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What Is Google My Business And Google Business Profile?

October 21, 2022
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Did you know that every month, people visit 1.5 billion locations related to their Google searches? This data is vital to every business owner who desires to widen their business reach, and Google My Business (GMB) is a perfect tool to utilize this data.

There’s no denying that Google significantly impacts all demographics of users. For example, 64% of people have searched for a local business using GMB. So, if you have a business location or service clients within a physical area, you need a Google My Business Profile. 

This article will discuss what Google my business is now called and how it can help your business unlock and retain customers. 

What is Google My Business (AKA Google Business Profile)?

Google My Business (GMB) is a free product offered by Google that allows you to list your business online. Your GMB profile will enable you to share your business details, including store photos and location. You can also share your products and services.

This creates visibility for your business. Locals searching for a service in your niche can get summarized information on what you offer and working hours. Your business will also appear on Google Maps, Google Search, and Google Shopping. 

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Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile (GBP). Google made this announcement in November 2021 as part of some changes to create an upgraded experience. 

However, Google My Business or Google Business Profile isn’t for online businesses. It’s basically for businesses with storefronts that clients can walk into or people who provide home services in a specific locality. 

Customers can also add pictures, leave reviews, ask questions, and even answer questions. These will be visible to other people who find your profile. 

Top Reasons You Need a Google My Business Account

Next, we’ll list down why you need to create a Google My Business Account and how you can use a Google My Business profile for your business. Each of these benefits is important in its own way and can help you to succeed with getting more customers.

Improve Local Search Visibility for Your Business

When people search for a service online, it’s often because they are about to make a purchasing decision. The average Google Business Profile gets 59 actions a month from customers in the form of website clicks, calls, or direction requests.

Utilizing Google Marketing tools, like Google Ads, can further boost your visibility. Therefore, when you have a Google Business Profile and locals search for services, it will appear on the screen below the ad and the first organic search result. 

It will also appear directly on Maps. This makes it easier and more comfortable for customers to navigate their way to your business location.

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Engage with Customers and Gain Reviews

Reviews are one of the most generic ways to improve your business, and 90% of people read them before making purchases. Many customers trust these reviews since they are from actual people who are sharing their experiences. 

Google Business Profile allows customers who have used your services to add their reviews to your profile. These reviews can greatly impact the decisions of other people who are considering your service or product.

Perform Local SEO to Rank in Google Local Pack Listings

Google has algorithms for ranking local businesses, just as it ranks websites and ads. Incorporating industry and location-specific keywords in your Google Business Profile and website is a local SEO best practice that can help optimize your local rankings. 

The local pack displays information such as your opening hours, company name, industry, address, etc., and they can determine whether or not your Google Business Profile will show up in the results when people in your vicinity look for your services. 

Gain Insights About Your Business

Google Business Profile makes collecting reviews and opinions on your services more manageable. It can help you gain insights into how customers view your business, and you can use this feedback to improve your products.

How to Set Up a Google Business Profile Step-By-Step

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Here’s how to create a Google Business Profile:

  • Sign in to Google Business Profile Manager. You automatically have a profile if you are already logged into a Google account. 
  • Enter your business name and add the appropriate category. If it doesn’t appear in the drop-down menu, click Add Your Business to Google. 
  • If your business has a physical location, click yes and enter your exact address. If not, you can list the areas you service. 
  • For the latter, Google will ask you to specify your region. 
  • Enter your website address and business phone number. If you’d rather not be reached by phone, add only your website. 
  • Enter your actual business address. Google will not display this on your profile. Instead, Google will use it to verify your business. 
  • For home-based businesses, you can enter your email address. Then click confirm on the verification message you receive. 
  • Enter your business details. Include your business hours and add pictures and descriptions. 

It’s best to use high-quality messages and add precise locations. You should also know how to write a Google My Business post for better placement. This makes your profile more attractive and puts it above your competition. 

Also, be sure to complete your profile and add all the necessary details. Customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider your business reputable if your profile is complete. 

Combining a Google Business Profile with a good social media strategy will increase your engagement and improve your foot traffic. 

Key Takeaways

Google My Business is now called Google Business Profile. It’s an excellent way to reach local audiences and increase visits to your store.

Having a Google Business Profile lets you:

  • Increase the visibility of your business by appearing on Google Maps and Search.
  • Use SEO tools to optimize your profile among several businesses. 
  • Include keywords that locals use when they typically search for services in your niche.
  • Allow you to stand out with a complete Google Business Profile and active social media strategy.

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