments for all social accounts Publer supports apart from Google and Pinterest whose APIs don’t support it)
Customize Post for Each Platformβœ“βœ“
Social media Calendarβœ“βœ“
Unsplash Integrationβœ•βœ“
Hashtag Suggestionsβœ•βœ“
Unlimited Media Libraryβœ“ (only on the Advanced plan)βœ“ (Professional and Business plan)
AI Assistantβœ“βœ“
URL Shortenerβœ“ (Bitly) βœ“ (Bitly, Rebrandly, PixelMe, Switchy, JotUrl, RocketLink and RetargetKit.) 
Watermark on Videosβœ•βœ“
Bulk Schedulingβœ“ (only on the Advanced plan)βœ“ (Professional and Business pan)
Holidays Calendar featureβœ•βœ“
Instagram Grid viewβœ“ (Advanced plan only)βœ“ (Free, Professional and Business plan)
Social listeningβœ“ (Instagram, YouTube)βœ•
Auto publishing from RSSβœ“βœ“
Unified Inbox βœ“βœ• (soon Kibo)
Platform availabilityDesktop and mobile (iOS & Android)Desktop and mobile (iOS & Android)
SupportEmail (on all plans) & Chat Support, Phone Calls (not included in every plan) Email, Chat, Social Media & Call (included in all plans)
Publer vs. Agorapulse: Scheduling and Publishing Features

Publer vs. Agorapulse Integrations

Agorapulse supports 7 social accounts, meanwhile Publer supports 11 social accounts at the moment (soon Reddit, Tumblr and Threads app). 

Google Business Profilesβœ“βœ“
Publer vs. Agorapulse Integrations

Final words

The best way to figure out which social media tool suits your needs is to test them yourself.

Both Agorapulse and Publer offer unique advantages. Agorapulse excels in its unified inbox and competitor analysis, while Publer stands out for its affordability and broader platform and feature support.

Publer specifically stands out due to its exclusive features such as: Evergreen Content (Recycle/Recurring), Eternal Post History (Auto-Sync), Watermark on Videos, Holidays Calendar, Hashtag Suggestions and a better Social Media Team Collaboration. These features are unique to Publer and can significantly enhance your social media management experience.

They both offer a free trial or a free plan so you can easily compare Agorapulse to Publer and find the perfect solution for your business.

Start your free trial now and find out what differentiates Publer from the competition!

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