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Built-In Photo Editor on Publer

October 29, 2020
Built-In Photo Editor on Publer

Picture this scenario: Too many tabs open. Some of them serve to crop and adjust images to appropriate social media image sizes. Other ones work for the filters and colors. And let’s not even start with the stickers…

Well, it’s time to say ‘Goodbye’ to time-consuming and difficult photo editing tools.

Hey, the new built-in Photo Editor on Publer is officially Live!

New built-in Photo Editor on Publer is live

Completely FREE, easy to use, and powerful editing features.

Most of the software that provide photo-editing options are expensive. Also, they’re difficult to use, and require a lot of time spent in order to properly learn how to use.

We hate complicated tools as much as you do. When we decided to integrate a new built-in photo editor, we had in mind a straight-forward tool.

Finally, everyone can make the most out of the new built-in photo editor on Publer – right from the dashboard.

Goodbye, Photoshop.

Things to keep in mind while using the new photo editor on Publer:

– You can use the photo editor for all the images you already have on the Media Library, as well as for the ones you upload while you’re creating a new post.

– You can’t edit photos in bulk.

– Videos and Gifs can’t be edited via the new photo editor on Publer.

– The aspect ratio option contains all relevant sizes and dimensions for each specific social network.

– You can suggest and vote for new filters, colors, and stickers on our Feedback Page.

– There’s no ‘Undo’ option on the new photo editor yet. To undo a specific modification you’ve done to the image, you need to click on it and click Remove.

Things to keep in mind while using the new photo editor

If you have no knowledge of photography, there’s nothing to worry about.

The new built-in photo editor is a fast and intuitive tool. Every user will be provided a whole new experience by being on a new page. Take the time to perfect your edits on Desktop or Mobile.

Quickly filter, edit, or resize your images according to your preferences with the simple tools provided.

Here’s a list of features the new built-in photo editor on Publer contains:

Photo editing made super simple

– Decide which part of the images you want to highlight by using the Crop tool.

This is why Publer has made things easier for every user. You can select the appropriate image size under the Aspect Ratio option, by choosing among the options: Pinterest Pin, Instagram/Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter/Google My Business Post, etc.

You’ll never post an Instagram-sized image on Pinterest anymore. None of them likes that.

Publer photo editor features

Choose among the arsenal of filters 

– Rather you want to go for the original filter of your images or add new filters, that’s totally up to you. Give life to your images by deciding a filter from the options available.

Choose among the options: Original, Chrome, Fade, Mono, Noir, and Sepia.

Publer built-in photo editor filters

Color your art

– If your images need some new colors, here’s where the flexibility of using Brightness, Contrast, Exposure, and Saturation comes in handy!

Adjust the brightness, tones, and also, enhance and intensify colors – all under one option.

Give life to your images by properly deciding the light and sharpness.

Make sure to always keep it smooth for the eye, remove extra highlights, and avoid boring colors.

Color your art

Stick to the occasion

Ever wondered how you can quickly add some emojis on photos without going to Instagram/Facebook Story or Canva?

Well, you can finally add relevant emojis to your images , so simply decide their location and enjoy the final image.

Emojis will be automatically updated by Publer according to current and famous events/holidays, so you’ll always be fitting the situation.

That’s simply one click away. Make your images fun and different.

Add emojis to your photos directly on Publer

Reach for the stars with the Night Mode

Less white shining screen and an easy to read text. If you’re currently working in a low-light environment – then all you need to do is turn the Night Mode on and off to a comfortable working mood.

This is why Publer is currently providing the new built-in photo editor in night mode. Cool, right?

Publer Night Mode

Extra feature: You can resize an image by adding the exact size manually. Publer already notifies users when they’re using the wrong size of image for all their social networks.

Take Google My Business as an example: Images must be between 10 KB and 5 MB and a minimum resolution of 250×250 pixels. If your image is larger than that – then Publer will automatically notify you.

Publer image sizing for all social media platforms
This is how Publer notifies the user when they’re using a wrong image size

Publer will help you preview the whole post, so you’ll never have to worry about possible mistakes.

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