How to Boost an Instagram Post: Your Ultimate Guide

June 20, 2024

There are three ways to boost an Instagram post: natively, on Meta Business Suite, and from Ads Manager. In today’s guide, we’ll discuss each one in detail.

Unlike regular social media posts, boosted posts allow you to target specific niches in the market based on demographics, interests, and other factors, making them an effective solution to the continuous decline of organic reach.

If you’re finding it difficult to reach your core audience or simply want to generate more leads and drive conversions, read on as we explain everything you need to know about how to boost an Instagram post and offer expert strategies to maximize your efforts.

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What is Instagram Boosting?

Instagram boosting, also known as Instagram promotion, is a form of social media advertising that significantly improves an existing post’s reach. When you boost an Instagram post, it will show up on the Explore page and in the feed and Stories tab of users who don’t follow you.

Like sponsored posts, boosted posts are often done with a goal in mind, such as driving more traffic or reaching a new audience. But instead of creating ad content from scratch, which can be quite costly and time-consuming, boosting builds on already existing content to achieve this goal.

How to Boost an Instagram Post

To boost an Instagram post, you need an Instagram Business profile. If you don’t have one yet, all you need to do is go to your profile, click on Edit profile, and select Switch to professional account.

Once that is all set, you should follow these steps:

#1. Select a Post

The first step to boosting an Instagram post is to select the post you want to boost. You can choose any existing post or create an entirely new one, but remember to use high-quality media that follows the ideal Instagram post dimensions to get the most results from your ads.

Once you’ve chosen a post, click on Boost post.

Instagram post about a dog carrying a ball in his mouth

#2. Set Your Ad Details

Next, you will need to add the details of your boosted post. If you have Facebook connected to your profile, you can boost an Instagram post with a Facebook ad account. If not, you can proceed without one and simply input your payment details later on.

Boosting a post on Instagram

Then, you’ll have to enter your business location and set the time zone you want your ad to run in. Make sure you choose the time zone of your target market, not your own, to give your boosted post the best chances for visibility and engagement.

How to boost an Instagram post
Business info on Instagram

When done, click Next and select the goal of your ad from the three options provided.

Options for controlling what you want people to do when they see your ad

After setting your goal, you can choose the target audience of the post.

You can select Suggested audience to continuously target users similar to your existing followers or click Create your own to manually adjust the location, interests, age, and gender of your target audience.

Selecting who do you want to see your ad
How to boost an Instagram post

If the post deals with topics like employment, housing, or social issues, you can select these categories under Special requirements.

Selecting categories - how to boost an Instagram post

Next, you’ll have to set the budget and duration of your boosted post. As with any form of traditional advertising, boosting a post on Instagram isn’t free, but the good news is that the budget will be completely up to you.

Selecting your ads' budget and duration

You can boost a post for as little as $1 per day and pause the ad at any time so you don’t go over budget.

#3. Review Your Ad

Once everything is complete, all that’s left is to review everything and ensure that all the details of your ad align with your current goals. If you’re boosting an Instagram post without a Facebook ad account, you’ll also have to provide a payment method before you can run your ad.

Reviewing your ad

Like with scheduled content, previewing your post is important. To do so, tap Preview ad and select the preview you want to see. Your ad’s appearance will change depending on its placement, so it’s best to check each one and ensure that your post is properly optimized.

Ad preview - how to boost an Instagram post

When everything looks good, click Boost post. Keep in mind that this won’t automatically share your boosted post, as Instagram still has to review it. If you’re planning to boost a time-sensitive post like a product launch or teaser, we recommend doing this ahead of time.

How to Boost an Instagram Post in Meta Business Suite

To boost an Instagram post in the Meta Business Suite, head over to the website and log in.

How to Boost an Instagram Post in Meta Business Suite

Then, click on Content in the left sidebar to view all the published posts on your Instagram profile. Select the post you want and click Boost. Then, follow the steps we discussed above.

how to boost an Instagram post

How to Boost an Instagram Post from Ads Manager

To boost an Instagram post from Ads Manager, visit the website and log in. Then, follow the steps to create an ad.

When you make it to the last page, select the Instagram account you want to boost under Identity.

Selecting your instagram account under "Identity"

Then, click the drop-down list under Ad setup and choose Use existing post.

Ad setup - how to boost an Instagram post

Scroll down to Ad creative, click Select post, and tap on Instagram. From here, you can select the post, Reel, or Story to boost.

Selecting a post

After choosing a post, click Continue and adjust the details of your ad by adding a call to action button or editing a specific placement. When done, click Publish to run your ad.

What Kind of Posts Can Be Promoted on Instagram?

You can promote all kinds of posts on Instagram, including single-image posts, posts with product tags, Instagram carousels, and video posts.

Let’s go over each type of Instagram post:

  • Photos. A photo post is the usual Instagram post featuring a single image.
  • Videos. Video posts are like photo posts, but they feature a clip for the visual instead of a still image.
  • Carousels. Instagram carousels are Instagram posts that feature up to 10 photos and/or videos in a swipeable gallery.
  • Posts with Product Tags. These kinds of posts can be any of the three Instagram posts we discussed above, but they come with a shoppable product tag that directly links to a related product page.

What Does a Boosted Instagram Post Look Like?

Now that you know how to promote an Instagram post, you may be wondering what a boosted post looks like on Instagram. Well, boosted posts appear just like regular posts on the feed but with a Sponsored tag under the username.

Preview of a boosted Instagram post

Aside from the feed, boosted Instagram posts can also appear on the Reels tab, the Explore page, and the Stories tab.

Can You Boost Instagram Stories and Reels?

You can boost Instagram Stories and Reels using the same process for boosting an Instagram post.

Let’s take a look at how these content formats differ from regular Instagram posts.

Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels already generate the most engagement on the platform, and by boosting them, you can significantly improve their reach and drive more traffic to your profile.

To boost Instagram Reels, you need to select an existing Reel and click on Boost post. Aside from the Reels tab, boosted Reels can also show up on the Explore page, feed, and Stories tab.

Boosting Instagram reels
Boosted reel preview

That said, you won’t be able to boost an Instagram post with copyrighted music, so choose your content carefully.

Instagram Stories

Like regular Instagram Story ads, boosted Instagram Stories can show up on the Stories tab of people who don’t follow you. Despite the fact that the actual story only lasts 24 hours on your profile, a boosted story will stay visible for the duration that you set.

To boost an Instagram Story, simply click on Boost at the bottom of your Story and follow the steps we detailed above.

Boosting an Instagram story
A boosted story of a dog biting a toy

If you don’t see the option to boost your Instagram Story, it may be because you used a GIF, an emoji, or a link sticker. While Instagram allows link insertions in their boosted Stories, these can only be added during ad creation and not in the actual Story.

4 Critical Benefits of Promoting Instagram Posts

Aside from helping you achieve your social media goals, there are several reasons why boosting an Instagram post is worth it, such as:

#1. Getting More Engagement & Traffic

With the right content ideas, promoting your Instagram post can help you gain more engagement and profile visits. To turn this interest and traffic into a boost in followers on Instagram, always craft your posts with a creative caption and an engaging CTA.

#2. Increasing Brand Awareness

Boosting an Instagram post also helps with your brand awareness on the platform, as the increased visibility can lead to better recall. To maximize this benefit and establish a stronger online presence, make sure that all your boosted posts align with your brand’s voice on the platform.

#3. Improving Reach

Since boosted posts show up in all areas of Instagram, they are great for improving your reach. Moreover, boosting allows you to target a specific demographic, even those who might not encounter your account through organic means.

#4. Gaining Detailed Post Insights

When you boost an Instagram post, you can get more detailed insights into what type of content and format resonates with your target audience. Each boosted post offers comprehensive data on its performance, which you can use to refine your overall content strategy.

4 Pro Tips on How to Boost Instagram Posts

The process of boosting an Instagram post is quite simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that you get the most out of your investment and achieve optimal results.

#1. Use Product Tags

If you’re planning to sell on Instagram, consider using product tags when boosting your post. This way, when people click on your post, they will be immediately redirected to the product details page, where they can browse your selection and make a purchase.

#2. Promote Top-Performing Posts

This strategy for boosting an Instagram post ensures that your efforts are directed towards content that has already proven its effectiveness at generating engagement. While you can always create a new post to boost, there’s a reason why your top posts generated the results that they did, and you can simply build on their success.

#3. Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Following social media trends when choosing the content for your boosted post is great for appealing to the general user base, but if you want to see lasting results, it’s best to keep your target audience in mind.

By tailoring your posts to appeal to a specific audience, you ensure that your content is relevant and interesting, which can help drive higher conversions and attract more followers.

#4. Boost Instagram Carousels

As the second-best post type for engagement, Instagram carousels are perfect for a boosted post. Maximize the benefit of this format by using an attention grabber for the first photo to reel the viewer in and encourage them to click on your post.

You can try using some open-ended questions, a teaser, or a colorful image to improve the appeal of your post.

How to Supercharge an Instagram Post With Publer

While it isn’t possible to boost an Instagram post with Publer yet, our tool is packed with features that can optimize your posts for the Instagram algorithm and improve their discoverability on the platform.

#1. Use the Hashtag Analysis Tool

Using the right hashtags is one of the most effective ways to boost your post’s visibility on Instagram. If it’s difficult for you to find the best hashtags for your posts, you’ll be happy to know that Publer has a built-in hashtag analysis tool that can analyze hashtags and recommend the most effective ones for your content.

#2. Leverage the Best Times to Post Feature

Aside from hashtags, your posting time will affect how many people actually see your content, which is why our Best Times to Post feature can be an invaluable tool in your social media strategy.

We take trial and error out of the equation and deliver data backed by your audience’s activity on the platform, so you always post during the best times.

Best times to post on Instagram - how to boost an Instagram post

If your target demographic is in a different time zone, you can simply schedule your Instagram posts to publish content during their peak hours.

#3. Cross-Post Content Across Social Media Platforms

You can target new audiences and boost your Instagram post for free by cross-posting on other platforms. Have a new product promotion post? Share it on Twitter/X to inform your audience. Posted a new Instagram story? Repost it on Facebook to improve its reach.

If you manage multiple social media accounts, Publer can make it easier for you to share content across all your profiles with our comprehensive dashboard.

Key Takeaways

  • Instagram boosting is a paid method of increasing the reach and visibility of a post.
  • You can boost an Instagram post on the app if you have an Instagram Business profile.
  • You can also boost an Instagram post in Meta Business Suite and Ads Manager.
  • You can boost all types of content on Instagram, such as carousels, video posts, and even Reels, and Stories.
  • Boosting an Instagram post can help improve your reach and engagement on the platform. It also enhances brand awareness and provides you with valuable data for your content strategy.
  • To make the most out of a boosted Instagram post, consider using product tags, promoting carousels or your top-performing posts, and keeping your target audience in mind.

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